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36 cars each have at least two tyres slashed in urbane street overnight.

South Fremantle tyre attack


Thirty-six vehicles had at least two tyres each slashed last night in an urbane South Fremantle street.

Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said that between 8pm last night and and 6am this morning unknown people used a sharp implement to puncture vehicles’ tyres on Attfield Street.

Ms Usher said police were aware of 36 vehicles having two or more tyres damaged with an estimated minimum cost of $10,000.

Police want anyone with relevant information to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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$13,000 penalty after odos of four vehicles wound back.

Car dealer fined for oldest trick in the book


A Maddington man was yesterday fined a total of $13,000 in Perth Magistrates Court for selling four cars that had their odometers wound-back, and buying and selling vehicles without a dealer’s licence.

Mohammad Momand was fined $5000 for unlicensed dealing between April 2013 and August 2014, and $2000 for each of the four cars sold with altered odometers. He was ordered to pay court costs of $9187.

Momand, who has a motor vehicle salesperson’s licence, had bought 15 vehicles and sold 14 of them on Gumtree without a dealer’s licence, in breach of the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act. His licence only allows him to sell vehicles as an employee of a licensed dealer.

Buyers of four of the cars had been misled, with the odometer readings showing fewer kilometres travelled than was the case:

  • A Holden Commodore that had travelled 214,304 kilometres had a reading of 135,000 kilometres when sold in June 2013;
  • A Ford Falcon that had travelled 199,898 kilometres had a reading of 78,000 kilometres when sold in August 2013;
  • A Holden Rodeo that had travelled 284,068 kilometres had a reading of 145,000 kilometres when sold in November 2013; and
  • A Ford Escape that had travelled 218,104 kilometres had a reading of 159,050 when sold in February 2014.

Acting Commissioner for Consumer Protection David Hillyard said these were serious violations from someone who was well aware of his legal obligations.

“As a licensed salesperson, Mr Momand was familiar with the licensing requirements when buying and selling vehicles for profit, but he chose to ignore the rules,” Mr Hillyard said.

“Buying and selling vehicles without a licence is a serious offence in itself, but to also sell vehicles that have false odometer readings is totally unacceptable.

“Selling cars with odometer readings showing less than the actual kilometres travelled makes the sale more attractive at the expense of the unsuspecting consumer.

“There are now many methods by which the true odometer reading of a vehicle can be established, so it’s only a matter of time before any deception is discovered and offenders will face prosecution action by Consumer Protection.”

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10-storey luxury car building going nowhere fast.

Knockback for Barbagallo tower of power



A 10-storey building planned by luxury car dealers Vince and Troy Barbagallo to house a new Jaguar and Land Rover show room has been recommended for refusal by the City of Stirling.

The pictured $22 million tower is planned for the north-eastern corner of the intersection of Frobisher Street and Scarborough Beach Road at Osborne Park.

Barbagallo showroom tower Osborne ParkIf it does get approved against the city’s wishes, the Barbagallo tower of power would rise on the site of an existing Barbagallo car yard and showroom that would be demolished to make way for the building.

The big Barbagallo building would have a 1502sqm car sales showroom and 2321sqm workshop, a 190sqm restaurant, and 9896sqm of office space.

But in a bitter irony for the Barbagallo brothers, the city considers that planned vehicle access arrangements to the site are not up to scratch.

A state planning panel is slated to decide the building’s fate on December 21.

Barbagallo building renders: Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland

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Camillo clan left to lick its wounds after $81,000 penalty.

Family fined over backyard car sales


A father, mother and their son have been fined a total of $81,440 for buying and selling cars from their homes in Merredin and Camillo without having a licence.

It was the parents’ third offence of illegal car dealing and they were given a daily penalty on top of a fine.

In Armadale Magistrates Court yesterday Andrew Gregory, 46, was fined $20,000 and a daily penalty of $30 for 524 days, totalling $35,720, and ordered to pay costs of $901.

Suzannah Gregory46, was fined $20,000 and a daily penalty of $30 for 524 days, totalling $35,720.

Luke Gregory20, was fined $10,000 for his first offence.

Andrew and Suzannah Gregory were both previously convicted of unlicensed car dealing in 1996 and again in 2008.

None of the trio appeared for the court hearing, but they submitted guilty pleas, admitting to selling 38 vehicles from their Merredin home, and then their Camillo home, over a 17 month period from June 2013 to December 2014.

Most of the vehicles were advertised on Gumtree.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection Anne Driscoll expressed alarm that the parents, who were repeat offenders, have also involved their son in their illegal activities.

“After being convicted of unlicensed car dealing in the past, the parents knew very well that their activities were illegal but, not only did they continue to break the law, they then turned it into a family business,” Ms Driscoll said.

“I hope the result of our court action will finally bring an end to this family’s unlicensed dealing and also serve as a warning to other backyard operators about the very serious consequences.

“Car buyers should not be knowingly dealing with illegal backyard operators, as protections afforded to them such as warranties, title in the vehicle and consumer guarantees will not apply in these cases, so they are compromising their consumer rights.

“The licensing system for dealers ensures that only fit and proper people are permitted to work in the motor vehicle industry and those who operate outside of the licensing system escape that scrutiny.

“Backyard dealers undermine industry standards so unlicensed operators should be reported to Consumer Protection so that a stop can be put to their illegal activities.”

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Ferrari confiscated


A Ferrari convertible was seized last night after police allegedly clocked it doing 151kph in a 70kph speed zone at Wanneroo.

Police spokeswoman Barbara Crane said her colleagues were patrolling traffic in Wanneroo about 9:30pm last night when they detected a silver Ferrari convertible allegedly travelling at 151km/h in a 70km/h zone on Lenore Road.

Acting Sergeant Crane said the 23-year-old male driver of Sinagra is expected to be summonsed for the offence of reckless driving.

The Ferrari has been impounded for 28 days.

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XR8 hits cars and house


Three compact cars and a house are worse for wear this morning after a man, 26, driving a Ford Falcon XR8 muscle car allegedly crashed into them all last night.

Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said that about 2.20am the man turned into Coolgardie Street from Chapman Street at St James in Perth’s eastern suburbs.

Ms Usher said the man allegedly over-corrected and the XR8 hit a parked Holden Cruz before careering into a Ford Laser Sedan.

The XR8 continued across the verge of a house in Coolgardie Street running over a Western Power electrical box and a Water Corporation water meter before hitting a brick pillar and the garage door of the house itself.

The force of the impact pushed the roller door into the rear of a Toyota Yaris, shunting the compact car forward into the wall of the garage.

This caused numerous cracks in the bricks and in the bedroom side of the wall.

No one was injured in the crash and investigations are continuing.

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Triple trouble


Three Holden Commodores were involved in separate police chases that led to arrests in and around Perth overnight.


Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said that about 10:50pm police saw a blue Holden Commodore with allegedly stolen number plates travelling west along Reid Highway, near Malaga Drive in Malaga.

Ms Usher said four occupants were in the Commodore which allegedly failed to stop.

Police chased the Commodore for a short time before it crashed into another car and a traffic light at the junction of Alexander Drive and Beach Road in Malaga.

Two people received minor injuries.

A 26-year-old Wanneroo man has been charged with reckless driving, having no authority to drive, stealing, affixing false plates and an aggravated count of failing to stop. He is due to appear in Midland Magistrates Court today.


Just after 10pm, police saw a white Holden Commodore allegedly carrying six occupants and being driven recklessly on Corfield Road in Gosnells.

Ms Usher said the driver allegedly refused to stop.

Police followed the car along several streets.

The pursuit was aborted near the intersection of Dorothy Street, Corfield Street and Southern River Road.

Soon after, police saw the Commodore allegedly steered into the path of an oncoming car which it hit.

There were no injuries to occupants of either car.

A 23-year-old Forrestdale man has been charged with escaping police, failing to stop, reckless driving and having no authority to drive.


Ms Usher said that about 2:30pm yesterday, another Holden Commodore – this time a ute – was allegedly stolen from a house in Hillarys.

Soon after, police saw the Commodore travelling on Whitfords Avenue and they tried to stop the car. The driver allegedly failed to stop and a chase commenced.

A police helicopter saw the Commodore and provided ground units with updates as the car (pictured) travelled for about an hour before driving into bushland off the Brand Highway in Cataby about 70 kilometres north of Perth.

The driver allegedly ran off pbut was apprehended and arrested.

A 26-year-old Tambellup man has been charged with burglary, stealing, stealing a motor vehicle, reckless driving, failing to report an accident and failing to stop after an accident.

The man is due to appear in the Joondalup Magistrates Court today.

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Peppermint Grove Hummer dispute


A Hummer allegedly parked with a large billboard in tow has prompted officials to raise the spectre of legal action against an advertising company that operates from a home in Perth’s poshest suburb.

In a report now before their political masters, Shire of Peppermint Grove officers allege that Evoke Media proprietors Zane and Elaine Barry have been parking the pictured Hummer and a big billboard at their home at 1 Monument Street in Peppermint Grove.

The shire officers allege the Hummer and several Smart brand cars parked in and around the 776sqm property constitute an ongoing enforcement issue. The officers allege the Barrys have been operating a vehicle depot in the leafy street without approval.

Evoke Media Peppermint GroveThe Barrys bought the property, where they live, in 2005. In 2012, the shire received a number of complaints about signs and trailers on the site and parking on the verge. In 2013, several more complaints were received.

An email from the Barrys to the council in April last year said the large Hummer trailer was only present at the premises on the day council officers took a photo of it, while repairs were being done.

The Barrys claimed the Hummer trailer was only in Monument Street a few hours. They said the trailer was being stored elsewhere and would never be stored at the home.

The email said that on the same day all the business’s cars were being attended to by a valet, and that to be waterwise the vehicles were being washed on the grass verge. The Barrys said they would ensure the valet service “does not happen again” in Monument Street.

They also told the council that Evoke Media employs mainly students who use public transport to get to work, and so did not compete with the Barrys’ Monument Street neighbours for parking.

Evoke Media Peppermint GroveSeveral follow-up inspections by the shire in May and June last year detected a number of Smart brand cars, and advertising banners, parked on site.

In December, 2013 and January, 2014 the shire received several more complaints from Peppermint Grove and Mosman Park residents. The issues were alleged excessive street parking by employees, and the Hummer and large billboard trailer allegedly being parked at the property and in nearby streets overnight.

A council site visit on January 7 allegedly revealed the Hummer was being stored on site along with at least 10 advertising trailers and 10 Smart cars.

“The land use appears to be intensifying and results in a loss of amenity to nearby landowners,” the shire staff now allege.

evoke media peppermint grove“The after-hours and weekend parking issues have been substantiated by the Mosman Park ranger.”

A Google Maps search by oneperth.com.au shows that on the currently available street view, dated January, 2010, the Hummer was in the driveway along with a small number of advertising trailers. The larger Hummer trailer was not on site.

The latest available Google Maps aerial view, dated December 9, 2011, shows no Hummer, but eight advertising trailers and at least five other vehicles in the driveway. Again, the larger Hummer trailer was not on site.

The shire officers have recommended that the council direct the Barrys to cease all business activities at their home within 60 days of receiving a council directive, and that the Barrys be prosecuted if that does not happen.

A successful prosecution would carry a fine up to $200,000 with a daily penalty of $25,000 for a continuing offence.

Shire councillors will debate the officers’ recommendation on February 25.

The Evoke Media website lists the company’s address as 1 Monument Street, Peppermint Grove. The site promotes the company’s ‘hummerAd’ as “the ultimate mobile media product to hit the streets of Perth!”.

Past hummerAd clients include BankWest, Satterleys, LotteryWest and Channel Ten.

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Kerb crawler shame site faces axe



Less than eight months after it was launched to curb street prostitution in inner Perth, a council web page that names and shames kerb crawlers is set to bite the dust.

In the last few months of Alannah MacTiernan’s two-year reign as City of Vincent mayor, her advocacy for a clampdown on street prostitution in her home suburb of Highgate and the adjacent suburb of Perth played a big part in her ascending to become the federal member for Perth.

The city’s street prostitution convictions web page, concrete plans of which were revealed by oneperth.com.au in June last year, was a high profile part of the clampdown.

Since June, convicted kerb crawlers have been named and shamed for six months each on the web page. After six months the crawlers’ shame files are expunged from cyberspace.

Many Vincent locals – especially those from Stirling and Lincoln streets who long bore the brunt of kerb crawling – applauded an end to years of council dithering on the issue.

But the name and shame page has also caused angst among civil libertarians who claim the shame vilifies practitioners of the world’s oldest profession.

Now, with the names of only two kerb crawlers remaining on the web page, just one potential conviction in the pipeline, and Ms MacTiernan having moved onward and upward, council supremo John Giorgi has recommended that the naming and shaming be abolished.

Mr Giorgi says the number of complaints relating to prostitutes in Stirling Street has reduced to almost nil.

His recommendation will be debated by Vincent’s new mayor John Carey and the city’s councillors on Tuesday night.

Photo: Kay Chernush, Wikimedia Commons

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Northbridge actiV8ed


City of Perth officials have changed their tune and recommended ratepayers subsidise the V8 “activation” of Northbridge Piazza and an autograph signing by Supercar drivers.

The city staff have urged the council’s elected officials to approve a sponsorship deal of $5751 sought by state government cheerleading agency Eventscorp.

Last February, the officials were stingier, jeopardising the autograph signing when they recommended an Eventscorp request for $5605 be refused. The councillors voted against the recommendation and the show went on.

Perth’s round of the annual V8 Supercars championship returns to the Barbagallo thunderdome between May 4 and 6.

As per last year, an autograph signing is planned for Forrest Place.

It has been pencilled in for noon to 1pm on Thursday, May 3, and about 3000 Supercar fans are expected to attend.

In City of Perth-speak, Eventscorp also plans to “activate” Northbridge Piazza from May 3 to Sunday May 6 – through such means as showing Supercar videos on the big screen there.

In plain English, “activate” means to attract people to a place that would otherwise be dead. It is a horrid buzzword invented by university-educated pencil pushers who should know better.

In Western Australia, the term is most often used in media releases penned for Perth mayor Lisa Scaffidi.

The sponsorship deal is yet to be debated by the city’s councillors.

Photo: Biechos

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Barnett backs Australia Day flags


Premier Colin Barnett today came out in full support of people who stick ‘Australia Day’ flags to the sides of cars.

“The celebration of Australia Day means different things to different people,” Mr Barnett said today.

“Whether it is going to tonight’s Australia Day Skyworks, flying a flag from your car, enjoying a family barbecue, a day at the beach, a street party or watching tennis and cricket on TV, just have a great day.”

On Monday, oneperth.com.au revealed that University of Western Australia professor Farida Fozdar had found Skyworks attendees who stuck Australian flags to their cars were more likely to be racist.

Professor Fozdar alongside a flag-waving jalopy.

The story went viral and ignited debate between Emu Bitter drinkers and chardonnay sippers around the nation.

Mr Barnett today noted Australia Day marked the anniversary of the first British Settlement at Sydney Cove in 1788.

He quickly added that the day was “much more than that”.

“It is a national day for everyone, a day to celebrate our past achievements, our freedoms and way of life, and our shared aspirations for the future,” Mr Barnett said.

“I ask every West [sic] Australian to pause for a moment to think about what it is to be Australian and how you can help maintain a cohesive, tolerant and safe community.”

Mr Barnett said Australia Day was very special for the 2100 Western Australians taking up Australian citizenship.

“One in four West [sic] Australians have been born overseas,” Mr Barnett said.

“They have played a major role in building the state and its prosperity.

“I thank all new citizens for choosing Australia and congratulate them on their Australian citizenship.”

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‘Australia Day flag drivers racist’



People who fly Australian flags on their cars in the leadup to Australia Day express more racist attitudes than others without flags, University of Western Australia research has found.

UWA sociologist and anthropologist Farida Fozdar and a team of assistants surveyed 513 people at last year’s Australia Day Skyworks extravaganza on Perth’s Swan River foreshore.

One in five fireworks fans said they had attached flags to their cars to celebrate Australia Day.


Professor Fozdar said 43 per cent of people with car flags believed the long-abandoned White Australia Policy had saved Australia from many problems experienced by other countries.

Only 25 per cent of Skyworks goers who did not adorn their cars with flags thought the same way.

A total of 56 per cent of people with car flags feared their culture and its most important values were in danger, compared with 34 per cent of non-flaggers.

And 35 per cent of flaggers felt that people had to be born in Australia to be truly Australian, while 23 per cent believed true Australians had to be Christian.

This compared with 22 per cent and 18 per cent respectively for non-flaggers.

Australia Day flag

Professor Fozdar beside a flag-waving car.


Professor Fozdar said there were clear differences in how people with car flags felt toward minority groups.

Only 39 per cent of flaggers expressed a positive view toward Aboriginal people compared with 47 per cent of non-flaggers.

And 19 per cent of flaggers felt positive towards Muslim Australians compared to 26 per cent of non-flaggers.

Just seven per cent of flaggers were positive towards asylum seekers compared to 24 per cent of non-flaggers.

And 27 per cent with flags felt positive towards Asian Australians compared to 48 per cent of non-flaggers.

Three survey questions sought views on Australian cultural diversity: 64 per cent of people with car flags agreed that it was good for people from different ethnic, religious and racial groups to live in Australia, compared to 75 per cent of non-flaggers.


An overwhelming 91 per cent of people with car flags agreed that people who move to Australia should adopt Australian values, compared to 76 per cent of non-flaggers.

A total of 55 per cent of flaggers believed migrants should leave their old ways behind, compared with 30 per cent of non-flaggers.

However, majorities of both groups − 60 per cent of flaggers and 73 per cent of non-flaggers − also felt it was best to respect and learn from each other’s cultural differences.

Professor Fozdar said there was no clear link between flag flying and education, gender, ethnicity, citizenship, voting pattern or income.

However, her survey showed a slightly higher likelihood of younger rather than older people adopting the practice.


In terms of nationalism, 88 per cent of those with Australian flags on their cars said they thought it showed they were proud to be Australian, while only 52 per cent of those without flags thought so.

Some thought the increased popularity of flying Australian car flags was due to increased patriotism.

Others said it was simply peer pressure to follow the trend or avoid seeming unpatriotic.

Many said the phenomenon was caused by marketing and the cheap availability of car flags.

Others thought it was a response to loss of culture due to multiculturalism, immigration, invasion and terrorism.

“What I found interesting is that many people didn’t really have much to say about why they chose to fly car flags or not,” Professor Fozdar said.

“Many felt strongly patriotic about it − and for some, this was quite a racist or exclusionary type of patriotism − but it wasn’t a particularly conscious thing for many.

“Very clear statistical differences in attitudes to diversity between those who fly car flags and those who don’t show that flag waving − while not inherently exclusionary – is linked in this instance to negative attitudes about those who do not fit the ‘mainstream’ stereotype.”

Fewer people − one in five − reported flying Australian flags from their cars in 2011 compared to 2010 when it was one in four.



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Pursuit through Perth Hills and beyond


Four boys and a young man were arrested tonight after allegedly leading a police helicopter and cars on an hour-long chase through the Perth Hills and into the country.

Police spokesman Mark Valentine said his colleagues responded around 4.15pm to a reported burglary in progress at a house on Stoneville Road, Mundaring.

Acting Inspector Valentine said two “men” were allegedly seen leaving the house.

A police cordon including a helicopter and cars was formed.

Then, about 5pm, an SS Commodore that had been reported stolen from Swan View was seen on Mundaring Weir Road.

An hour-long police chase commenced when the Commodore was spotted in Kalamunda.

The pursuit came to an abrupt halt after the car was driven to an occupied rural house in Westvale Road in Beverley, well east of the Perth Hills.

Acting Inspector Valentine said three males allegedly entered the house in a bid to steal another car in which to continue their attempted escape.

Two males were arrested outside the house and the three allegedly inside were apprehended when police entered.

Acting Inspector Valentine said the occupants of the house were not harmed.

The five males were returned to Perth.

Three boys aged 17, 17 and 14 will appear in Midland Children’s Court tomorrow, and a 13-year-old boy will face the court at a later date.

An 18-year-old Lockridge man will appear in Midland Magistrates Court today charged with several offences.

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One-man demolition derby


A 30-year-old Rockingham man has been charged after allegedly driving into five cars while four times over the legal alcohol limit.

Police spokeswoman Ros Weatherall said that about 6.20pm last night the man was driving a Ford Falcon utility south along Ennis Avenue in Cooloongup.

Ms Weatherall said that, at traffic lights at the intersection of Grange Drive, the Falcon allegedly hit a car, took off and entered the Cooloongup Shopping Centre car park.

As he parked the Falcon the man allegedly hit a Subaru Forester.

He then went into a shop, made a purchase, jumped into the ute, and allegedly reversed several times into a shopping centre awning pylon.

The man then drove through the car park, allegedly hitting three more vehicles and causing varying degrees of damage.

He was then refused service at a nearby bottle shop and allegedly ran away.

The man was arrested by police nearby.

He was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol (over four times the legal limit), having no authority to drive, and  four counts of ‘duty to stop and give information’.

He will appear in Rockingham Magistrates Court on December 30.

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