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Perth Waterfront now ‘Elizabeth Quay’


The contentious Perth Waterfront project has been named Elizabeth Quay by a monarchist state premier who claims the new moniker is a fitting tribute to the area’s history.

Premier Colin Barnett said today that the new name was a fitting tribute to last year’s blow-in by Queen Elizabeth II during the much-vaunted Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

“More than 100,000 people came to see the queen and … Duke of Edinburgh … last year so it is only fitting that the area which is currently being transformed into an exciting and inclusive precinct for all West [sic] Australians should honour the queen,” Mr Barnett said.

“Perth is maturing as a city and developing an exciting identity while continuing to treasure its rich heritage.”

Mr Barnett claims the Elizabeth Quay name provides a “tangible and significant” link to Perth’s heritage.

Meanwhile, the project will see the state heritage listed Florence Hummerston Building relocated to the Supreme Court Gardens – virtually destroying the building’s heritage value.

Last month, Mr Barnett turned the first sod on the $440 million project that will bulldoze 10 hectares of riverfront boulevard and parkland to erect luxury condominiums and a marina.

Heritage lobbyists have launched protests against the project, claiming the government has undervalued the historic value of the existing park.

Works to build the inlet are scheduled to start in late 2012.

Mr Barnett said the inlet works were on track for completion in mid-2015.

His announcement of ‘Elizabeth Quay’ coincides with the ABC’s recent airing of a fawning documentary on the queen in which several shots of Mr Barnett’s head appear.

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CHOGM workplace shame


More than a quarter of nations represented at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth this week do not provide basic industrial rights for workers, the Australian Council of Trade Unions said today.

ACTU President Ged Kearney said a survey by the Commonwealth Trade Union Group showed workers’ rights were being ignored across the Commonwealth, with the worst abuses occurring in Fiji and Swaziland.

The CTUG, representing more than 30 million workers in 30 countries, is calling on CHOGM to suspend Swaziland for wholesale violations of democratic rights and to ask the United Nations to stop using Fijian soldiers as peace keepers around the world.

The group also wants CHOGM to condemn the already-suspended Fijian military dictatorship’s Essential Industries Decree.

“Workers’ rights are human rights,” said Ms Kearney who is Australia’s most senior trade unionist.

“The Commonwealth prides itself as a organisation that supports democracy and human rights, but this survey shows many countries are falling short, with 14 countries having failed to ratify at least one of the eight core International Labour Organization conventions.

“In the Pacific region, Fiji’s unelected dictatorship is imposing draconian restrictions on workers’ rights and trying to remove unions from workplaces.”

Ms Kearney said that other Commonwealth countries had also failed to protect workers’ rights.

“India has not ratified the child labour conventions or the conventions on freedom of association and collective bargaining,” she said.

“Shockingly Australia, New Zealand and Canada have not ratified one of the two conventions on child labour.

“In Malaysia the Government is seeking to take away workers’ rights to unionise by classing more workers as self-employed or contractors.

In other countries, such as Malawi and Zimbabwe, union officials are subject to persecution and violence by government.”

Simone McGurk, secretary of Western Australia’s peak trade union organisation, UnionsWA, said CHOGM leaders needed to listen to the Commonwealth Eminent Persons Group if the Commonwealth was to survive.

“It’s timely that CHOGM’s own advisors are saying that they need to address human rights if the Commonwealth is going to retain its relevancy,” Ms McGurk said.

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Royals arrive at 4.25


Monarchists and sticky-beaks alike will be able to see Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip arrive at Perth International Airport today at 4.25pm – if the royal flight is on time.

A public viewing area has been set up at the western end of the international terminal, and signs have been placed on the forecourt to direct the public to the area.

The airport advises that the viewing area has limited capacity and there is a fence that may obstruct viewing.

The viewing area is not covered and the airport encourages royal watchers to dress appropriately and bring wet weather protection.

Free parking will be available in Long Term Car Park I, located near the short term car park at the international terminal.

The airport says the free parking is “within walking distance” to the viewing area.

Signs have been located along Horrie Miller Drive directing rubber neckers to Long Term Car Park I.

Perth Airport is operating as normal today and the airport says there should be no impact to flight arrivals or departures.

However, the airport recommends travellers allow extra time to and from the airport as traffic may be impacted by the royal motorcade and extra traffic in the area.

Photo: DB King

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First CHOGM charge laid


The first charge related to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting has been laid three days out from the multilateral talkfest.

Police spokesman Gerry Cassidy said a 37-year-old man was arrested and charged yesterday over an alleged breach of a “CHOGM Exclusion Notice”.

Sergeant Cassidy said the man had been served a letter informing him he was on the “excluded persons list” under the CHOGM Special Powers Act 2011.

The man was provided with information and a map regarding “CHOGM Security Areas” he was not permitted to enter.

Sergeant Cassidy said the man allegedly entered a “CHOGM Security Area” yesterday afternoon.

The man has been charged with one count of “unauthorised entry to CHOGM security area” and will appear in Perth Magistrates Court today.

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CHOGM bible bash


A bible that arrived in Sydney with the First Fleet in 1788 will be paraded at Perth’s Challenge Stadium tonight to coincide with the visit to Australia of Queen Elizabeth II.

The queen and her husband Prince Philip are in the country and on October 26 will lob into Perth.

Elizabeth II will open the much-hyped Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting on October 28 before departing Australia from Perth on October 29.

The historic King James Bible, signed by the queen on earlier visits to Australia, has arrived in Perth from St Philip’s York St Church in Sydney.

Other signatures on the bible include those of Prince Philip, Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana.

The leather-bound book will be paraded tonight only at Challenge Stadium to help launch Shine – 11 days of prayer and celebration that coincides with the multilateral talkfest.

Shine has been organised by church leaders in response to Premier Colin Barnett’s plea that Perth people support CHOGM.

CHOGM occurs every two years. It brings together leaders of many of the world’s least significant nations – most of whom share the distinction of having been ruled by the 85-year-old monarch at some stage or other.

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Perth Show free for accompanied kids


Accompanied children aged 12 and under will get free entry to this year’s Perth Royal Show – a saving of $12 per ankle biter – thanks to a state government handout.

Premier Colin Barnett today revealed children would be admitted free when accompanied by an adult to the show which runs from October 1 to 8.

“We were aware that there could be an impact on the show by changing the public holiday from Monday October 3 to Friday October 28 this year which was done, after wide consultation, to minimise any potential disruption caused by hosting the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2011,” Mr Barnett said.

Mr Barnett says the subsidy should ensure strong visitor numbers are retained, even without the benefit of the usual Monday public holiday.

“The free entry decision is part of the state government’s commitment to help people under financial duress and the impact should be most beneficial to families with young children,” he claimed.

“The government has also provided financial support to the Royal Agricultural Society to host Malaysia as this year’s guest nation at the show.

“It is a wonderful opportunity for all those attending the show to learn more about an important fellow member of the Commonwealth.”

CHOGM – a biennial meeting of most of the world’s least influential leaders – will be held in Perth from October 23 to 30. Associated hullabaloo will last longer – from October 19 to November 2.

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Homeless support beefed up for CHOGM


Homeless people – including any moved on from central Perth – will get special access to around the clock services during the much-vaunted Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

Child Protection Minister Robyn McSweeney today said people sleeping rough could access a safe and supportive environment if they felt disrupted by any CHOGM activity.

Mrs McSweeney claimed there were no plans to remove homeless people from Perth’s CBD during CHOGM.

However, anybody can be asked to move on from restricted areas or explain why they need access.

The services will include meals for up to 70 homeless folk, and temporary sleeping space for up to 30 people.

Mrs McSweeney said that if a homeless person is affected, he or she will be directed to support services.

“The $112,500 we are giving to homelessness support services will allow providers to have their doors open to people needing help and accommodation at any time of day or night,” she said.

Ms McSweeney said eight non-government providers would provide the extra services.

“The Department for Child Protection will also be working with service providers to assist people sleeping rough to make alternative accommodation arrangements for the period of September, October and November 2011.”

oneperth.com.au recently revealed that a crack team of graffiti busters would be engaged to ensure “offensive” graffiti would be removed during the multilateral talkfest slated for October 19 to November 2.

CHOGM is a biennial meeting of most of the world’s least influential leaders. Queen Elizabeth II will be one of those visiting leaders.

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CHOGM – the movie


The state government is producing five mini-movies to sell Western Australia to visiting Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting delegates.

A Department of State Development document seen by oneperth.com.au reveals Premier Colin Barnett will be filmed extolling the virtues of WA’s mining, oil, tourism and agriculture industries.

The document says Mr Barnett will promote WA’s “strong economy” and “excellent investment environment” during the shoot.

All up, four two-minute videos and a silent 20-minute movie will be produced.

The target audience is delegates of a business forum attached to the multilateral talkfest that is slated for October 19 to November 2.


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Graff-busters for CHOGM


Private sector graffiti busters will be engaged to protect the sensibilities of Commonwealth Heads of Government Conference delegates.

A police document seen by oneperth.com.au reveals the graff-busters will be engaged on a 24/7, on-call basis to clean up graffiti.

The document says the police have an “immense” role to play in protecting the incoming guests – including ensuring that any “offensive” graffiti is removed “swiftly”.

The new graff-busters will be sourced from the private sector. Their work will be additional to a team of 14 graffiti anti-graffiti police announced in January.

The graff-busters will mainly operate in the CBD, Bentley, Burswood, Cottesloe, Crawley, Fremantle, Kings Park and Mt Claremont.

Police expect that anyone bothering to post offensive graffiti during the two-week talkfest will have their efforts erased within one hour of graffiti being reported.

The government recently announced homeless people would be moved on during the conference.

CHOGM – to occur in Perth from October 19 to November 2 – is a biennial meeting of most of the world’s least influential leaders.

Queen Elizabeth II will be one of those visiting leaders.

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Terrace shut down for CHOGM


WA’s main street will be closed to traffic for much of the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting slated for late October.

Maps released by CHOGM reveal St George’s Terrace will be in lockdown from 8am to 11am on Friday, October 28.

On Saturday, October 29, roads including the Terrace and Riverside Drive will be shut down.

By Sunday, October 30, things will be returning to normal with sporadic closures mainly affecting the Terrace.

Also to be closed by police at different times during CHOGM will be streets leading to the Terrace, specifically parts of Barrack, Bennett, Hill, Irwin, Mill, Milligan, Pier, Plain, and Spring streets, Mounts Bay Road, Victoria Avenue and Erskine Link.

CHOGM is a biennial meeting of many of the world’s least influential leaders.

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CHOGM chowdown


Police who patrol the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting will be enticed by a 24/7 cornucopia of culinary delights.

Almost 1000 extra officers from New Zealand, eastern Australia and regional WA will boost ranks during CHOGM and a draft menu seen by oneperth.com.au shows they won’t go hungry.

The constabulary will be supplied with hot and cold meals at several yet-to-be-disclosed locations around Perth.

Because the multi-jurisdictional force will work around the clock, breakfast, lunch, dinner and night shift meals will be provided.

The menu includes vegetarian, halal and non-gluten meals.

So officers’ girths don’t exponentially expand during the two-week festival of bureaucracy, the meals will be vegetable-based.

Only moderate amounts of lean meat, skinless chicken, fish and reduced fat dairy products will be provided.

Deep-fried foods have been banned from the draft menu which includes:


Cereal, fresh fruit, yoghurt, eggs, bacon, sausages, baked beans, hash browns, tomato, mushrooms, bread.


Pizza, meat, poultry, fish, salads, pasta, soups and stews.


Reduced-fat ice cream, fruit, pikelets, buns, muffins, fruit crumbles and low-fat cakes.


Still or sparkling water, fruit juice or “sport drink”.

CHOGM – a biennial meeting of many of the world’s least influential nations – hits Perth for the first time from October 19 to November 2.

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Cops kit up for CHOGM


WA Police cars will be fitted with back and forward looking cameras to monitor the estimated 80 motorcades that will shuttle Commonwealth Heads of Government delegates to and from Perth Airport.

CHOGM hits town from October 19 to November 2 and a police document seen by oneperth.com.au reveals the state’s police cars are ill-equipped to monitor the progress of motorcades.

The document says the new cameras will be deployed to warn “tactical command” of any “threat” to the motorcades.

Police hope the cameras may also cover sections of “various routes” the Commonwealth leaders and their entourages will take that are not covered by existing traffic cameras.

Last week, oneperth.com.au revealed that 975 extra police from New Zealand, other Australian jurisdictions and regional WA would be deployed in Perth during CHOGM.


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1000 extra police for CHOGM


Almost 1000 extra police will descend upon Perth from New Zealand, eastern Australia and regional WA for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting scheduled for October 19 to November 2.

A WA Police document seen by oneperth.com.au reveals that 975 extra police will head to Perth to protect the 4000 foreign delegates, bureaucrats and journalists involved in CHOGM.

The document also reveals that 150 rapid-response crowd control police will be on call 24 hours a day.

At various times the 975 extra police will likely be called upon to work early morning, mid-afternoon and night shifts.

Importehttps://www.oneperth.com.au/files/tag/d officers will be shuttled around perth in 25 charter buses arranged by a “CHOGM Logistics” group based at Maylands police complex.

The legion of law enforcers will enjoy a raft of extra powers recently announced by police minister Rob Johnson.

There are currently about 6000 police officers in Western Australia.

The Commonwealth is a group of mainly minor nations which mostly once belonged to the defunct British Empire.

The police document describes CHOGM as a “once in a lifetime international event”.

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CHOGM clampdown


Legislation will be introduced into state parliament today to give police extra powers during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting scheduled for October.

Although the British Commonwealth is now largely irrelevant in military and sporting terms, the meeting of 50-plus national leaders will be the biggest international event held in Perth for decades.

Today’s CHOGM (Special Powers) Bill provides security powers for police and other authorised people to use in designated security areas.

Police will also be given extra powers to close roads so that cavalcades can be arranged for visiting dignitaries.

The CHOGM-only clampdown follows a recent flood of powers granted to police by the conservative Barnett government.

Police minister Rob Johnson revealed that $12.2 million of taxpayers’ money would be syphoned into a 24-hour command centre, “additional vehicle, maritime and air support capabilities” and the recruitment of extra police.

The cash would also help fund the use of Australian Federal Police and officers from New Zealand and other Australian states and territories. Mr Johnson expects the costs of the interstate and foreign officers will be reimbursed by the federal government.

Mr Johnson said CHOGM would bring more than 50 heads of sovereign States and 4000 delegates and journalists to Perth.

“It is … vital that police and other security personnel have the necessary powers during this event to ensure the smooth running of the meeting and the safety and security of the delegates and the community in general,” he said.

“Security at similar events held in Australia in recent times has been greatly assisted by the enactment of special powers, including the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the 2002 Queensland CHOGM, the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games and the 2007 Sydney Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Conference.

“These powers will predominantly assist police in dealing with anyone who attempts to disrupt the event, harm delegates or destroy property.”

CHOGM will be held from October 28 to 30.

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