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Dropkick party pests cause $10,000 damage.

Yangebup bus battered


A Transperth bus was trashed last night at Yangebup in Perth’s southern suburbs.

Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said that about 10:45pm a large group of youths leaving a party flagged down the bus heading to Cockburn train station on Yangebup Road.

Ms Usher said the youths filled the bus and several were standing in the aisle.

160424 Transperth bus editWhen the bus stopped at a red light at the intersection of North Lake Road and Osprey Drive, an unknown person activated the emergency door release, allowing some of the passengers to exit the bus.

As the bus proceeded through the intersection on the green light, a rock was thrown at the front of the bus causing the windscreen to shatter.

Ms Usher said that numerous youths then threw rocks at the bus causing youths inside the bus to kick at the windows and use the emergency hammers to smash nine of the bus’s windows.

All the youths fled and Ms Usher said she believed several of them received cuts to their hands from breaking glass.

The estimated repair cost is $10,000.

Police want anyone with relevant information to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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Fly in the ointment for contentious Cockburn freeway.

Army heritage stymie for Roe 8


A fly is set to emerge from the ointment of the Barnett Government’s planned Roe Highway extension between North Lake and Bibra Lake, in the week the mooted motorway received Ministerial approval.

On Thursday, acting state Transport Minister Bill Marmion said the locally-contentious Roe 8 extension could be built in an environmentally sensitive manner, as pictured, right.

Mr Marmion’s statement came after state Environment Minister Albert Jacob approved the freeway project, with conditions, earlier on Thursday.

Roe 8 heritage ruinsBut, oneperth.com.au has learned that a push is now on at Cockburn council to stymie Mr Marmion’s Roe 8 plans – on heritage grounds.

In a paper to her political masters, senior Cockburn council planner Donna Di Renzo advises that remains of a defunct Australian Women’s Army Service Word War II army camp on Hope Road in Bibra Lake are “further evidence as to why the Roe Highway would have an unacceptable impact if it proceeds”.

The camp’s remains (pictured) were brought to the attention of Cockburn council by the Bibra Lake Residents Association.

There is no evidence the remains have been previously investigated by an archaeologist.

Roe 8 heritage ruinsThe remains are located 170-odd metres south of where Mr Marmion wants construction to start on Roe 8 from early next year – a plan that virtually nobody in the suburb of Bibra Lake is doing cartwheels about.

Based on recent recommendations by a council-hired archaeologist, Ms Di Renzo has recommended the camp’s remains be advertised for listing on the Cockburn council heritage register.

She has also recommended that the state government be made aware of the camp and its potential as a complicating factor for Roe 8.

The Australian Women’s Army Service was formed in August 1941 to release men from administration, driving, catering, signals and intelligence duties.

The camp’s prefabricated buildings and infrastructure were removed immediately after World War II, but there are traces that identify where latrines, shower blocks, and tracks once were.

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“40kph for all local roads”: mayor


The speed limit on all local roads in the inner Perth City of Vincent would be slashed from 50 to 40 kilometres an hour under a plan hatched by the city’s mayor.

John Carey has told his city councillor colleagues he is constantly being canvassed to cut the number of rat runners who he says speed through the city’s streets to avoid congestion on major roads into the Perth CBD and across Vincent.

“In fact it is one of the top three issues that I deal with now on a weekly basis,” Mr Carey has claimed.

Vincent recently implored Main Roads WA to reduce speed limits on Bulwer Street and Oxford Street north of Vincent Street to 40kph. The city is yet to receive a substantive response.

“However, the introduction of a 40kph speed limit should not stop at just these streets,” opines Mr Carey who is set to face the local polls in October.

“Research around the world clearly demonstrates that slower speeds create a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists alike, by reducing the required time for motorists to brake and stop.

“Lower speeds result in lower numbers of accidents and fatalities.”

Mr Carey has recommended that the council conduct a six-week survey of Vincent residents to determine whether they want the speed limit of all local roads to be cut to 40kph.

If the mayor’s slow motion dream eventually becomes reality, only major roads such as the state-run Mitchell Freeway, Graham Farmer Freeway, East Parade, Charles Street and Guildford Road will have speed limits greater than 40kph in Vincent.

Photo: ‘Orderinchaos’, Wikimedia Commons

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‘BMW sunroof stander busted via Facebook’


A Como woman has been fined $500 after police saw a clip posted on Facebook allegedly showing a female travelling on Kwinana Freeway standing through the sunroof of a black BMW.

Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said a clip posted on Facebook on January 14 showed the alleged hyjinks.

At the time of the alleged skylarking, the BMW was travelling on Kwinana Freeway near Karnup Road in Baldivis.

A Como woman, 20, received an infringement notice of $500 and the loss of four demerit points for allegedly allowing a child under 16 to travel in a motor vehicle without a seatbelt.

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Bush fires between freeway and river


7.35PM, FRIDAY UPDATE: Unusual bushfires between Kwinana Freeway and the Swan River has been tamed.

After a fire warning was issued this afternoon, the two blazes, beside the northbound lanes of the freeway between Mount Henry Bridge and Canning Bridge have been contained and controlled.

A section of the left, northbound lane of the freeway is closed and traffic is moving slowly through the area.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services has advised people to avoid the area and beware emergency services staff working on site. 

DFES expects the lane will reopen later tonight.

Fifteen firefighters will monitor the area for the rest of the evening.

The blaze was reported at 4.54pm today and 1.5 hectares was burnt.

The cause of the fire is accidental.

Photo: Ian Peters, Wikimedia Commons

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‘Graffiti guy punches train driver’


A 23-year-old who allegedly applied graffiti to the side of a train in East Perth before punching a train driver and being chased by a depot master has been charged with criminal damage and assaulting a public officer.

Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said that between 8pm and 9pm last night the man was allegedly applying graffiti to the side of a train at East Perth near Claisebrook Station.

Ms Usher said the man, 23, of Attadale, allegedly punched the train’s driver in the face before fleeing.

The man was chased by a depot master and a security guard.

Ms Usher said the man punched the depot master in the arm before a second man allegedly struck the depot master several times with what police believe to be a baton before fleeing.

The alleged graffiti guy was apprehended by transit officers.

The train driver, security guard and depot master were not seriously injured.

The Attadale man has been charged with criminal damage, assaulting a public officer, assault and trespass.

He is due to appear in Perth Magistrates Court tomorrow.

Photo: Tomasz Sienicki, Wikimedia Commons

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Kwinana Fwy billboard slammed


A big old billboard stuck to a tower of sea containers has been dubbed ugly by Rockingham council planners who have recommended it be refused.

The sign has been proposed by national property developer Australand to promote its emerging Baldivis Parks project.

Australand plans to affix the billboard atop five stacked sea containers 50 metres from the emergency lane of the freeway, 1.3km north of the Safety Bay Road off ramp.

The billboard’s target audience is intended to be drivers and passengers of vehicles travelling north along the freeway.

Australand Kwinana Freeway billboardThe billboard’s sea container superstructure would be 13 metres high, as demonstrated, left, and the sign would be illuminated by four LED solar floodlights.

But a trio of Rockingham council planners comprising planning officer Keara Freeley, statutory planning co-ordinator Dave Waller, and statutory planning manager Mike Ross have slammed the idea.

The planners argue the billboard would detract “from the appearance of its surroundings due to the signage being proposed above the upper height of the tree canopy”.

The sea containers are also excessive in scale, the planners have advised their political masters in an agenda paper to be debates at a council meeting on Tuesday night.

“The use of sea containers is considered to be an unusual method of construction in lieu of a dual pole supporting structure,” the planners expand.

“The use of second hand construction materials results in a visually poor and industrial appearance.”

Australand and signage companies would likely interpret approval of the billboard as a “green light” to other similar types of advertisements along the Kwinana Freeway, the planners continue.

kwinana freeway uteThe planners also allege the sign, pictured, right (with obligatory Holden Commodore ute), was illegally erected beside the Caltex Service Station on the corner of Baldivis Road and Safety Bay Road.

When consulted, Main Roads Western Australia had no objection to the shipping container billboard overlooking the freeway, provided it was only in place for a maximum two years or until 80 per cent of the Baldivis Parks blocks are sold.

Australand has argued the billboard superstructure needs to be 13 metres tall to retain the mature trees and vegetation located between Baldivis Parks and the freeway.

But the planners reason that no shipping container billboards and no signs of the proposed scale currently exist along the freeway in the district.

The largest estate marketing signs approved in the area were also for Baldivis Parks.

The council’s planning committee recently agreed with their planning advisors five councillors to nil.

The full city council will have the final say on the billboard on Tuesday night.

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New Perth Busport looks like airport


The final design for Perth’s new underground busport takes its cue from airport design.

Transport Minister Dean Nalder said the $209 million Perth Busport in the CBD would emphasise passenger comfort and operate like an airport passenger lounge.

“It will be among the best in the world when complete in 2016,” Mr Nalder claimed.

“Passengers will be able to access the busport from three separate entrances at ground level and connect seamlessly to Perth City Link.”

Perth BusportThe station is spilt over two levels.

Lifts, stairs and escalators will connect passengers from the ground-level entries to the underground, air-conditioned lounge level, which will have about 160 seats.

“The system allocates each bus to a stand between two to five minutes before departing the busport,” Mr Nalder explained.

“Screens at each entrance and throughout the facility will notify passengers where their service will leave from.”

Mr Nalder said plans for a second bus entrance to the Perth Busport from Wellington Street were still being assessed by the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority.

“The Wellington Street entrance is a congestion-busting device that will become an important part of keeping traffic and people moving through the city,” he said.

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Rainbow footbridge to Kings Park

EXCLUSIVE: A rainbow-coloured pedestrian and cycle bridge from the new Perth Children’s Hospital at Nedlands, across Winthrop Avenue, to Kings Park will be erected by December 2015, a government document reveals.

The document, seen by oneperth.com.au, reveals that the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation plans to build the pictured $5 million bridge with project management assistance from the Department of Treasury.

The $1.2 billion Perth Children’s Hospital is being built on the QEII Medical Centre site and by June 2015 is slated to replace Princess Margaret Hospital as Western Australia’s main children’s hospital.

Kings Park Link BridgeThe Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation wants the bridge built so children and their parents can get to the popular Synergy Parkland from Nedlands.

The government document foresees that the so-called Kings Park Link Bridge will be the main landmark associated with the new hospital.

The technicolor bridge has been designed to become a destination in itself, and make the walk or ride across Winthrop Avenue a trip to remember.

It will be 317 metres long with a minimum width of three metres, and a minimum height above Winthrop Avenue of 5.8 metres.

The bridge will be supported by eight columns – four in the hospital grounds and four in Kings Park.

A viewing platform, pictured in yellow, above left, will afford views over the verdant park.

Whichever company gets the nod to build the bridge will need to get a motor on because the construction contract is not set to be let until December 20.

The government document proclaims Kings Park is the largest inner city park in the world.

Renders of Kings Park Link Bridge by Fratelle Group architects

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Threeway freeway billboard slammed


EXCLUSIVE: A threeway freeway video billboard planned for a Main Roads-owned block beside the Graham Farmer Freeway flyover of Great Eastern Highway has been slammed by the Town of Victoria Park.

A letter from Main Roads’ Manager Road Planning, Lyndsay Broadhurst, to the town on June 12 also dubbed the planned billboard, at Burswood, “unacceptable”.

But further negotiations with planning consultants for billboard company Matzin Capital saw Mr Broadhurst change his mind.

Internal Main Roads emails seen by oneperth.com.au reveal that by September 1 Mr Broadhurst was willing to lease the block to Matzin and for the billboard to be approved for a capped period.

Last week Transport Minister Dean Nalder – who has oversight of Main Roads – announced the government had approved four video billboards alongside the Kwinana and Mitchell freeways by APN Outdoor (Trading) Pty Ltd.

Cutting across all this recent state-level billboard support is the Town of Victoria Park which wants the Burswood billboard canned on the basis it will “unreasonably distract persons driving or riding vehicles” and lower the quality of the streetscape.

The three sides of the planned placard each measure 19 metres wide and 4.5 metres high. If approved they would be supported by a 12-metre high pylon, resulting in an overall height of 16.5 metres.

Two of the signs would be Light-Emitting Diode (LED) ones, and the third would be static vinyl.

Matzin’s application for a five-year approval of the billboard will be considered by a state assessment panel on Monday, October 27.

Perth is in the grip of a billboard frenzy, with oneperth.com.au also revealing in the past week that City of Vincent planners want two big billboards on Loftus Street re-approved against the grain of a citywide billboard ban, and that City of Joondalup officials want to add to their ‘Inside-Out’ collection of artistic billboards.

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Countdown crossings on the way


Pedestrian countdown timers will be trialled on traffic lights at the intersection of William and Murray streets in the Perth CBD in a bid to improve pedestrian safety and traffic flow.

Transport Minister Dean Nalder said the electronic timers would eliminate the ‘flashing red man’ and inform pedestrians about how much time was left to safely cross the road.

The ‘green man’ invitation to cross will still be displayed when it is safe to begin crossing the road.

The timers replace the ‘flashing red man’ and will let pedestrians know how many seconds they have to safely finish crossing the road before the red ‘don’t walk’ symbol is displayed.

“Pedestrian countdown timers are a first for Western Australia, but have been used successfully in other Australian cities and other parts of the world,” Mr Nalder said.

“If successful, the trial will be implemented at other locations within the metropolitan area.”

Main Roads Western Australia will evaluate the effectiveness of the pedestrian countdown timers and consider other potential locations, should the trial be extended.

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Black Nissan impounded


A black Nissan coupe has been impounded after police intercepted it allegedly being driven at 170kph around Margaret River.

Police spokeswoman Barbara Crane said that at 2:20pm yesterday a speed camera set up on Bussell Highway near Metricup Road detected the pictured black Nissan Coupe allegedly being driven at 170kph in a 110kph zone.

Margaret River police were alerted and intercepted the Nissan near the intersection of Bussell Highway and Osmington Road, Margaret River.

The 35-year-old male driver from Wanneroo will be summonsed for the offence of reckless driving and will appear in court at a later date.

Acting Sergeant Crane said the Nissan had been impounded for 28 days.

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Hey, hey it’s free public transport day


The state government is urging commuters to leave their cars at home on Monday, November 3 and take advantage of a free day of public transport.

Transport Minister Dean Nalder said Transperth fares would be reduced from November 1 following the repeal of the carbon tax.

Also, a free day of travel will be offered on November 3 to compensate for fares already charged.

Mr Nalder said removing the carbon tax would see the cost of some fares fall by between 10 cents and 30 cents.

Individual fare reductions vary according to the number of zones travelled, how the fare was rounded to the nearest 10 cents, and whether a concession is involved.

For example, standard price fares for two sections and between three and eight zones will drop by 10 cents.

Zone one and two standard price fares remain the same but nine zone standard price fares will drop by 30 cents.

The free day of travel will be offered to further compensate passengers for the four-month period between the carbon tax repeal on July 1 and the fare change on November 1.

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Distressed, blind roos a traffic hazard


The Department of Parks and Wildlife is urging motorists to be vigilant when driving around Western Australia’s Great Southern region due to kangaroos that may be displaying abnormal behaviour as a result of a virus that causes blindness.

District wildlife officer Mel Rowley said the choroid virus was transmitted to western grey kangaroos through mosquito and midge bites.

“Since April, the department has recorded four cases of kangaroos showing signs of blindness believed to have been caused by the virus, however there are likely to have been many more similar cases which were never reported,” she said.

“The kangaroos affected by the virus appear to be uncoordinated and stumble into bushes, fences and other objects, particularly when disturbed.

“They are also usually extremely distressed.

“As there is no known cure for the virus, the infected animals are not able to be treated and in the majority of cases they have to be euthanased as it is the most humane option.

“In some instances, joeys have also had to be rescued due to the ill health of their mother.”

Ms Rowley encouraged motorists to drive with caution especially around Narrogin, Williams and Highbury, and near bushland.

“If you see an injured kangaroo please contact the department for advice,” she said.

To report sightings of blind kangaroos, call the Wildcare Helpline on 9474 9055.

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