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Dropkick party pests cause $10,000 damage.

Yangebup bus battered


A Transperth bus was trashed last night at Yangebup in Perth’s southern suburbs.

Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said that about 10:45pm a large group of youths leaving a party flagged down the bus heading to Cockburn train station on Yangebup Road.

Ms Usher said the youths filled the bus and several were standing in the aisle.

160424 Transperth bus editWhen the bus stopped at a red light at the intersection of North Lake Road and Osprey Drive, an unknown person activated the emergency door release, allowing some of the passengers to exit the bus.

As the bus proceeded through the intersection on the green light, a rock was thrown at the front of the bus causing the windscreen to shatter.

Ms Usher said that numerous youths then threw rocks at the bus causing youths inside the bus to kick at the windows and use the emergency hammers to smash nine of the bus’s windows.

All the youths fled and Ms Usher said she believed several of them received cuts to their hands from breaking glass.

The estimated repair cost is $10,000.

Police want anyone with relevant information to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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Unwanted Puma servo for defunct KFC thanks to sloppy city plan.

Kentucky Fried cock-up


Cockburn will get a Puma fuel station it does not want on the site of a defunct KFC restaurant thanks to poor and confusing wording in its city planning scheme.

Back in August, revealed that four objectors had forced Puma Energy – which has embarked on a major expansion into Western Australia – to scale back plans for a 24/7 fuel stop at the site of a defunct KFC restaurant at the southern gateway to Fremantle.

In a prolix approvals process that we’ve been following, Cockburn city councillors in September refused the fuel stop, planned for the corner of Carrington Street and Clontarf Road in Hamilton Hill.

Puma appealed that decision in the powerful State Administrative Tribunal, and in a recent ruling tribunal deputy president David Parry ordered that the servo be approved.

puma fuel station

Puma contended that the proposed servo was correctly classified as ‘convenience store’ under the Cockburn city plan but the council contended it was correctly classified as ‘petrol filling station’.

Judge Parry observed that the definitions for ‘convenience store’ and ‘petrol filling station’ in the Cockburn planning scheme were poorly drafted and somewhat confusing.

He determined that the proposed use should be correctly classified as ‘convenience store’, that the planned Puma met the development standards for that use, and should therefore be approved.

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Cockburn council plans to list virtually the entire corridor.

Second heritage spanner in Roe 8 works


EXCLUSIVE: A second heritage spanner has been thrown in the works of the contentious Roe 8 freeway project in Perth’s southern suburbs with the City of Cockburn planning to add virtually the entire transport corridor to its significant trees register. can reveal the council plans to list as significant a corridor of Tuart, Marri, Karri and Eucalyptus trees within the Roe 8 reserve, as pictured.

The Roe 8 corridor includes about 20 trees (marked in green) that are potential breeding trees for endangered black cockatoos.

These trees sit in a much larger corridor of trees the city says are significant, as marked in yellow.

The council’s push to list the trees follows a revelation last year that the city had moved to place the remains of a nearby defunct Australian Women’s Army Service World War II army camp on the local heritage register.

A council-hired archaeologist recommended the state government, which is itching to build Roe 8, be made aware of the camp and its potential as a complicating factor for the freeway project.

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Two men pinged for 'just having a look'.

$8000 fines for crab pot tampering


​Two Halls Head men have each been fined $8000 for interfering with commercial crab pots.

On the night of November 26, a Fisheries and Marine operative saw two people in a small runabout travelling from the channel connecting the Peel and Harvey estuaries and around Ward Point into Cox Bay.

Aaron Pollard, 32, and Andrew Collyer, 31, have been ordered to each pay the $8000 fines for illegally pulling four commercial crab pots in Cox Bay under the cloak of darkness.

Last week, a Mandurah court heard the men had admitted, in a record of interview with Fisheries and Marine officers, to having pulled the pots with the intention of just having a look. They did not open any of the pots.

It was heard that when the commercial fisher checked his pots the day after the interference he found some of them upside down and others relocated from where he had set them. The pots did not contain any legal size crabs, whereas his other pots nearby, which had not been interfered with, did.

Department of Fisheries South Metropolitan Compliance Manager Ryan Parker said commercial fishers operating in the Peel and Harvey areas supplied their catches to the Perth and Mandurah markets and, as small operators, suffered major disruption if their pots were disturbed or damaged.

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51-year-old home owner charged with criminal damage and fraud.

Insurance job alleged over Pally house fire


A 51-year-old Bicton woman has been charged with criminal damage and attempted fraud after an alleged insurance job caused $350,000 damage to her house in Palmyra.

Palmyra on Sunday 15 November 2015.

Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said that about 11:55am on November 15 fire fighters were called to the house on Weld Road.

The fire was deemed suspicious and Arson Squad detectives started investigating.

Ms Usher said the woman, who co-owns the house, allegedly set fire to items in a bedroom before leaving at about 11:30am.

Police also allege the woman put a claim into her insurance company for the estimated fire damage of $350,000 and $10,000 for temporary accommodation.

The woman has been charged with criminal damage by fire, and attempted fraud.

She is due to appear in Fremantle Magistrates Court on February 10.


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Give your pooch the kiss of life this summer.

Uni first aid course for pets


Veterinarians at Murdoch University are offering first aid courses for pet owners.

Jill Griffiths of Murdoch University Veterinary Hospital says emergency treatment is more often needed over the summer months with snakebites and severe allergic reactions requiring immediate attention from owners.

“If your animal does have a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction or is struggling to breathe after being bitten by a snake, being able to perform cardiopulmonary cerebral resuscitation on the way to the vet can be life-saving,” Dr Griffiths said.

The hospital recently introduced a general first aid course for pets which will teach owners life-saving techniques.

The next courses will take place on Wednesday, February 17 and Saturday, April 9.

“One owner recently contacted me after a pet emergency to say the bandaging techniques learnt at our first aid course allowed him to get his dog to the nearest vet alive,” Dr Griffiths said.

Included in the first aid course is a practical session, including how to recognise what is normal and what’s not, how to place an effective bandage, and a cardiopulmonary cerebral resuscitation practice session.

“We identified that people were not comfortable giving first aid to their pets, but simple techniques like breathing for your pet and providing effective chest compressions are vital,” Dr Griffiths said.

The course costs $95.

For more info, call 9360 7824.

And tell ’em oneperth sent you.

Photo: ‘Peter’, Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons attribution 2.0 generic licence.

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Scarborough boy taken to Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Police dog bites ‘graffiti guy’


A 17-year-old ‘graffiti guy’ was bitten by a police dog last night and taken to Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Police spokesman Samuel Dinnison said that about 3am the constabulary received information regarding a crew of up to five people allegedly spraying paint onto properties along Canning Parade in Como.

The first police car to arrive was from the police canine unit, and the dog handler saw the crew allegedly spraying paint onto a wall near the corner of Canning Parade and Gentilli Way.

Mr Dinnison said the dog handler told the crew to stay where they were, or police dog Santos would be released.

The crew allegedly started to run and Santos was unleashed.

Santos took a boy, 17, of Scarborough, into custody by mouthing of one of his legs.

The handler caught up and told Santos to release the boy. He then told the boy to stay seated.

Mr Dinnison said the boy allegedly stood up and started running away again.

He was again told to stop, lest Santos again be released.

However, the boy allegedly keep running and Santos was again unleashed.

Santos caught up the boy and took him into custody by mouthing one of his arms.

The boy was taken to Fiona Stanley Hospital to receive treatment for dog bite injuries. Charges have not yet been laid.

A 20 year-old Alexander heights man was found nearby and arrested. he has been summonsed to appear in court on three counts of criminal damage.

Santos was not the only police dog to bite someone overnight. In Perth, a woman was bitten by Santos’ canine colleague Freddie after the driver of a purple Holden Commodore she was in allegedly absconded from a booze bus.

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Driver of small vehicle charged after alleged road rage attack.

‘Suzuki Swift driver strikes 4WD’


The 23-year-old driver of a compact Suzuki Swift has been charged after an alleged road rage attack on a big ole four wheel drive.

Police spokesman Samuel Dennison said that about 12:40pm on January 12 the occupants of a four wheel drive were travelling north on Old Cost Road / Mandurah Road.

Mr Dinnison said that at the intersection of Leslie Street and Mandurah Road the occupant of a black Suzuki Swift hatch exited his car and stepped to the four wheel drive in an aggressive manner.

Mr Dinnison said the man allegedly struck the four wheel drive a number of times and damaged the vehicle.

Video of the alleged attack was provided to the police force and a person of interest identified.

A man, 23, has been charged with having no authority to drive, careless driving, and criminal damage.

He is due to appear in Mandurah Magistrates Court on February 9.

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Zero tolerance to religious diversity in Perth's deep south.

Anti-Muslim neighbours slam new mosque


EXCLUSIVE: Residents of Mandogalup in Perth’s deep south have slammed a mosque planned for their rural residential neighbourhood.

Mandogalup Road residents Robert Donald and Anita Stacey say they are “concerned about safety and security due to the influx of non-familiar people to the rural area”.

City of Kwinana documents reveal that Mr Donald and Ms Stacey have also expressed concern about purported “violence and sexual deviancy of Muslims”.

They say they are concerned the city cannot guarantee that the planned mosque (pictured) will be peaceful.

They lament that no information has been provided on where the congregation will sit on the “spectrum of Moderate to Extremism”.

Mr Donald and Ms Stacey say Mandogalup residents have not been given enough information to assess the “potential danger” associated with the mosque which is being planned for a 1.5-hectare site at 23 Mandogalup Road.

They claim a sudden influx of “numerous men, very likely to be residing at the proposed development”, which is within 50-metres of their house, is “a real problem and potential safety risk”.

Kwinana council planners have hosed down such a suggestion, advising their political masters that “it is not anticipated that this development would pose a security threat”.

“There is no reason to suggest that the development would bring any negative social impacts, but ultimately these are not matters which this planning assessment should consider,” the planners advise.

Mr Donald and Ms Stacey say they are concerned that no advice has been provided by the council on where the congregation originates from and why they have chosen Mandogalup, “given there are very few Muslims in the vicinity”.

They say they “will not tolerate any religious chanting, music, broadcasts, etc”.

In response, the council’s planners have advised that the congregation does not intend to broadcast a call to prayer.

Clement Road residents Graham and Sandra Owen claim there is “no mention of the [congregation’s] denomination in the application”.

The Owens have told the council they are “concerned about the city considering outsiders or a group of whatever’s [sic] that are not prepared to state their religion”.

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 atThe city’s planners have responded that while a council letter to residents did not mention religious denomination, documents submitted to the council did indicate the religion was Islam.

“It should be noted that the religious denomination of an applicant is not a relevant planning matter under the town planning scheme,” the planners advise.

Nevertheless, the planners have recommended the mosque be refused – not on religious grounds as urged by the above objectors, but largely because the block of land is in a planned industrial buffer zone.

Mr Donald, Ms Stacey and the Owens are among nine locals to have objected. The location of the objectors’ properties is pictured, left, in relation to the site of the planned mosque.

Not one neighbour supported the mosque.

Kwinana city councillors are scheduled to debate the planners’ recommended refusal on January 20.

Picture of the mosque: Harley Dykstra Planning & Survey Solutions

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Fisheries inspectors patrol the Kwinana.

Freeway checks nab crab offenders


Kwinana Freeway traffic was stopped over the Christmas break in the name of crab protection.

Department of Fisheries spokesman Ryan Parker said that over the holiday period a roadside checkpoint on the Kwinana Freeway at Karnup stopped northbound traffic and inspected for fish.

“Road blocks have so far seen a number of people receiving infringement notices and many others have received warnings,” Mr Parker said.

“Unfortunately, there were also a number of more serious offences with one couple allegedly having more than 200 crabs in their vehicle of which 179 were undersize.”

Three people were fined this week in Mandurah Magistrates Court for taking undersize crabs during the current crabbing season.

Joseph Murphy Kapua of Armadale was caught with 25 undersize blue swimmer crabs and has been fined almost $2000.

Tung Lung Ling of Morley was in possession of 39 undersize blue swimmer crabs and faced fines of more than $2600.

Phico Wong Chin Chan and Marie-Laure Wong Chin Chan from Canning Vale were jointly found to have 62 undersize blue swimmer crabs which attracted fines totalling more than $7700 for the father-daughter pair.

“The matters that were finalised in court today are some of the serious offences that our officers have been dealing with since the season opened in November,” Mr Parker said.

“Fisheries and Marine Officers are working hard to police the crab fishery and efforts will continue throughout the season, particularly over the Australia Day long weekend.

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Police seek witnesses.

‘Pepper sprayer’ chased off with baseball bat


A householder sprayed with pepper spray yesterday marshalled up the gumption to chase the alleged sprayer off with a baseball bat.

Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said that about 3:10am two men allegedly entered a house on Jollup Way in the Mandurah suburb of Ravenswood armed with a screwdriver and pepper spray.

The householders were allegedly threatened and sprayed with the pepper spray.

Ms Usher said the men allegedly demanded cash.

One of the victims used a baseball bat to chase the men from the house.

The mewere last seen running on Jollup Way toward Holloway Turn.

The first man is described as olive skinned, between 180 and 185cm tall and of heavy build. He was wearing a hooded jumper and a mask.

The second man is described as dark-skinned, between 170 and 185cm tall and of skinny build. He was wearing blue or black shorts, a blue or green hoody and blue shoes.

Detectives have asked local residents to review their CCTV cameras for any vehicle or pedestrian movement between 2:00am and 4:00am.

Anyone with relevant  information can call Crime Stoppers on 1800333 000.

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A tad more than Fanta on the way for cool new licensed eatery.

‘Australia’s first ice-rink restaurant’


The new ice rink at Bibra Lake in Perth’s south will be the first in Australia to have a restaurant, and a licensed one at that, if the state liquor watchdog gives the eatery the nod.

Having recently received the City of Cockburn planning approval for the restaurant, Cockburn Ice Arena directors Tom and Calandra Barrett have one more compulsory routine to perform – this time for the state liquor licensing director.

The Barretts’ liquor licence application, seen by, reveals that Cabin 401 Bar and Grill will be the restaurant’s name, and serving lunch and dinner to up to 190 diners will be its game

The couple wishes to serve alcohol to spectators at the rink, or to complement a meal.

The Barretts say that no other ice rink in Australia has a restaurant.

And down the track, they hope to open either Cabin 401, or the existing Frostbite café, for breakfast, as they reckon Bibra Lake “is crying out for such a service”.

The ice rink had been operating at Barrington Street since 1995, but in October 2015 moved to shiny new premises beside the azure waters of Bibra Lake.

Cabin 401 awaits its liquor licence.

Cabin 401 awaits its liquor licence.

Cabin 401 is planned to be “North-American style” with American Western Red Cedar timber panelling mixed with some white stone to fit in with the ice sports feel.

Wall paper of copper trees and pears is likely to line some walls and “reinforce the cabin feel”. The ceiling would be angled with a bulkhead over the bar area.

Four televisions are planned for the restaurant, featuring “all manner of ice sports coverage from NHL hockey games, figure skating, to snow sports, Red Bull Crashed Ice events, and depending on the clientele, local sports coverage”.

For diners there for a meal rather than the television, large windows run the length of the restaurant, separating it from the rink.

“Customers can watch skaters on the rink from the restaurant,” the Barretts foresee.

“This is very important for spectators.

“A single window overlooks Bibra Lake’s sparkling blue waters, surrounded by lounge seating.”

Hockey memorabilia is being installed including signed jerseys. And a 2.4-metre fireplace has been installed on a feature wall which to be surrounded by lounges and low tables.

The Barretts plan to open the restaurant seven days a week until 11pm.

When fully developed, the ice arena will be the second largest in the southern hemisphere, behind the venue formerly known as The Ice House in Melbourne’s CBD.

The national figure skating championships are tentatively booked for 2017 in the lead up to the Winter Olympic Games.

The Barretts assert it is in the public’s interest that the licence be granted. Have your say here.

Photos: From the Barretts’ licence application.

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Police call for witnesses.

Biker dies in Munster


Police are seeking public help in relation to a fatal crash between a motorcycle and a four-wheel-drive that occurred at the Cockburn suburb of Munster yesterday.

Police spokeswoman Sarah Dyer said that about 6.10am a motorcycle ridden by a 31-year-old man from Oakford was travelling north along Rockingham Road.

At the same time a Holden Rodeo utility driven by a 53-year-old woman from Mosman Park was travelling east along Russel Road.

The vehicles collided at the intersection of Rockingham Road and Russell Road, which is controlled by traffic lights.

The rider of the motorcycle suffered serious injuries and was taken to Fiona Stanley Hospital where he died a short time later.

Police would like to speak to anyone who saw either vehicle before the crash or the crash itself.

Anyone with relevant information can call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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Unprecedented building height for leafy southern suburb after first plans slammed by state design panel.

22-floor skyscraper for Mount Pleasant


A 22-level, $91 million skyscraper will become the tallest building in the leafy Swanside suburb of Mount Pleasant if approved by a state planning panel as recommended by the City of Melville, after initial plans were shot down by a state design committee.

At a meeting on November 30 a state planning panel will decide whether the pictured tower is permitted to rise on a triangular block at the corner of Sleat Road and Canning Highway.

22-floor skyscraper for Mount PleasantThe residential tower is Stage 2 of ‘The Precinct’ project, Stage 1 of which is an eight-storey mixed use building recently completed on Ogilvie Road.

The building’s original design was slammed by the Office of Government Architect Design Review Panel at a specially convened meeting in August.

However, the plans were amended and the council now considers the planned building elegant enough to warrant the granting of extra building height.

The city says it did not need to consult the Mount Pleasant community on the skyscraper because the tower complied with the Canning Bridge structure plan. The structure plan was introduced to allow skyscrapers to be built along Canning Highway and was locally controversial when enacted.

If approved on November 30, the tower will have a four-level podium housing commercial tenants. The other 18 floors would contain residential apartments fronting Canning Highway and Sleat Road.

A rooftop deck, and 21st-floor lounge for exclusive use by residents, are also on the cards.

Melville council says the project will “deliver an excellent built form outcome” for the Canning Bridge area.

The city recently approved a planning amendment that will allow real estate developers Norup & Wilson to access the bonus building height provisions despite not having to meet a previous requirement for a six-star energy rating. The building will now aim for a five-star rating instead.

If approved, the apartment block will be Mount Pleasant’s tallest building.

Building elevations: Woods Bagot for Norup & Wilson.

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