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Urban Turban cockroach conviction

Carousel eatery taken to the cleaners.


The Urban Turban Indian eatery at the Westfield Carousel shopping mall in Cannington has been fined $54,000 and ordered to pay $14,000 court costs after being convicted of a raft of hygiene offences including failing to eradicate, and prevent harbourage of, cockroaches.

Online today, the Department of Health published details of the conviction, brought to court by the City of Canning.

Urban Turban Australia Pty Ltd was zapped $54,000 for offences on April 3, April 14, April 29, May 7 and May 26 in 2014.

Offences included failure to protect food from contamination, to provide easily-accessible hand washing facilities, to provide soap near each hand-washing facility, and to ensure that hand-washing facilities were only used for washing hands, arms and faces.

“Visible matter” had also accumulated in the eatery, and the premises had unclean and poorly repaired equipment and fittings.

The kicker at the end of the offence list was: “failure to eradicate and prevent harbourage of cockroaches”.

Urban Turban was convicted last Wednesday, on May 4.

Urban Turban Carousel was given a makeover in 2012.

Photo: ‘Alpha’, Wikimedia Commons

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