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Twice-in-a-year storm hits hard


MONDAY 6.15PM UPDATE: Almost 30 calls for help have been answered since a wild storm hit Perth and Southwest Western Australia last night, and more damaging weather is set to hit the WA capital from 6pm.

Damage has been reported in Perth’s southern suburbs from Spearwood to Forrestfield.

Forrestfield was worst hit with 10 calls of the 29 received overnight coming from that eastern Perth suburb.

During a blustery night, damage was also reported at Port Denison south of Geraldton, and Yallingup and Brunswick Junction in the state’s Southwest.

Most calls involved minor damage to homes, and fallen trees on homes, cars and fences.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services advises people living southwest of a line from Lancelin to Hyden to Norseman to Balladonia to Eyre to continue taking action to stay safe with the start of more bad weather.

This includes people in, near and between metropolitan Perth, Mandurah, York, Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River, Bridgetown, Narrogin, Katanning, Albany and Esperance.

This type of weather only occurs once or twice a year and could cause major damage to homes and make travel dangerous.

At 5.26pm today, the Bureau of Meteorology advised that a second cold front over the state’s Southwest was expected to cause widespread winds to 100 kilometres an hour that could damage homes and property.

In isolated areas, dangerous gusts exceeding 125 kilometres an hour could significantly damage or destroy homes and property.

Damaging winds are occurring at the Southwest capes.

The winds will extend north to the metropolitan Perth by about 6pm and east to Esperance by about 8pm.

Conditions will ease from the west after 9pm tonight, including over Perth, Mandurah, Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River and Bridgetown.

But gusty winds will persist until early tomorrow morning.

Thunderstorms and small hail are possible along southern coastal parts until early tomorrow morning.

Tides will be higher than normal. Dangerous surf conditions are likely and may cause some beach erosion.

‘Barts1a’, Wikimedia Commons

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Perth storm strife


MONDAY 6.30AM UPDATE: A commercial vessel broke its moorings and hit the railway bridge in Fremantle harbour last night, and 58 calls for help were received across Western Australia’s Southwest overnight.

Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said that at 10.15pm police were told that two commercial vessels had broken their moorings in the inner Fremantle Harbour at North Fremantle.

The cause was high winds from last night’s storm, and one vessel hit the railway bridge. No details are yet available about the level of damage to the bridge. However, none of the vessel’s crew was injured, and both craft were secured about 3am.

Elsewhere, damage was reported from metropolitan Perth to Bunbury, Augusta and Margaret River. Emergency services staff responded to 58 calls for help, including 32 from Carey park in Bunbury.

Most calls for help involved minor damage to houses and roofs, and fallen trees.

The severe thunderstorm warning issued for Southwest WA last night has now been cancelled.

While thunderstorms will continue today, they are no longer expected to be severe.

Photo: ‘Barts1a’, Wikimedia Commons

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Saturday storm on the way


SATURDAY 11.30AM UPDATE: Perth people need to prepare their homes and families now for the bad weather coming tomorrow.

At 10.44am the Bureau of Meteorology said a strong cold front had moved over Cape Leeuwin and would continue to move east to lie near Perth to Albany in the early afternoon and near Southern Cross to Esperance tonight.

The front will weaken as it moves further east and also over western and northern parts of Perth later this afternoon and tonight.

The passage of the front across the state’s Southwest will produce squally conditions with the chance of thunderstorms and heavy rain.

Squalls may cause locally dangerous winds exceeding 125 kilometres an hour that could significantly damage or destroy homes or property in localised areas.

A wind gust to 83 kilometres an hour was recorded at Cape Leeuwin at 10am.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services says the stormy weather is typical for this time of year but winds could cause damage to homes and make travel dangerous.

Photo: Wendy White, Wikimedia Commons

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Perth storm eases


3.20PM TUESDAY UPDATE: The storm that hit Perth today is set to ease this afternoon.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services says the storms that crossed Perth today are typical weather for June.

At 2pm the Bureau of Meteorology said a strong cold front was moving over western parts of the South West Land Division.

The front zipped through Perth between 12pm and 2pm, and conditions in the city are expected to ease over the next hour.

Authorities have answered 17 calls for help in metropolitan Perth and 13 calls for help in the Southwest.

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Perth storm washup


7AM MONDAY UPDATE: Since 6pm last night the State Emergency Service has responded to 45 calls for help after a second big storm hit Perth overnight.

SES volunteers are responding to calls for help across Perth and southern parts of Western Australia.

In Perth, the areas hardest hit include Rockingham, Gosnells and Stirling.

The damage included structural damage, water damage and roof damage.

Major structural damage has also been reported in Carrington Street, Inglewood.

SES units in Busselton, Bunbury, Mandurah and Augusta-Margaret River are also responding to calls.

Western Power says crews are working to restore power to about 20,000 customers.

Most of the power outages are in the state’s Southwest, with very few customers in metropolitan Perth losing power during last night’s storm.

Photo: ‘Barts1a’, Wikimedia Commons

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Perth storm washup


11.20AM SATURDAY UPDATE: The State Emergency Service has answered 22 calls for help since last night after dangerous weather hit the metropolitan Perth and the state’s Southwest.

Since Thursday, there have been a total of 53 requests for help across Western Australia.

In the metropolitan area, damage has been reported at Heathridge, Beldon, Halls Head and Silver Sands. Requests for help in country areas included from Kalgoorlie, Moora and York.

However, the wild weather is now forecast to ease in Perth, with a severe weather warning for the WA capital and parts of the state’s south west being cancelled.

During the brunt of the storm, a wind gust of 102 kilometres an hour was recorded at Ocean Reef at 7.30am, and a gust of 91 kilometres an hour was recorded at Rottnest Island at 12.21am.

About 110 SES volunteers responding overnight and this morning to minor and moderate roof damage, and to some reports of flash flooding.

The most significant damage occurred on Friday when a wind gust wrenched a patio removed from a house in Heathridge.

In Swan Valley, a ceiling collapsed, and in Como a chimney was blown over.

At 11am today the Bureau of Meteorology said a low pressure system was moving across the south of the state, with a band of strong westerly winds moving through areas to the north of the low.

Photo: ‘Barts1a’, Wikimedia Commons

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52 calls for help


WEDNESDAY 11.45AM UPDATE: The State Emergency Service has answered 52 calls for help after a cold front hit Perth and SouthWest Western Australia overnight.

The storm’s wrath was felt most in the cities of Stirling and Cockburn which registered eight and seven callouts respectively.

More wild weather is forecast for today. The SES says that people living southwest of a line from Perth to York to Israelite Bay should take action and stay safe.

This vast landmass includes Perth, Mandurah, Bunbury, Busselton, Esperance, Margaret River, Augusta, Albany, Bridgetown, Narrogin and Katanning.

The SES says this level of extreme weather only occurs once or twice a year.

Some roads in metropolitan Perth have been flooded, though no roads have yet been closed.

About 300 residents of the Midwest town of Mullewa lost power during this morning, but the SES said electricity should be restored soon.

Just after 10am today the Bureau of Meteorology said a deep low would pass to the south of the state today and tomorrow.

Strong and squally winds are expected within the warning area today.

Tonight and tomorrow morning, the passage of the low is likely to cause damaging winds to 100 kilometres an hour that could damage homes and property.

This afternoon, Bunbury and surrounding areas may experience dangerous gusts exceeding 125 kilometres an hour that may cause damage or destroy homes and property.

Abnormally high tides may cause sea water flooding of low lying areas are in the Lower West and Southwest forecast districts.

Photo: ‘Barts1a’, Wikimedia Commons

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New lease for Perth weather station


Perth’s main weather station is set to get a new lease on life.

When the weekend weather dude says: “It was partly cloudy and 25 degrees in Perth today”, whether they know it or not they are referring to the maximum temperature recorded at the pictured weather station at 1 Stancliffe Street in Mt Lawley.

The Bureau of Meteorology leases the 130sqm site off the City of Stirling, and in good news for WA weather watchers, a city committee has recommended a new lease be approved.

The committee has unanimously recommended that the Bureau be allowed to stay on site for the next 10 years at a rent of $300 a year.

Also unanimously recommended is an option for the Bureau to renew the lease for a decade beyond that at the same price.

If approved by the full city council when it meets on Tuesday night, and then signed off by the Bureau itself, the 10-year lease will commence from July 1.

The $300-a-year figure is the minimum rent able to be charged for a slice of Stirling council land.

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Plankton bloom the size of Tasmania


Cyclone Rusty stirred up enough nutrients last week to prompt a bloom of plankton the size of Tasmania that could be seen from space.

As Rusty crossed the Pilbara coast last week, the Indian Ocean’s turbidity levels exceeded the maximum range of scientists’ instruments.

University of Western Australia professor Charitha Pattiaratchi said Rusty surprised he and his colleagues by stirring up the ocean unlike anything measured before.

Measurements were collected from a remote-controlled underwater glider on its routine quarterly journey from Broome north toward Scott Reef, about 200 kilometres offshore.

“We’ve deployed gliders on about 150 missions over the past four to five years all around Australia,” Professor Pattiaratchi said.

“None of them had turbidity levels beyond our instrument range from the surface right down to the sea floor.

“Turbidity is caused by the action of both waves and currents, and the data collected shows that the speed of the ocean currents almost doubled.”

Professor Pattiaratchi said the high turbidity was due to sediment and organic matter being stirred up, or re-suspended, from the sea floor at 30 metres depth.

Nutrients were also stirred up from the sea floor, resulting in a bloom of microscopic plants called phytoplankton.

The bloom is so big— about the size of Tasmania — that it can easily be seen from space.

“We’ve not been able to collect this type of data until now,” Professor Pattiaratchi said.

“Normally we take samples from a ship or a boat but it is not possible to be on board a research vessel in 125km/hour winds.

“The glider gives us an opportunity to collect data under extreme conditions.

“We couldn’t have done it otherwise.”

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Rockingham, Mandurah lashed by storm


9.20PM UPDATE: The State Emergency Service has answered 132 calls for help after a severe thunderstorm hit Rockingham and Mandurah overnight – and more foul weather is on the way.

Rockingham was worst affected, recording 90 calls for help. Rockingham General Hospital sustained severe damage from the storm.

Across Mandurah, 12 calls for help were received.

The damage mainly involved flooding and roof damage.

More bad weather is on the way, with a severe thunderstorm warning current for areas west of a line from Lancelin on the coast north of Perth to Northam to Narrogin to Mount Barker to Windy Harbour on the state’s south coast.

This area includes Perth, Mandurah, Bunbury, Busselton, Bridgetown and Margaret River, but not Narrogin itself.

The SES is urging people in these areas to take action to stay safe.

At 8.56PM the Bureau of Meteorology said a line of thunderstorms continued to affect areas from Busselton to Pingelly.

Storms across metropolitan Perth have weakened over the past hour but it remains likely that more thunderstorms will develop during the night.

In the past 24 hours, Collie has recorded 126.2mm of rain, Harvey 109.2mm, Myalup 88.2mm, Bunbury 64mm, Collie 88.2 mm and Mandurah 74.2mm.

Garden Island received 34.2mm between 10pm and midnight last night. Swanbourne recorded 27.2mm in one hour between midnight and 1am.

The SES says the overall weather pattern is unusual for this time of year.

Photo: ‘Barts1a’, Wikimedia Commons

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Perth storm warning cancelled


1.55PM UPDATE: Although storm clouds and thunder are evident in the sky this afternoon, a severe storm warning for a huge chunk of the western part of the state no longer applies to Perth.

This morning the Bureau of Meteorology advised there was a risk of severe thunderstorms developing late morning and continuing into the evening.

The severe storm warning is still current for Newman, Meekatharra, Southern Cross, Narrogin, Katanning, Bridgetown, York, Dalwallinu and Northampton – but not now for Perth.

The fomer Perth storm warning ‘precipitated’ the cancellation of the ‘Christmas at Lake Monger’ event which the Town of Cambridge had scheduled for this afternoon and evening.

Cambridge council says the event will be rescheduled.

Photo: Wendy White

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Savage storm hits


11.35AM THURSDAY UPDATE: The State Emergency Service has responded to 250 calls for help as the forecast wild storm continues to rip through hit Perth.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services says that, in Perth, the Perth CBD, Wanneroo, Stirling, Rockingham, Mandurah and Cockburn have been worst hit.

Avon Vale Primary School received significant structural damage yesterday will be closed today.

Part of the roof of the new Terrace Hotel on St Georges Terrace was ripped off yesterday, and the Beatty Park Aquatic Centre was also damaged.

The department says the number of calls for help is likely to increase later this morning.

Such winter-like cold front conditions are unusual weather for this time of year.

Photo: ‘Barts1a’, Wikimedia Commons

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Fire rating after storm warning


Not content with a massive storm forecast to head our way, Mother/Father Nature may also zap Perth with a bush fire or two tomorrow.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast a Severe Fire Danger Rating for tomorrow for coastal parts of Perth and surrounding areas.

The rating follows a severe weather warning issued earlier this afternoon for a wild storm forecast to lash Perth late tonight and tomorrow.

The severe fire danger rating applies to metropolitan Perth and the neighbouring shires of Chittering, Gingin, Murray, Serpentine-Jarrahdale and Waroona.

Photo: Marcus Obal

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Feral storm hits


8.15AM, SATURDAY UPDATE: Emergency services personnel responded to 18 calls for help overnight as a wild storm ripped through Perth and the sate’s Southwest.

Most calls involved fallen trees, or minor wind or rain damage to houses.

Across metropolitan Perth, the State Emergency Service responded to 15 calls. The remainder of calls were received from the Southwest.

A wind gust of 115 kilometres an hour was reported at Cape Leeuwin at 12.51pm, one of 102kph at Bickley at 4.04pm, one of 91 kph at Manjimup at 1.00pm and one of 93 kph at Ocean Reef at 1.31pm.

Such stormy weather occurs about five times a year.

The worst of the weather has now passed.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast a clearing shower or two this morning, and a sunny Sunday.

Photo: Wendy White

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