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A tad more than Fanta on the way for cool new licensed eatery.

‘Australia’s first ice-rink restaurant’


The new ice rink at Bibra Lake in Perth’s south will be the first in Australia to have a restaurant, and a licensed one at that, if the state liquor watchdog gives the eatery the nod.

Having recently received the City of Cockburn planning approval for the restaurant, Cockburn Ice Arena directors Tom and Calandra Barrett have one more compulsory routine to perform – this time for the state liquor licensing director.

The Barretts’ liquor licence application, seen by oneperth.com.au, reveals that Cabin 401 Bar and Grill will be the restaurant’s name, and serving lunch and dinner to up to 190 diners will be its game

The couple wishes to serve alcohol to spectators at the rink, or to complement a meal.

The Barretts say that no other ice rink in Australia has a restaurant.

And down the track, they hope to open either Cabin 401, or the existing Frostbite café, for breakfast, as they reckon Bibra Lake “is crying out for such a service”.

The ice rink had been operating at Barrington Street since 1995, but in October 2015 moved to shiny new premises beside the azure waters of Bibra Lake.

Cabin 401 awaits its liquor licence.

Cabin 401 awaits its liquor licence.

Cabin 401 is planned to be “North-American style” with American Western Red Cedar timber panelling mixed with some white stone to fit in with the ice sports feel.

Wall paper of copper trees and pears is likely to line some walls and “reinforce the cabin feel”. The ceiling would be angled with a bulkhead over the bar area.

Four televisions are planned for the restaurant, featuring “all manner of ice sports coverage from NHL hockey games, figure skating, to snow sports, Red Bull Crashed Ice events, and depending on the clientele, local sports coverage”.

For diners there for a meal rather than the television, large windows run the length of the restaurant, separating it from the rink.

“Customers can watch skaters on the rink from the restaurant,” the Barretts foresee.

“This is very important for spectators.

“A single window overlooks Bibra Lake’s sparkling blue waters, surrounded by lounge seating.”

Hockey memorabilia is being installed including signed jerseys. And a 2.4-metre fireplace has been installed on a feature wall which to be surrounded by lounges and low tables.

The Barretts plan to open the restaurant seven days a week until 11pm.

When fully developed, the ice arena will be the second largest in the southern hemisphere, behind the venue formerly known as The Ice House in Melbourne’s CBD.

The national figure skating championships are tentatively booked for 2017 in the lead up to the Winter Olympic Games.

The Barretts assert it is in the public’s interest that the licence be granted. Have your say here.

Photos: From the Barretts’ licence application.

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New lease on life for Langley Park landmark.

Cafe plan for sewage pump house


A defunct sewage pump station at Langley Park in East Perth is set to become a cafe.

Perth council officials have recommended that expressions of interest be called to convert the state heritage listed Hill Street Pump Station, pictured, into a “destination cafe”.

A Perth council mailout to 1200 ratepayers resulted in 13 responses, most of which suggested a cafe.

Perth ratepayer Soliman Allam suggested a “classy cafe/restaurant” for the building.

Fellow ratepayer Richard Ng suggested turning the pump station “into a charming old-world Australian-style cafe that serves ONLY Australian fare”.

Harry and Yvonne Marwick thought the pumping station would “make a great themed café/coffee shop, which could act as a pseudo museum or at least a reminder of the early airfield [at Langley Park] and what the foreshore looked like through the city’s evolution”.

The 1914-built pump station was decommissioned in 1989.

A city commitee will debate the cafe proposal on December 8.

Photo: GHD, Langley Water Pump Station Consultation Outcomes Report

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Quokka Joe’s fined for health breach


The owner of a colourfully-named Rottnest Island cafe has been fined $2500 and ordered to pay $7500 legal costs after being convicted yesterday of having dirty equipment.

The conviction of Kingsfield Holdings Pty Ltd for having unclean equipment at its Quokka Joe’s cafe was revealed today on the Department of Health’s restaurant convictions register.

The department achieved the conviction yesterday for the offence which occurred as far back as November 15, 2012.

On a couple of Rotnest-related websites, Quokka Joe’s says it specialises in “healthy gourmet snacks and nutritious meals”.

The cafe is located in the Thomson Bay mall.

This time last year, oneperth.com.au revealed that another Rottnest food outlet, The Rottnest Bakery, had been fined $100,000 for failing to store food in a way that protected it from the likelihood of contamination, keeping unclean premises, keeping unclean fixtures, fittings or equipment, and failing to take all practicable steps to prevent pests entering the bakery.

Photo: Craig Siczak, Flickr

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Dalkeith cafe fined for hygiene breaches


The operator of Cimbalino cafe, on the main latte strip of leafy Dalkeith, has been fined more than $11,000 after being convicted of a raft of hygiene offences.

The latest entry on the Department of Health’s convictions register reveals that on March 20 Lee Francis James was fined $11,250 under the state Food Act for offences concerning the operation of Cimbalino, at 105 Waratah Avenue.

Cimbalino, which is a regular caffeine haunt of some of Perth’s richest people, was found not to have stored potentially hazardous food under temperature control.

Nor did the cafe maintain warm running water, or single-use towels unlikely to transfer pathogenic micro-organisms to the hands, at or near each hand-washing basin.

Ms James was also convicted on two counts of failing to ensure Cimbalino was free of accumulated food waste, dirt or grease.

Finally, she was convicted of two counts of failing to take all practicable measures to prevent pests entering the Cimbalino premises.

The charges were brought by the City of Nedlands after health inspections were conducted on March 5 and March 24 last year.

Ms James was also ordered to pay $1282.30 in court costs.

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Maccas knockback


APRIL 21 UPDATE: On March 16, the Metro East Joint Development Assessment Panel unanimously kicked the planned Maccas to the kerb, in line with Armadale council’s recommended refusal. Maccas’ lawyers have applied to appeal the decision in the State Administrative Tribunal. They’ve also told the council they intend to lodge a fresh development application.

The southeastern Perth suburb of Harrisdale will not get a 24/7 McDonald’s if the City of Armadale – which, without having canvassed local opinion, claims the eatery will spoil the surrounding neighbourhood – gets its way.

The city is urging a state assessment panel to reject Maccas’ application to erect the pictured eatery at the corner of Nicholson Road and Yellowwood Avenue due to what the council believes to be an overdevelopment of the 2574sqm site.

The city also contends the planned $3.2 million McDonald’s is set too far back from the street to create an attractive entrance to Yellowwood Avenue.

Nor does the Maccas have adequate landscaping, the council opines.

Harrisdale McDonaldsThe final nail in the coffin for the Maccas, from the council’s perspective, is that its operation “24 hours per day/seven days per week will adversely affect the amenity of nearby residences on the eastern side of Nicholson Road by virtue of the impacts of noise from the car park and possible antisocial behaviour associated with McDonald’s restaurant trading, particularly given the low background noise levels in the locality after hours”.

A previous application to build a Maccas elsewhere on the same block was approved by the city in 2011. But the approval was never acted upon and lapsed in 2013.

The public was not consulted on that or the current development application.

The immediate area around the planned Maccas (pictured above, left) is a moonscape at present. But when soon it is crammed with brick and tile bungalows, the closest houses will be 33 metres and 39 metres from the planned Maccas car park.

At a meeting on March 16 the state assessment panel gets to decide if the McDonald’s gets built, or is flicked like some insipid pickle from the Quarter Pounder of history.

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Not one but two bars for Beaufort Street Merchant


The busy Beaufort Street Merchant cafe is applying to erect a tavern at its Highgate premises.

If approved by the City of Vincent and then by the state liquor licensing director the Beaufort Street Merchant tavern will have two bars – an inside one, and another inside one which opens to an al fresco drinking area out back.

Both bars would have barside seating for bar flies, and table seating.

A new dining area and kitchen are also on the cards.

We’ll let you know further details the moment they emerge.

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Six-floor knockback for Angove St strip


A six-floor block of flats planned by big-time property developer Luke Saraceni for the single storey Angove Street cafe strip in North Perth has been slammed by the City of Vincent.

The pictured apartment block, mooted for the northern corner of Angove and Fitzgerald streets, is now before a state assessment panel with a recommendation of refusal from the council.

The city claims the $9 million building would be too high, bulky and not in keeping with the Angove Street vibe.

If the city’s negative recommendation is overturned when the panel meets on August 29, the building would rise on the site of a defunct petrol station across Angove Street from the Rosemount Hotel.

The project would include shops, a restaurant, 17 single-room units, 24 two-bedroom flats and a roof garden.

Eleven letters of support, and 21 objections have been received on the plans.

Mr Saraceni’s Saracen Properties owns the block on which the units are proposed.

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Rooftop beach bar back from the dead


A seven-day-a-week rooftop bar, cinema and cafe with perspex-clad VIP area is back on the agenda for Scarborough Beach after the City of Stirling kicked it to the kerb last year.

The state government recently wrested town planning control of Scarborough Beach from Stirling council. This has opened a window for events planner Robert Redmond AKA Rob Stoykovski to re-lodge plans for his Sunset Boulevard Beach Club.

If approved by the state, the Sunset Boulevard Beach Club will occupy the top floor of a concrete, multi-storey car park that has been defunct for eight years at the corner of Manning Street and The Esplanade.

oneperth.com.au can reveal that the seven-day, 2100sqm beach club would house two bar areas, a cafe and 258-patron outdoor cinema. Yoga and pilates would also be offered at the club which would have Indian Ocean views.

Opening hours would be 9am to 10pm Mondays to Fridays, and 8am to 10pm on Saturdays and Sundays which would allow the club to serve breakfasts on weekends.


Periodic private functions with up to 530 attendees are planned. The beach club itself would also have a 530-patron capacity.

Live music may well rock the house on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Through his company, ISpy Entertainment, Redmond has promised that sound escaping the club will be minimal.

To calculate the acoustic impact of the venue’s crowds, a formula for beer gardens of more than 300 people has been used.

To keep noise in, and Indian Ocean gusts out, three-metre-high acoustic barriers would be erected around the club.

The cinema would be a ‘silent’ one, with patrons handed wireless headphones and seated in deck chairs.


There would be a 56sqm VIP area on a raised platform at the western end of the club, surrounded by a perspex sound barrier to allow maximum noise attenuation and maximum ocean views. The VIP area would be accessed by an exclusive set of stairs.

The club would have a kitchen and servery, cool room, 10 female toilets, three male dunnies and nine urinals.

ISpy Entertainment says it intends to apply for a liquor licence, but is at pains to stress the Sunset Boulevard Beach Club will not be a tavern.

The City of Stirling rejected the planned venue late last year, after 45 supporters, 38 objectors and three fence-sitters lodged submissions on the project.

The Sunset Boulevard Beach Club is again out for public comment as the state considers the venue may affect the amenity of nearby properties.

Photo: Michael Spencer, Wikimedia Commons

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Cocktail noodlebar wants 4am trade


The owners of a small bar called The Classroom in North Perth have applied to open a noodle bar that serves boutique cocktails in William Street Northbridge and trade to 4am.

In early 2011, oneperth.com.au revealed The Classroom would be built, by an outfit called Cocktail Gastronomy, to cater for people who like mixing cocktails with food.

Now it can be revealed that Cocktail Gastronomy directors Daniel Sterpini, Adam Keane and a couple of others aim to serve noodles at 311 William Street in Northbridge, across Newcastle Street from Domino’s Pizza.

They plan to serve cocktails there too.

Until 4am.

Their liquor licence application stresses that although the venue would be called Lucky Chan’s Laundry & Noodlebar, it would not be a bar in the Aussie sense of the word.

So, Sterpini and Keane et al. have applied for a restaurant licence.

On the draft menu are eight of their specialty cocktails costing between $17 and $20 each to accompany a range of food items ranging in price from just $5 to $12.

Beers would be sourced from Asia.

Sterpini and Keane et al. admit it is “uncharacteristic” for the term bar to be used in the trading name for a restaurant.

But in pushing for a 4am licence they argue the word ‘Noodlebar’ is “entirely in keeping with the ethnocultural and historic descriptions of restaurants it seeks to emulate”.

Sterpini and Keane et al. assert that “a reasonable person upon reading ‘Noodlebar’ in conjunction with the proposed premises will not confuse the style of operation and product offering with a bar”.

The venue would have three levels designed to emulate an old-school Chinese laundry. The top level would be an open-air rooftop one.

In keeping with the mock-laundry vibe, a clothes line would wind around the 175-patron venue.

There would be no bookings, noodles would be made in-house, and in a move that would please Chairman Mao, patrons would sit at communal tables.

Cocktail Gastronomy has been paying rent on the William Street premises since January.

Noodle photo: Uwe Aranas, Wikimedia Commons

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Freo beach bar reaches final hurdle


After gaining state government planning approval in December, developers of a $5.25 million beach bar under construction at Fremantle’s Bathers Beach has now asked the government for a liquor licence.

If approved by the state liquor licensing director, the pictured Bathers’ Beach House, currently being built at the Co-op Building across Mews Road from the mass market Char Char Bull restaurant, will offer panoramic views of Carnac Island and Stragglers Rocks from its top floor, as pictured, below, left.

The upstairs area would be occupied by a big old beach bar and dining hall with 320 seats, while the ground floor would house a 330-seat beachside dining area billed by the developers as “an upmarket Cicerello’s”.

bathers beach houseThe ground floor was last occupied by a McDonald’s eatery that pulled out a few years back, leaving the space vacant and central Fremantle Maccas-less.

In an initiative that would get the nod of Mayor McCheese, the developers plan to erect a “kids corner” in the ground-floor eatery.

The brains behind the Bathers’ Beach House are the operators of Char Char Bull, and the adjacent Cicerello’s seafood emporium.

To run the show at Bathers’ Beach House will be Henry Liascos who has managed Cicerello’s for more than two decades, Nicholas Unmack who has had a management roll at Cicerello’s for 10 years, managing director of Char Char Bull Brenden Jones, and Char Char Bull employee Anthony Unmack who is slated to become general manager of the new venue.

In recent years the Co-op Building has been a franchisees’ graveyard with both the McDonald’s and a Dome Cafe there shutting down. The Sweetlips fish and chippery is the only chain operation to have stood the test of time in the building.

The heritage-listed building is currently painted dark blue but the developers plan to repaint the structure white.

bathers beach houseThey’re also spending $4.5 million on overhauling the building, and $750,000 to fit out the venue’s kitchen.

Either flush with funds, or with access to a friendly financier, the developers also plan to give Char Char Bull and a surrounding courtyard area a $2 million facelift in 2015.

In cobbling together their licence application, the developers sought comments from visitors to the area.

Stephen Goodhue of City Beach opined that: “Another well-appointed, tastefully executed venue in Freo with ocean views will only make Freo a more desirable place to go.”

Richard Smetana of nearby South Fremantle agreed: “Beach views, looks well developed for a family affair.”

Deborah Patino of Willeton was also singing from the same hymn-book: “I love the idea of casual beachside dining with a glass of wine or cocktail.”

bathers beach houseKatie Bailey of Fremantle chimed in with: “Such an amazing location for a beverage + sunset”.

The developers claim 60 people will be employed at Bathers’ Beach House.

If approved, the venue will open 6am to midnight six days a week, and 10am to 10pm on Sundays, with a beachside breakfast part of the offering until 11am. Breakfast on Sundays would be available from 6.30am but no alcohol would be served until 10am.

Last orders for food at the venue would be taken at 10pm six nights a week, and 9pm on Sundays.

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Wedding reception mayhem



A bride’s big day was ruined last night as a mob of 40 to 50 youths bombarded the Point Walter Cafe with bricks and fought with and injured her wedding guests.

Police spokeswoman Ros Weatherall said that about 9.10pm police were called to the cafe that sits beside a quiet bend of the Swan River on Point Walter Road in Bicton.

Reports had been received from wedding guests that a group of 40 to 50 youths had arrived and started stoushing with several guests.

The mayhem had started when a small number of youths asked one of the guests for a cigarette earlier in the night.

The youths returned and demanded a cigarette from the man but were denied.

Ms Weatherall said a fight broke about between the man and the group.

Other wedding guests came outside and helped the man but were outnumbered when more youths arrived.

Ms Weatherall said the fight escalated when the youths tried to force their way into the cafe and threw bricks at the venue.  Some bricks struck and injured guests.

The mob left the cafe before police arrived.

Ms Weatherall said four men and three women were injured, and several were taken to Fremantle Hospital.

She said police would review security footage of the chaos.

The group is described as being mostly dark-skinned males between 16 and 22 years old.

Police want anyone with relevant information to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Photo: Leon Brooks, Wikimedia Commons

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Restaurant fined $3000 for trading like small bar


A Claremont tapas bar found to have operated more like a small bar or a tavern contrary to liquor laws has been fined $3000 and its owner ordered to complete a training course on how to manage licensed premises.

A written WA liquor commission ruling dated December 4 reveals that over a 17-month period the Madrid Cafe Restaurant received seven liquor infringement notices and two written cautions for breaches of its restaurant licence.

Before the commission, a lawyer representing Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan said that Madrid licensee Guy Peter Hodgson contravened the Liquor Control Act by permitting the sale of alcohol to patrons other than by table service and in an area outside the licensed premises, among other offences.

The lawyer submitted the tapas bar was being managed more like a small bar than a restaurant.

Mr Hodgson did not dispute this, but said he had taken steps to address issues raised by police.

He argued he had served alcohol responsibly and the matters raised by the police had caused no harm.

Mr Hodgson acknowledged the tapas bar had faced challenges managing patrons who outside the venue’s licenses boundary drank alcohol bought from the restaurant. He submitted that this usually occurred when patrons went outside to an adjoining footpath or toilet block for a smoke.

The commission determined that Madrid Cafe Restaurant had operated more like a small bar or tavern than a restaurant, contrary to its licence.

The commission recognised Mr Hodgson had taken steps to address the situation.

But the commission noted the offences had occurred over a long period of time.

Mr Hodgson was ordered to pay a $3000 fine, and to complete a course in managing licensed premises.

Photo: ‘Takeaway’, Wikimedia Commons

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Subiaco cafe fined $30,000 for health breaches


The Oriel Cafe Brasserie on Hay Street, just west of Rokeby Road, has been fined $30,000 for a string of hygiene offences.

On November 22 the company that owns the eatery was convicted of having inadequate soap and towels at a hand basin, and having unclean premises and equipment, inadequate food storage practices and inadequately maintained premises and equipment.

Oriel Cafe Enterprises Pty Ltd was also convicted of failing to prevent pests from entering the premises and to eradicate and prevent the “harbourage” of pests.

The charges – brought by the City of Subiaco – were revealed today on the Department of Health’s convictions register.

The offences occurred on March 23 and 24.

Oriel Cafe Enterprises Pty Ltd will also have to cough up $1557.70 in court costs.

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$175K rent for renovated Gino’s


Landmark Fremantle cafe Gino’s will serve only takeaways over the month of August thanks to half-million-dollar renovations that will usher in a $175,000-a-year lease for its century-old premises.

The popular cafe on South Terrace has asked building owner Fremantle city council to waive rent for July 28 to August 28 when the revamp will occur.

After that, Fremantle officials aim to renegotiate a lease that next year will see Gino’s deposit $175,000 into council coffers, and that amount reviewed upward every year for the next 10 years.

During the renovations, when Gino’s’ well-worn vinyl floor covering will be ripped up to expose floorboards, take-away coffees only will be available from the cafe’s al fresco area.

Ginos cafeAlso proposed is a new kitchen, electrical works, demolition of brickwork, installation of custom fridges, and an upgrade to the manky dunnies out back.

Council officers say Gino’s has become a Fremantle landmark, and there is “no viable reason for a new lease not to be approved”.

The council will debate the planned lease when its elected officials caucus on Wednesday night.

The cafe’s century-old building (pictured) has been leased by the Saccone family since well before 1983 when late family patriach Gino Saccone converted his tailor shop on the premises into a coffee house.

Family legend has it that Gino abandoned his sewing machine for a coffee grinder after becoming frustrated at not being able to buy a decent cuppa in the port city.

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