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Yangebup bus battered

Dropkick party pests cause $10,000 damage.


A Transperth bus was trashed last night at Yangebup in Perth’s southern suburbs.

Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said that about 10:45pm a large group of youths leaving a party flagged down the bus heading to Cockburn train station on Yangebup Road.

Ms Usher said the youths filled the bus and several were standing in the aisle.

160424 Transperth bus editWhen the bus stopped at a red light at the intersection of North Lake Road and Osprey Drive, an unknown person activated the emergency door release, allowing some of the passengers to exit the bus.

As the bus proceeded through the intersection on the green light, a rock was thrown at the front of the bus causing the windscreen to shatter.

Ms Usher said that numerous youths then threw rocks at the bus causing youths inside the bus to kick at the windows and use the emergency hammers to smash nine of the bus’s windows.

All the youths fled and Ms Usher said she believed several of them received cuts to their hands from breaking glass.

The estimated repair cost is $10,000.

Police want anyone with relevant information to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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