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Residents and adjacent pizzeria are not happy.

148 object to Marmion Ave adult shop


An adult store planned for a suburban shopping centre on Marmion Avenue in Clarkson looks set to be kicked to the kerb after receiving 60 objections and a petition with 88 signatures.

The Lovers Adult Store chain wants to erect a new premises, as pictured, in an empty shop that was once a hairdressing salon.

If it were approved by the City of Wanneroo, Lovers would be free to open between Eagle Boys Clarkson and Ocean Keys Sewing Centre, and about 80 metres away from the nearest house.

St Andrews Catholic School is 585m away, and Mindarie Primary School 550m away.

After a 21-day consultation period, 60 objections, an opposing petition with 88 signatures, and three letters of support were lodged with the council.

Bryce and Anquet Adams, who own the Eagle Boys pizzeria, say Lovers would be inappropriately located because Eagle Boys has family and school-age customers and sponsors junior sport. The Adams also say that most of their staff are under 18, many of whom are girls.

Faye Peskett, who owns the sewing shop, says her business would be “drastically affected as ladies are already raising concerns”.

One objector, Maureen Boel of Mindarie, claims Lovers would “expose children to sleaziness”.

Meanwhile, Malakai Milner of Bibra Lake, 55kms south of Clarkson, says the planned shop is acceptable and that he supports a new business in Wanneroo.

Wanneroo city planners have recommended that Lovers be refused when their political masters next meet on April 26.

Artwork from development application submitted by Pinnacle Planning.

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Police officer turned evangelist turned driving instructor now a jailbird.

Pastor jailed for sex acts with girl he baptised


EXCLUSIVE: An evangelical pastor who was once a Victorian police officer and until recently ran a driving school in Western Australia has been jailed for five years after performing sex acts with a 14-year-old girl he had baptised.

On Friday, WA Supreme Court judge Robert Mazza rejected an appeal from Alan Wesley Cairns against a five year immediate jail sentence he received in May.

In the District Court, Cairns had pleaded guilty to persistently engaging in sexual conduct with a girl who at first was aged 14 and then turned 15.

Between January 2009 and October 2010, Cairns, aged 56 then 57, and a pastor with an evangelical church, engaged in multiple sex acts with the girl whom he had baptised in Victoria in 2007.

With the girl’s older sister, then aged 15, whom he’d also baptised, Cairns had moved to a city in regional Western Australia in 2008. The younger girl moved to Western Australia in early 2009 to stay with her older sister and Cairns.

Cairns told police that his sex acts with the younger girl had caused him to hate himself.

Before Justice Mazza, Cairns’ sole ground of appeal was that the five-year jail term was “manifestly excessive”.

However, Justice Mazza found the case was a “particularly serious example of its type”.

This was: “by virtue of the frequency of the sexual conduct and the length of time over which it occurred; the large age difference between [Cairns and the girl]; the nature of the sexual conduct engaged in (which included acts of digital penetration of [the girl]’s vagina, and cunnilingus); the abuse of trust; and the harm done to [the girl]”.

Justice Mazza refused leave for Cairns to appeal, and in so doing dismissed the appeal.

In May when he was sentenced, Cairns had owned and operated a driving school.

Born in Bendigo, he was once a police officer in Victoria.

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Suspect condoms sold on Groupon


Condoms sold on Groupon in assorted packs that included ‘Extra Safe’, ‘Thin Feel’ and ‘Performa’ varieties are being recalled because they may be counterfeit with defects such as holes in the latex.

The suspect condoms were sold nationally by Edgelounge Enterprises Ltd, trading as Citrus Beat, between 12 March 2015 and 10 April 2015 on groupon.com.au.

Edgelounge has confessed the condoms may be counterfeit, with defects such as holes in the latex.

The company admits the condoms may not prevent pregnancy or protect users against sexually transmitted diseases, which can result in serious illness or death.

Edgelounge says consumers should not use the condoms.

The company has asked customers to destroy the condoms immediately and throw them away.

Edgelounge has stopped short of offering a refund, which is usual practice among companies that recall suspect products.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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Porn Shop pole dancing endorsed


Plans by a business called The Porn Shop to launch a pole dance strip show have been backed by city planners who have recommended an unlisted sex-related land use category be employed to pave the way for the spicy operation at a business park in Kewdale.

Proprietor of The Porn Shop, Katherine Preston, has asked the City of Belmont to approve a pole dance show for her premises at 2/133 Kewdale Road at Kewdale Business Park in Perth’s eastern suburbs.

In a letter to the council, Ms Preston says she wants to instal a pole, employ pole dancers, and place a three-seater couch and two one-seater couches around the pole so five “spectators” can watch.

She stresses the spectators would not be allowed to touch the dancers, only one of which would be employed at a time.

Ms Preston says no sexual services involving physical contact would be on offer.

If approved, the pole dancing – which would see the performers strip – would occur during The Porn Shop’s opening hours of 9am to 5pm Mondays to Fridays.


“Dance show patrons would be managed by way of bookings and would not be allowed to loiter in my shop before or after bookings,” Ms Preston promises.

“I am not aware of any instances of dance shows attracting any kind of trouble or unwanted antisocial behaviour to the areas in which they are run.”

In a report to their political masters, council planners have recommended the pole dancing be approved as an unlisted (sex related use) under the city’s planning scheme, in the largely industrial suburb.

In 2010, the city’s councillors agreed to add a formal sex related land use to Belmont’s planning scheme but were rebuffed by the Western Australian Planning Commission which in 2011 advised the land use would be an illegal activity.

At the time, council officials considered the WAPC opinion to be unfounded, as the officials’ definition of the land use did not apply to prostitution.

The officials instead opined that ‘sex related uses’ could cover such activities as sex therapy, peep shows, strip shows, Burlesque shows, lap dancers, skimpy barmaids and the filming of pornography.


The city’s planners now advise that the morality of a particular land use is not a valid planning consideration.

“The council, when assessing an application for planning approval, cannot assess it based on moral or religious grounds,” the planners advise.

Ms Preston’s planning application was referred to 22 property owners at Kewdale Business Park for comment and no submissions were received.

One of The Porn Shop’s next-door neighbours wrote a reference for Ms Preston vouching for her as a good neighbour and stating he does not object to her planned pole dances.

The planners’ recommendation will be considered at Belmont council’s last meeting of the year on December 16.

Photo: Exey Panteleev, Wikimedia Commons

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Langtrees madam unfit to run wine bar


Langtrees brothel madam Mary-Anne Kenworthy has lost her battle to open a ‘Miner69ers’ wine bar at a boutique hotel she now runs from the premises of her defunct Kalgoorlie bordello.

Ms Kenworthy is madam of the Langtrees brothel at Burswood, and operates langtrees.com, an advertising site for the sex industry. But she no longer runs her nationally-famous Kalgoorlie brothel, having turned it into Langtrees Boutique Hotel in 2012.

She had applied to open a wine bar, called Miner69ers, at the hotel. But the state liquor licensing director knocked her back.

In a decision handed down this week, WA Liquor Commission acting chairman Eddie Watling refused Ms Kenworthy’s appeal of the director’s decision.

Mr Watling has found Ms Kenworthy not fit and proper to hold a liquor licence pursuant to an intention of the state liquor Act to separate prostitution and the serving of alcohol.

The Act does not ban madams from holding liquor licences per se.

But Mr Watling agreed with submissions from police commissioner Karl O’Callaghan that the Act does consider the presence of madams as undesirable on licensed premises.

Lawyers for Dr O’Callaghan successfully argued that, as a madam, Ms Kenworthy was unsuitable to hold a position of authority in a liquor licensee company.

Counsel for Ms Kenworthy argued that Mr Watling should place little weight on Ms Kenworthy’s past and present occupation as a madam, as this would involve a moral judgment.

Ms Kenworthy presented 76 character witnesses at the hearing.

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Police pose as street prostitutes


EXCLUSIVE: Perth police posed as street prostitutes to catch kerb crawlers, and as kerb crawlers to catch street prostitutes, but got more than they bargained for when engaged by unwitting police colleagues, a Corruption and Crime Commission report reveals.

The report, penned in 2012 but only released today, explains that, from 2004 to 2011, 12 undercover operations were conducted to bust street prostitutes and kerb crawlers.

In one operation, an undercover policewoman working for the Perth City Detectives street prostitution team targeted kerb crawlers for two days. The policewoman engaged men who stopped and spoke to her. Once agreements for sexual services were reached, other police moved in to arrest the kerb crawlers.

That operation netted 12 kerb crawlers.

In a second operation, an undercover policeman was deployed for a day. From his car, he made eyes at a woman who was standing in a phone box. She waved and approached the car, and an agreement for sexual services was reached. After a trip in the car to buy drugs, the street prostitute was arrested and charged with seeking a client and possessing heroin.

Kerb crawlers and street prostitutes were not the only parties caught up in the covert stings.

In an operation about which the CCC later questioned if a police officer had tried to procure a prostitute, a marked police car drove past an undercover policewoman twice before stopping on a third occasion about 7pm. The policeman stepped to the policewoman and spoke to her. A banal conversation ensued. The CCC report reveals the policeman may have said to the undercover police woman: “so I was looking for something”.

Some hours later, during the same operation, a motorist who appeared to be a plain clothes cop engaged the undercover policewoman in some more vapid dialogue and warned her that police were in the area.

The policewoman later told the CCC she was “kicking herself” afterwards and wished she had walked across the road to engage with the plain clothes officer.

“I was just so annoyed that a copper would do that, and I just, and that’s why I wished I had gone through and, maybe something would have happened …,” she told the CCC.

Both officers who approached the policewoman have reportedly been cleared of improper conduct.

Photo: Kay Chernush, Wikimedia Commons

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Kerb crawler shame site faces axe



Less than eight months after it was launched to curb street prostitution in inner Perth, a council web page that names and shames kerb crawlers is set to bite the dust.

In the last few months of Alannah MacTiernan’s two-year reign as City of Vincent mayor, her advocacy for a clampdown on street prostitution in her home suburb of Highgate and the adjacent suburb of Perth played a big part in her ascending to become the federal member for Perth.

The city’s street prostitution convictions web page, concrete plans of which were revealed by oneperth.com.au in June last year, was a high profile part of the clampdown.

Since June, convicted kerb crawlers have been named and shamed for six months each on the web page. After six months the crawlers’ shame files are expunged from cyberspace.

Many Vincent locals – especially those from Stirling and Lincoln streets who long bore the brunt of kerb crawling – applauded an end to years of council dithering on the issue.

But the name and shame page has also caused angst among civil libertarians who claim the shame vilifies practitioners of the world’s oldest profession.

Now, with the names of only two kerb crawlers remaining on the web page, just one potential conviction in the pipeline, and Ms MacTiernan having moved onward and upward, council supremo John Giorgi has recommended that the naming and shaming be abolished.

Mr Giorgi says the number of complaints relating to prostitutes in Stirling Street has reduced to almost nil.

His recommendation will be debated by Vincent’s new mayor John Carey and the city’s councillors on Tuesday night.

Photo: Kay Chernush, Wikimedia Commons

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‘Skimpy barmaids good for tourism’


Kalgoorlie’s most prominent hotel is under new management and spruiking its skimpy barmaids as a world famous tourist attraction.

In January this year, the Exchange Hotel was bought by Leederville-registered Filigree Holdings Pty Ltd owned by Kalgoorlie-based accountant Lawson Douglas and property developer David Allan.

Before that, the pub had been bought for $7 million in 2008 by millionaire investor David Harmon’s company, Trinity Flame. But Trinity Flame was placed into receivership in September 2011.

Now, Mssrs Douglas and Allan have applied to have the hotel’s extended trading permit renewed, and a ban on anyone entering the pub after midnight revoked.

In their liquor licence application, the men spruik the skimpy barmaids who strut their stuff in the hotel’s Wild West Saloon bar.


“For many years, skimpy bar staff have been engaged to work behind the bar in the Wild West Saloon and [Filigree Holdings] has continued this tradition since taking over the hotel,” the men claim.

“[Filigree Holdings] ensures the form of dress and behaviour of these contract staff are always fully compliant with the entertainment condition attached to the hotel licence.

“Skimpies form an important part of the attraction of the Wild West Saloon for tourists and locals alike.”

Mssrs Douglas and Allan say that tourist guide Lonely Planet lists skimpies in its Kalgoorlie ‘Things to Do’ section.

“The provision of ‘skimpies’ at the hotel is referred to in numerous travel guides and tourism websites as one of the notable attractions in Kalgoorlie/Boulder,” the men claim.


According to the licence application, another tourism website states: “you won’t have to walk far for a cheeky look at Kalgoorlie’s world famous skimpies”.

Mssrs Douglas and Allan have asked for a five-year extension of the hotel’s extended trading hours of midnight to 1am on Mondays to Tuesdays, Wednesdays to Saturdays midnight to 2am, and Sundays 10pm to midnight.

The men have also requested that an existing post-midnight ban on the entry of patrons be replaced with a ban to take effect 30 minutes before closing time each night.

The landmark pub has operated in one form or another since 1893 at 135 Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie.

Last month, oneperth.com.au revealed that a hotel in Perth’s hinterland had been slapped with a $3000 fine and banned from offering lewd entertainment after providing a fully naked skimpy barmaid service.

Skimpy bars are most common in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. You won’t see too many in eastern Australia.

Exchange Hotel photo: Brian Voon Yee Yap, Wikimedia Commons, Inset photo: Mike Amato, Wikimedia Commons

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Skimpy bar busted



A hotel in Perth’s hinterland has been slapped with a $3000 fine and banned from offering lewd entertainment after providing a fully naked skimpy barmaid service.

In a written ruling today the WA Liquor Commission upheld a complaint by Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan against the licensee of the Bedford Arms Hotel in Brookton, 130 kilometres southeast of Perth.

Before the Commission, Dr O’Callaghan – through a state solicitor Nicholas van Hattem – argued the hotel had been subject to a licence condition that banned the display of bare breasts and buttocks, including by way of see-through material, ‘nipple stickers’ or a G-string.


Mr van Hattem tendered that on November 14 last year undercover police observed a ‘skimpy’ barmaid who was not wearing a bra and had only her nipples covered by adhesive patches called ‘pasties’.

Mr van Hattem said that on “a couple” of occasions the barmaid removed one of the pasties revealing a nipple.

He said the barmaid later presented completely naked, exposing her breasts and outer vagina to hotel patrons.

Mr van Hattem said that Gregory William Marr, who directs the hotel’s licensee BAH (Brookton) Pty Ltd, was present in the bar at the time and made no attempt to stop the exposure.


Then, in February this year uniformed police entered the hotel, and according to Mr van Hattem, observed a barmaid with no bra serving patrons.

Mr van Hattem deposed that the barmaid rapidly fled the bar area when she became aware of the police presence.

Mr Marr was not in the bar at the time, but Mr van Hattem said a review of hotel CCTV footage showed Mr Marr present earlier when the barmaid had collected money that had been placed in a glass jug.

This was identical to the technique observed in November where patrons were touted for extra money if the barmaid agreed to undress beyond the decency standards, Mr van Hattem said.


At the Commission, self-represented Mr Marr did not contest that the November exposure had occurred.

In relation to the February exposure, he said he had told the barmaid, who had been employed through an agency, to “keep it clean, keep it legal”.

He said he had assumed barmaids employed through such agencies would know the rules.

Mr Marr said he had been confident in the conduct of his business, and had invited the police presence.

He said he had been frustrated and annoyed with the barmaid’s actions.

He said the Bedford Arms conducted its business in a manner consistent with Brookton’s five other hotels.

The Commission determined the exposure was a breach of the hotel’s licence condition.

Testimony from Mr van Hattem that, on one occasion, drunkenness had been allowed at the hotel was also accepted by the Commission as a breach of state liquor legislation.

$3000 FINE

The Commission fined BAH (Brookton) Pty Ltd $3000.

Mr Marr has been ordered to undertake training in the management of licensed premises.

The hotel has also been banned from a host of activity including having any employee immodestly or indecently dressed, and offering lewd or indecent entertainment.

BAH (Brookton) Pty Ltd became the licensee of the hotel in November 2011.

Photo: Mike Amato, Wikimedia Commons

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MacTiernan to shame kerb crawlers


Now that police are targeting street prostitution in Alannah MacTiernan’s home suburb of Highgate, the City of Vincent mayor is pushing for kerb crawlers there to be named and shamed on the city’s website.

Street prostitution has long been a problem on the streets of inner-city Highgate – particularly along Stirling and Lincoln streets.

At a meeting of her council scheduled for Tuesday night, Ms MacTiernan will move that the city publish the name of everyone convicted of seeking a prostitute in a public place in Vincent.

If Ms MacTiernan’s name and shame plan is approved by her councillor colleagues, the names of convicted kerb crawlers will remain on the Vincent website for six months.

The city has long lobbied the police to crack down on Highgate street prostitutes. Several busts have occurred recently and been the subject of police media releases.

Background photo: ‘Ralfdix’, Wikimedia Commons

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Porn ban for Day firm


EXCLUSIVE: A porn company directed by Perth entrepreneur Malcolm Day has been banned from importing objectionable videos which it wanted to cut to satisfy the censor.

Perth-based founder of adultshop.com.au, Mr Day, is a director of Melbourne-based Calvista Australia Pty Ltd which imports, edits and sells pornographic movies.

The company is the nation’s largest wholesaler of sex toys and X-rated DVDs.

In a decision published today, Administrative Appeals Tribunal of Australia senior member Anne Britton and member Simon Webb rejected Calvista’s appeal against an import ban imposed by the director of Australia’s classification board.

Michael Bassett, a University of Western Australia psychology graduate and Calvista’s Chief Executive Officer, told the tribunal that Calvista had imported about 480 films a year from studios in the USA and other nations.

Calvista contended its sole reason for wanting to import objectionable films containing offensive depictions of sex and/or violence was to excise the worst scenes and submit the edited film for classification by Australia’s censors.


Calvista claimed that a full range of sexual material, including the most heinous and abhorrent content, was openly available on the internet in Australia, and that unclassified films were being distributed by unscrupulous operators.

The company said that permitting it to import, then censor, such movies might help counter black marketeering, and be in the public interest.

The tribunal was impressed by this argument. But it noted that in 2001 AXIS, a trading name owned by Calvista, had asked to import objectionable goods.

The tribunal stated there was no evidence that permission was granted but it appeared Calvista had imported films anyway.

“Calvista’s conduct of importihttps://www.oneperth.com.au/files/tag/ng objectionable goods without permission, and therefore unlawfully, despite its clear knowledge from august 2001 that permission was required, goes to its reputation generally,” the tribunal declared.

“Negative aspects of Calvista’s reputation, and doubts about its ability to comply with conditions, outweigh the positive aspects we have identified.”

During the hearing much was said about the relationship between Calvista, its parent company Delecta Ltd, adultshop.com Pty Ltd, the reputation of Mr Day and the extent of his involvement in Calvista.

The tribunal was unable to form a view about Mr Day’s character or reputation, or the extent to which he was involved in Calvista’s operations or business activities. The tribunal therefore concluded that matters concerning Mr Day did not shed light on Calvista’s reputation.

“It is probable that Calvista has importehttps://www.oneperth.com.au/files/tag/d films … at least one of which contained revolting or abhorrent phenomena …,” the tribunal noted.

“It is not clear, under the terms of Calvista’s proposal, how such a film would be identified prior to importation.

“Thus, at the first mark there are questions about Calvista’s ability to comply with the threshold terms of the permission sought.”


The tribunal said Calvista’s past conduct raised further questions about its ability to comply with any import conditions that may be imposed.

“We were taken to several striking examples in which Calvista failed or omitted to excise content that clearly exceeded the classification standards under the X18+ category before submitting films it had importehttps://www.oneperth.com.au/files/tag/d and edited for classification, causing the films to be classified rc [refused classification],” the tribunal noted.

“It is conceivable that such omissions or failings are the innocuous fault of a high volume business, as Mr Bassett suggests.

“Whether that is correct or not, these are matters that go to Calvista’s ability to meet any conditions imposed, and to its reputation in matters relating directly to objectionable goods that it importehttps://www.oneperth.com.au/files/tag/d, albeit without permission.”

Photo of Malcom Day by Luke Ford, Wikimedia Commons

‘No porn’ sign by ‘Piast’, Wikimedia Commons

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Cheats busted at first sight


University of Western Australia researchers have found a kernel of truth in the idea that unfaithfulness can be judged just by looking at a stranger’s face.

And it is women who have the knack, according to Professor Gillian Rhodes, Professor Leigh Simmons and researcher Grace Morley.

The trio asked study participants to look at the faces of unfamiliar people for three seconds and rate them for traits, including faithfulness and trustworthiness.

The people whose faces were rated had already told researchers in an anonymous questionnaire whether they had a history of cheating on their own partners or poaching a partner off another person in the past.

Professor Simmons said female participants had a much higher strike rate than their male counterparts in accurately choosing whether strangers of the opposite sex were likely to be cheaters. Women got it right 62 per cent of the time while men were right 23 per cent of the time.

“What was really surprising was that women were able to do that above chance,” Professor Simmons said.

“They were able to look at a face and rate it for faithfulness or unfaithfulness.

“There was a correlation between their ratings for faithfulness and the actual behaviour of the individuals they were rating.

“Now men couldn’t do that, or the relationship was much weaker.”

Professor Simmons said the gap may be due to any number of reasons.

“It may be that women have evolved the greater ability to make accurate assessments than men because the costs of making mistakes, for women, are greater,” he said.

“On the other hand, the men were making mistakes a lot.

“One potential reason could be that males of most animals, including humans, tend to be less discriminating of their partners because they have less to lose if that partner is unfaithful.

“Obviously they could end up being cuckolded in human terms, but they don’t have all the physiological costs of gestation, child bearing and child rearing that women have.

“And males have greater opportunities for reproducing with other individuals.”

The authors said their research provided the first evidence that impressions of unfaithfulness made from the faces of opposite-sex strangers contained a kernel of truth.

“Previous studies have focused on accuracy of impressions from samples of behaviour,” they wrote.

“Our results demonstrate that accurate judgements of unfaithfulness can be made from the face alone, in the absence of behavioural cues.”

The authors also found a high correlation between attractiveness and perceptions of trustworthiness, with more attractive people judged more likely to be trustworthy.

“There might be some sort of attractiveness halo effect going on there,” Professor Simmons said.

“What was also really interesting is there was no correlation between peoples’ rating of sexual faithfulness and trustworthiness.

“So they’re obviously very different tasks and people are looking for different things.”

He said that even though women might have a radar more finely attuned to unfaithfulness, there was more to relationships than first impressions.

“We don’t go into relationships based just on those sorts of visual cues,” he said.

“We have long periods of courtships and we get to know individuals and learn more about them than your first impressions might convey.

“Nevertheless we make errors even then.”

Photo by: ‘Matt’, Wikimedia Commons

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Sex shop censorship


Censoring the window displays of adult shops and raunchy night clubs is under investigation in central Perth in response to complaints by parents concerned their children might cop an inadvertent eyeful.

oneperth.com.au has learned that City of Perth officials are talking to adult shop and entertainment venue operators – particularly in Northbridge – to get them to tone down their shopfronts.

Veteran city councillor Eleni Evangel – who will run for the seat of Perth in the next state election – recently asked the officials to look into whether censorship would be appropriate.

“I have received a few complaints,” Cr Evangel told oneperth.com.au.

“It is a little bit offensive to some people when they jump off a bus in William Street and the first thing you see is raunchy lingerie.

“It’s not the kind of thing a mum with a young child wants to see when they get off a bus in the city.

“You don’t want to be asked: ‘Mummy, what are those whips for?’, or ‘Why is she holding those chains?’.”

Cr Evangel said that one solution might be to “fog out” adult shop windows at “child eye sight level”.


However, there is no law allowing the council to regulate the shopfront displays that Cr Evangel is concerned about.

“We’re not talking about anything terribly disgusting,” she explained.

“It’s just the normal sorts of images you would see in the shopfronts of these types of businesses.

“Some people find it embarrassing looking at stuff like that.

“But at the same time you have to understand that that’s the only way these businesses have to market themselves.”

Belynda Forman, a salesperson at the Libido Adult Super Store in James Street in Northbridge, echoed Cr Evangel’s point.

“We keep everything [in our window] low key, but we have to put fetish-ware up otherwise people don’t know it’s there,” Ms Forman said.

“All businesses have to advertise.

“It’s what brings a lot of couples into your store.”


Ms Forman, who has worked in the adult retail business for 12 years, said that naked maniquins and sex toys in the shape of genitalia were never included in her shopfront displays.

“I always ask myself: ‘Is this something that a child should not see?’, and if the answer is ‘no’, I know we’re right to go,” she explained.

“There are [sex toys] in there that adults know what they are but that kids wouldn’t.

“I think to push things back is to make people feel ashamed and feel as [adult shops are] something to sneak in and sneak out of.”

Ms Forman said that visiting adult shops had become a mainstream pursuit, and most adult shop windows were no more risque than the windows of ‘Bras N Things’ shops that were now common in suburban malls.

Malcolm Day, who has 14 adultshop.com stores across metropolitan Perth, including one in the CBD, has been contacted for comment.

Photo: ‘Ardfern’, Wikimedia Commons

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Only in Kalgoorlie


Australia’s most famous brothel has apparently shut down and is in the process of morphing into a sex-themed hotel and wine bar.

A liquor licence application lodged by Langtrees owner Mary-Anne Kenworthy asserts the brothel at 181 Hay Street in Kalgoorlie ceased trading early this year.

The application also claims that Kalgoorlie-Boulder (population 33,000), rather than Canberra (population 358,000) or Albury-Wodonga (population 88,000), is Australia’s largest inland city.

Inaccuracy aside, the application reveals that many themed rooms of the purportedly erstwhile brothel will remain.

Among the 17 themed rooms will be the Langtrees Love Nest, Roll in the Hay Room, Afghan Boudoir and Roman Orgy Backpackers Suite.

Tours of the professedly defunct brothel will also return after ceasing in December last year so building could start on the hotel.

The liquor licence application is for a wine bar – called Miner69ers which Ms Kenworthy hopes to open in mid-August.

The hotel side of the operation is set to open before that.

Ms Kenworthy is expecting an uphill battle with liquor licensing officials.

“… they are going to treat my application as if I am the head of a bike gang,” she vented recently in an online sex forum.

“So I have to cross every ‘i’ and dot every ‘t’.”

Names of proposed function rooms include the Madam Suite and the Alan Bond Lounge.

A ‘no children’ policy will apply when booking accommodation.

The hotel and Miners69ers is forecast to employ between 25 and 33 staff at any one time.

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