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Woman escapes in red, long-legged PJs.

Pharmacy hit by pyjama pants bandit


An Albany pharmacy was allegedly robbed by a woman in red, long-legged pyjama pants yesterday.

Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said that about 9:20am, a woman allegedly armed with a metal weapon entered a pharmacy located on Bayonet Head Road.

Ms Usher said the woman went to the shelving area behind the front counter, allegedly removing medication from the shop display.

She allegedly threatened staff with the weapon before running from the store with various medication.

She was last seen near the Oyster Harbour Store and Bayonet Head Road Shopping Centre.

The woman is described as being in her twenties, with an olive complexion and a slim build.

She was wearing red long legged pyjama pants and a grey hooded jumper.

Police want anyone with relevant information to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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Onesie joyride sees backpacker charged


A French backpacker has been charged with reckless and drink driving after allegedly allowing her companion to ride on the bonnet of her car dressed in a dinosaur onesie while smoking a cigarette and wearing a snorkel.

Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said her Kimberley colleagues were confronted by the surreal sight at 7.20 this morning when they were en route to Gantheaume Point at Cable Beach.

Ms Usher said the police saw a white Ford Falcon wagon travelling in the opposite direction.

She said the car was allegedly travelling at about 60km/h with a man lying on the bonnet facing the female driver.

Police stopped the car and found the man allegedly lying on the bonnet, smoking a cigarette, dressed in a dinosaur onesie and wearing a snorkel.

The 23-year-old female driver of the Falcon has been charged with reckless driving, and driving with a blood alcohol level exceeding 0.05 per cent.

Ms Usher said the Falcon was seized under hoon legislation.

She said the woman would be summonsed and appear in court at a later date.

The man and woman are French backpackers of no fixed address.

Ms Usher said the pair had more than likely been living in the Falcon.


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Heritage threat to King Street Miu Miu



EXCLUSIVE: A push by high-end fashion label Miu Miu to open a shop in Western Australia is being hampered by a heritage dispute over a dusty old staircase.

oneperth.com.au can reveal that Miu Miu plans to strut into Perth by opening a boutique on the ground floor of a century-old building at 44 King Street.

From the 1990s until early this year the building had been occupied by the now-defunct, and once chic, King Street Cafe.

Miu Miu PerthBuilding owner Glenbrook Pty Ltd says demolishing the pictured staircase is a condition of the lease it has negotiated with Miu Miu which wants to give the building’s rustic ground floor a modern overhaul.

Glenbrook wants to instal an elevator, and new stairs, which it says will make the old stairs redundant.

But Perth council planners have urged their political masters to refuse the stairway demolition.

The planners say the old staircase is an integral part of the building which is on the council’s heritage register.

“In addition, the city is yet to receive and assess and formal development application for the new internal fit-out of the ground and first floor levels,” the planners advise.

“Any proposed branding should be adapted to fit in with the characters and features of the heritage listed building and the tenancy fit-out designed to incorporate the stairs in-situ.”

Miu Miu is a swisho brand of women’s clothing and accessories from the Prada fashion house. The brand was launched in 1993 and is headed and named after by Miuccia Prada whose nickname is Miu Miu.

If it ever gets approved, Miu Miu Perth would be Australia’s third Miu Miu, behind Miu Miu Melbourne and Miu Miu Sydney.

A city committee will debate the planners’ recommended refusal on Tuesday night.

Photo of a Miu Miu shop: ‘663highland’, Wikimedia Commons


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Bindaring clothes sale turns 50


The Bindaring unit of the Australian Red Cross tomorrow celebrates 50 years of selling second–hand clothing in aid of a great cause.

To date Bindaring has raised more than $1.3 million which the organisation says has helped many vulnerable people in need or crisis.

This year’s 50th anniversary Bindaring clothes sale will be held at Claremont Showgrounds, Gate 1. Doors open at 9am, and parking is free.

Good quality men’s, women’s and children’s wear is all priced under $10.

At 11.30am an auction will gavel carefully-chosen designer pieces styled into ready to wear outfits.

Clothes donors to the 2013 sale include Megan Gale, Governor General Quentin Bryce, Aurelio Costarella, Kathryn Cizeika of Empire Rose, Sophie Kyron and Jessica Marais.

Costeralla has donated a dress worn by Danni Minogue and Nicole Scherzinger valued at $2,500.

Martin has donated from her personal wardrobe a selection of items estimated in value at $10,000.

Bindaring was established in July 1963 by a small group of friends.

Initially the main effort of the group was not fund raising, but practical help at the Lady Lawley Cottage – a convalescent hospital for children in Cottesloe.

Early activities included driving children between their homes and the hospital, ferrying children to medical appointments, swimming lessons and other activities, organising a Christmas party.

But it quickly became apparent that financial resources at the hospital were stretched, so Bindaring began a series of cake stalls and quiz nights.

The group’s first clothes sale was held in a garage on Bindaring Parade, Claremont, on July 11, 1964.

That sale raised £51.

In recent years, sales from the annual, one-day event have consistently exceeded $100,000.



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Perth face of Van Heusen


As the national face of menswear brand Van Heusen, Richard Cilli’s image can be seen plastered around Myer, his graceful body exhibiting the company’s latest suit.

Yet as a principal dancer at the Sydney Dance Company, the former Perth law student is clearly more than a clotheshorse.

Growing up in the Western Australian capital, Cilli started dancing when he was 12 after doing years of gymnastics.

He had only been at a jazz school for a couple of months before joining dance school STEPS Youth which is based in the Perth CBD.

“I would say I’m a contemporary dancer through and through and it was only when I was 19 that I did my very first ballet class,” Cilli told oneperth.com.au.

“I got my technique after I got my creativity.”


When he finished high school Cilli began studying Law and Politics at Murdoch University before switching his full attention to professional dancing.

“From when I finished high school to when I was studying law I still kept up my dancing and it was only then when I realised I had to either give it up or give it everything,” he says.

“I think it was just that wanting to try and that feeling in increments has just got me further and further.”

Cilli credits his dancing success to “trying” and “luck”.

However, he scored a position in the Sydney Dance Company just one week after graduating from the WA Academy of Performing Arts, so talent must have also had something to do with it.

“It is my love for dance that has taken me through with this and I’m so happy I can have a full-blown career with it, especially in Australia,” Cilli says.

Dianne Taylor is brand marketing manager at Gazal Group – the Australian licensee for Van Heusen clothes.

Ms Taylor says that Cilli’s natural energy and dance skills have brought life to recent Van Heusen campaigns.

She says that when Cilli was put forward, the choice was obvious.

“He definitely is the more youthful face of the brand and he doesn’t wear a suit everyday to the office but it was more about how he could show the benefit of the suit itself,” Taylor says.

“With this current campaign it’s a different take, the suit actually keeps you cool so it’s him basically moving.”

This year Van Heusen launched its second campaign with Cilli as the partnership has been working well for the company.

“The response has been very positive, obviously from a sales point of view the campaign worked and from a creative point of view we got a lot of really valued feedback from in the trade and the fashion press as well as creative press,” she says.

Cilli says it is still strange to see himself in advertisements.

“I turned up on a billboard outside Sydney Airport and I was so surprised,” he says.

“Every now and then when I turn up in the paper I get a message from a friend or an Aunty going ‘you’re in the paper!’

“The novelty hasn’t worn off, that’s for sure.”

Photos and video courtesy Gazal Group.

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Sisters doing it for themselves


For many women, applying make-up, doing their hair and dressing attractively is a daily activity that has long been perceived as a process done to impress men.

However, in a study by Murdoch University researchers, most female participants said their beauty routines were not about pleasing men, but about competing against other women.

The study was conducted by PhD student Avelie Stuart and Associate Professor Ngaire Donaghue, and participant ages ranged from 18 to 42 years old.

“Most of the women I talked to said that it was not about the men,” Ms Stuart told oneperth.com.au.

“It’s not about trying to please men and trying to conform to what men want.

“It’s this idea that women are free to express themselves, but it turned into this thing of: ‘well, women are doing it because we are competitive, and we are all trying to better ourselves against one another’.”

Ms Stuart says the feminist movement once had a view that women should stop engaging in practices that made them look weak – such as appearing pretty and wearing lipstick.

“Since then, there has been this movement back to telling women it is fine for them to appear pretty and to wear make-up and dresses, and that doesn’t make them weaker or inferior to men,” she says.

“In that sense it is a very positive movement that women should be able to take pleasure in these things that are feminine.”

Ms Stuart says the downside to this perspective is that focusing on the pleasure and the choices women make neglects the fact that women often feel they have to be pretty in order to feel better about themselves.

She says men and women both play a role in creating ideals and messages for how women should be.

“I think it would be really great if men were to become aware of the fact that they can contribute to how women think they should be, including by consuming the right media portrayals,” Ms Stuart said.

“Men can contribute to that.

“They are not completely off the hook.”

Photo: Mark J Sebastian, Wikimedia Commons

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ARU sues Canterbury over strips


EXCLUSIVE: The Australian Rugby Union is suing Auckland-based clothing company Canterbury over what the ARU claims are trademark infringements.

Among other matters, the ARU alleges Canterbury misled the public into thinking the ARU authorised it to distribute playing uniforms and other products.

The Wallabies wore Canterbury jerseys during their disastrous 2007 World Cup campaign in France and Wales.

At last year’s World Cup in New Zealand, where the Wallabies came a comparatively respectable third, they wore a strip made by Queensland-based KooGa.

The trademark dispute is now before the Federal Court – with the ARU seeking discovery before it delivers its evidence in chief.

In a decision handed down yesterday, Justice Nye Perram granted the ARU access to certain Canterbury documents after it complained it did not know the extent of Canterbury’s alleged use of the marks.

“I do not see that [the ARU] can be expected to put its case forward unless and until what Canterbury has been doing with these products is brought into the light,” Justice Perram noted.

“Although Canterbury has made efforts to identify the impugned products I do not consider that the ARU should be required to take its word for it.”

“In reaching that conclusion I do not disregard the likely cost of the process – some $20,000 to $30,000 – or the likely inconvenience.”

In recent decades, Canterbury has provided rugby jerseys for many national teams including the All Blacks and Wallabies.

Canterbury’s tagline is: ‘Canterbury: the world’s original rugby brand’.

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Dave Speedo Evans

Speedo launches porn suit


Swimwear giant Speedo has launched court action to stop an operator of allegedly pornographic websites using the term ‘Speedo’ in his domain names.

A preliminary decision published in Sydney today by Federal Court Justice Geoffrey Flick reveals Speedo has set its lawyers on a man known as Dave Evans.

Speedo claims Mr Evans has published a series of websites containing pornographic or offensive material.

The multinational firm also alleges Mr Evans has, under aliases, registered several website domains containing the name ‘Speedo’ without the company’s consent.

Examples cited in Justice Flick’s decision include www.speedomoviespage.com and www.speedosnextdoor.com.

(Note: These sites may offend, and visiting them may breach your employer’s internet use policies.)

A letter of demand emailed by Speedo’s lawyer Odette Gourley to [email protected] drew the following response:

Mr. [sic] Gourley,

Is that your real name? It sounds like something a dog would bark up – say it with a cough.. (cough) uhdett Gowly.

I have no doubt that you are a very intelligent fellow [sic] – being a partner and all.

I see your paper work is from Corrs, Cambers [sic] and Westgarth. I’ve got a feeling Corrs, Chambers and Westgarth aren’t in favour of gay marriage. No need for you guys to be haters. You aren’t a man until you’ve had one right?

Thank you for sending that paperwork. I wanted to let you know that this is a valid email address with regard to correspondence.

Perhaps you should read my blog … if you took the time you’d not only get some fees but you’d learn that I don’t live in Queensland.

Dave Evans doesn’t have an Australian passport, my business is based in the BVI [British Virgin Islands] and I look forward to seeing how the NSW (sic) Federal Court deals with the jurisdiction issues.

The ‘Speedo Corporation’ is your client. It is an Australian brand and it should be interesting to see the ‘reach’ of the NSW [sic] Federal Court in imposing their decision regarding a ‘generic’ term.

Since you are making your living from ‘Speedo’ I hope to see you at the local pool speedo’ing it up Mr. [sic] Gourley.

Dave ‘Speedo’ Evans

Speedo was founded in 1914 by Sydney underwear maker Alexander MacRae but for some years has been owned by the UK-based Pentland Group.

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Miss Universe theft sees 11 busted


Investigations into the theft of handbags from Miss Universe hopefuls working out at a Northbridge gymnasium have unearthed a mini crime spree.

On December 20 last year, Miss Universe Australia contestants were exercising at The Ring gymnasium on Fitzgerald Street when a man allegedly stole 10 handbags secured in a room at the back of the building.

The value of stolen property – including jewellery, mobile phones, iPods, digital cameras, designer handbags, identification and credit cards – exceeded $50,000.

Police searched several addresses and found items allegedly linked to the burglary.

Cannabis, amphetamines and a replica handgun were also allegedly found.

Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said that on January 14 the 22-year-old alleged main offender was arrested in Girrawheen.

Further inquiries saw 10 other people charged with a cocktail of offences.

In all, 47 charges have been laid.

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Designer thieves net $150,000 chic labels


Upmarket burglars have swiped $150,000 of designer brand clothes and accessories from three shops in Mosman Park and Claremont this week.

Police spokeswoman Julie Hansen said that one shop in Claremont was broken into betwee n 2am and 3am on Tuesday.

Two stores in Mosman Park were burgled between 3am and 4am yesterday.

Sergeant Hansen said the burglars netted fashion labels such as Citizen, Paige, Velvet, Nudie Jeans.

Jewellery, sunglasses and handbags were also stolen in the combined $150,000 haul.

Anyone with information about the burglaries is urged to call Crime stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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