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Woman summonsed to appear in Rockingham court.

‘Unlicensed DUI crash driver had baby on lap’


A woman has been charged with driving unlicensed under the influence of alcohol after her car crashed last night, allegedly while her three-month-old baby was sitting on her lap.

Police spokesman Gary Lewis said that about 6pm police and St John’s Ambulance were called to a street in the Rockingham suburb of Falcon after reports a car had run off the road and crashed.

Acting Superintendent Lewis said that on attendance police learned the woman, 18 of Falcon, had allegedly consumed alcohol.

Police also alleged the woman had her 3-month-old baby on her lap at the time of the crash.

No serious injuries were suffered by the woman or baby but they were taken to Rockingham Hospital as a precaution.

The woman will be summonsed to appear in Rockingham Court to face charges of ‘excess 0.08 drink driving’, ‘no authority to drive (never held)’ and ‘fail to have a child under 16 years restrained.

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24-year-old to face court in Rockingham.

Man charged over church arson


A 24-year-old Port Kennedy man has been charged in relation to a fire that caused $100,000 to a church on December 28.

Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said it would be alleged the fire was deliberately lit about 4:30pm in bushland beside St Bernadette’s Catholic Church, near intersection of Strasbourg Ramble and Benbecula Loop.

The fire caused about $100K damage to the church.

Ms Usher said it would also be alleged that, soon after, a second fire was deliberately ignited in bushland beside Pimento Circuit in Port Kennedy.

The man has been charged with two counts of wilfully lighting a fire likely to injure or damage.

He was also charged with one count each of possessing a prohibited drug, possessing drug paraphernalia, and possessing stolen or unlawfully obtained property.

The man is due to appear in Rockingham Magistrates Court on January 29.

Photo: Marcus Obal

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Fast food junkies, start your engines.

Twin Maccas for Kwinana Freeway


EXCLUSIVE: Twin McDonald’s are set to operate around the clock on either side of Kwinana Freeway in the Rockingham suburb of Baldivis. can reveal the 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week, 365-day-a-year juicy double is being planned for a BP service centre which we also first told Perth about back in 2013.

And fast food junkies, start salivating, because twin Red Rooster outlets are also planned for the locale on either side of the freeway.

A potential flying insect in McDonald’s special sauce is that both Maccas are planned to rise on sites that are known breeding grounds for disease-carrying mosquitos.

The Department of Health has recommended that signs be erected to advise customers of the risk they may be infected with mosquito-borne diseases.

The department has also recommended that all McDonald’s, Red Rooster and BP buildings be fitted with extensive insect screens to protect customers from mosquito bite.

Photo: ‘JKCarl’, Wikimedia Commons

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Driver of other vehicle charged with dangerous driving.

Man, 91, dies after four car pile-up


A 91-year-old Waikiki man died in a four-car pile-up yesterday afternoon on Safety Bay Road in the Rockingham suburb of Warnbro.

Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said that about 1:25pm four vehicles collided at the intersection of Safety Bay Road and Warnbro Sound Avenue in Warnbro.

The crash involved a white Nissan Navara dual cab ute, gold Ford Falcon taxi sedan, white Hyundai Getz hatch and a Blue Ford Focus hatch.

A 34-year-old Wilson man who was the driver of the taxi and his 91-year-old male passenger were seriously injured in the crash and taken to Rockingham Hospital where the elderly man died from his injuries.

A 47-year-old Dawesville man who was the driver of the Nissan Navara has been charged with one count each of dangerous driving causing death and dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm.

He is due to appear in Rockingham Magistrates Court on November 23.

Police want anyone who saw the crash or the involved vehicles before the crash to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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‘Woman jumps on cop’s back’


A woman allegedly jumped on a police officer’s back outside a party at the Rockingham suburb of Safety Bay late last night.

Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said that about 11:45pm her colleagues were called to reports of people creating a disturbance on Warnbro Beach Road.

On arrival, police saw about 70 people outside the house.

Ms Usher said most people were aged between 16 and 20 years of age and most were drunk.

Several people threw bottles and rocks at police.

Ms Usher said that while police were arresting a youth, a woman tried to jump on an officer’s back. She was restrained and arrested.

An Atwell woman, 18, will be summonsed on the charge of assaulting a public officer.

A 17-year-old Warnbro boy will be summonsed on the charges of damage, obstructing police, and disorderly behaviour.

The pair will both appear in court at a later date.

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‘Car surfing’ leaves woman unconscious


A woman was knocked unconscious this morning after allegedly ‘surfing’ atop a car in the Rockingham suburb of Baldivis.

Police spokeswoman Ros Weatherall said that just after midnight police were carrying out a traffic stop at a service station on the corner of Baldivis Road and Safety Bay Road when they heard a woman screaming.

Ms Weatherall said her colleagues saw a vehicle driving south on Baldivis Road enter the roundabout at Safety Bay Road with a woman allegedly lying face down on the roof.

Officers found the vehicle parked nearby in the middle of the intersection of Baldivis Road and Norwood Avenue.

The woman who had allegedly been on the roof had fallen off and was now on the ground unconscious.  Two women, the driver and the passenger, were also at the scene.

The driver, a 20 year old of Baldivis, underwent a breath test and was subsequently charged with exceeding the 0.08 blood alcohol limit and will appear at court at a later date.

The injured woman, 22, of Baldivis, was taken to Royal Perth Hospital where she remains in a stable condition.

Police intend to conduct further inquiries into the incident.

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Baby in back seat during police chase


A nine-month-old baby was in the back seat of a Holden Commodore this morning when the baby’s father allegedly led police on a 13-minute chase after accelerating from a random breath test in Rockingham.

Police spokeswoman Ros Weatherall said that about 1.25am police were conducting random breath tests on Dixon Road in Rockingham when they tried to stop the Commodore.

Ms Weatherall said the 18-year-old driver of Mandurah intimated he was going to stop for police, but allegedly accelerated away.

Police hopped into their car and followed the Commodore.

The driver allegedly continued to evade police as he continued south along Ennis Avenue.

He allegedly travelled through a red traffic light and weaved through traffic.

Ms Weatherall said that at one point the Commodore also allegedly came into contact with a police car.

Police stopped the Commodore after about 13 minutes.

They found the man and three adult passengers in the car, along with a nine-month-old baby restrained in the back seat.

The driver who is the baby’s father has been charged with failing to stop, reckless driving, having no authority to drive, and driving in excess of 0.02 blood alcohol limit.

He will appear in court at a later date.

Ms Weatherall said the baby’s mother was one of the passengers in the Commodore.

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Man killed in Warnbro crash


A 29-year-old Hilux driver died last night after his four wheel drive hit the side of a bridge on Ennis Avenue in the Rockingham suburb of Warnbro.

Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said that about 7:50pm a red Toyota Hilux was travelling north on Ennis Avenue when it left the road and hit the supporting structure of the Safety Bay Road bridge.

The 29-year-old male driver of the Toyota Hilux, who was the only occupant of the vehicle, received fatal injuries and died at the scene.

Police would like to speak with anyone who saw the crash or the Hilux before the crash.

Anyone with relevant information should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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Noongar name for Rockingham road


A new road in central Rockingham has been given a Noongar name relating to the city’s well-known fairy penguins.

The new 4.5 kilometre road linking Kwinana Freeway to Rockingham city centre has been named Kulija Road, after advice was received by UWA Indigenous studies lecturer Leonard Collard.

Professor Collard said kulija means ‘in relation to the penguin, the one that is linked to and travels about this site’.

He said he believed the word kulija was a blend of the words kul (meaning movement) and nija (this) and that perhaps the Noongar people who lived in the area for thousands of years used the word to describe the penguin tracks.

Costing almost $20 million, Kulija Road was opened to traffic recently and honours the city’s mascot, the little (or fairy) penguin.

The smallest of all penguins, and the only species living permanently in Australian waters, little Penguins are only 33cm tall and weigh about 1kg.

They generally remain faithful to their mates and produce two broods of chicks in years when there is enough food.

The new road provides a direct route from Kwinana Freeway to the Rockingham City Centre, Garden Island and the Kwinana industrial strip.

Rockingham mayor Barry Sammels said the little penguin was a well-known and widely recognised symbol of the city, and using the Noongar name was an ideal way to link the area’s Aboriginal history with its contemporary image.

Professor Collard has been investigating place names around Perth and Western Australia’s Southwest region where more than half of the place names are Noongar.

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‘Bogan capital of WA’ defence thrown out


EXCLUSIVE: In an absolute boilover, the director of notorious Rockingham nightclub Zelda’s has been permanently banned from running licensed premises, and the venue’s liquor licence has been cancelled.

In a written decision delivered yesterday, the Liquor Commission of Western Australia upheld a complaint by Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan that there was cause to discipline Zelda’s director Kevin Mann and licensee Tocoan Pty Ltd.

Since mid 2012, has led the coverage on attempts by Dr O’Callaghan and Rockingham City Council to close Zelda’s down.

Yesterday’s decision to slap a permanent ban on Mr Mann, and cancelling Tocoan’s liquor licence for Zelda’s, runs counter to the recent trend of litigation where Mr Mann had won several cases against Dr O’Callaghan and the city, including a $15,840 legal costs payout.

Rockingham ratepayers had to foot that big bill.


In the most recent case, self-represented Mr Mann argued that many incidents reported at Zelda’s had resulted from the club refusing entry to drunk people.

He testified that one complaint that a person had been found dozing at or around Zelda’s was unfounded because the sleepy individual was a shift worker who had just flown in to Rockingham and there was no evidence the person had been drunk.

In respect of a complaint that last year a man had his jaw broken, Mr Mann submitted the jaw had already been broken because the man already had a titanium plate. Mr Mann claimed, without evidence, that an assertion by Dr O’Callaghan that the alleged assailant was a bikie associate was untrue because the alleged attacker was Aboriginal and The Rebels bikie gang does not accept Aboriginal members. Mr Mann further argued, and the Commission accepted, that the bikie associate was not badged or patched and that Mr Mann could not have known the man was involved with bikies.


Mr Mann opined that Rockingham “has been declared the ‘bogan’ capital of Western Australia and as much as the city and some people in the area just won’t accept it, it is just how it is”.

But Mr Mann’s ‘WA bogan capital’ contention trivialised the serious nature of offences at or near Zelda’s, the Commission stated.

The Commission considered Mr Mann had created a culture that encouraged violent and anti-social behaviour.

Tocoan continued to use gimmicks to lure patrons into consuming alcohol rapidly, the Commission noted.

“… given that [Mr Mann] is the director and unrestricted approved manager, he is the key element in the continuing complaints against the Zelda’s premises,” the Commission concluded.

Attempts tonight to reach Mr Mann by mobile and landline were unsuccessful.

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Rodents infest Perth seafood shop


EXCLUSIVE: The owner of a Rockingham seafood shop will have to pay a $48,000 fine after his premises were found to be infested with rodents.

An appeal judgment published this week by Supreme Court judge Lindy Jenkins reveals that on May 8 last year, at a seafood outlet at the Golden Ponds complex in Baldivis, mouse droppings, flies, dead cockroaches and a dead mouse were found.

After an inspection that day, City of Rockingham health inspectors noted there was a substantial rodent infestation at the complex which also houses a function centre, caravan park and tourist chalets.

In January this year, Golden Ponds owner Antonio Vincenzo Pannacchione was fined $72,000 for a raft of offences under the state Food Act. This week’s appeal judgment by Justice Jenkins delivered Pannacchione a partial victory, with his original fine slashed to $48,000.


In the Rockingham Magistrates Court hearing that had led to the $72,000 fine the city’s lawyer alleged there were no use-by dates or country of origin labels on packaged oysters, crabs, crayfish, prawns, lamb rissoles, hamburger rissoles, and samosas sold at Golden Ponds.

Mussels were alleged to have been stored at 14 degrees Celsius when they should have been chilled below five degrees.

Although Justice Jenkins found parts of the original fine excessive, she concluded the rodent and insect infestation was a “particularly serious” offence.

She noted that Golden Ponds was a significant enterprise that attracted lots of customers.

She observed there had been a very high potential for harm to anyone consuming seafood bought from Golden Ponds, especially since seafood could become hazardous when incorrectly managed.


Justice Jenkins noted Pannacchione had demonstrated a questionable level of remorse and that he had previously been warned by the city.

She added there had been little improvement in business practices between an earlier health inspection on May 1 last year and the May 8 one during which the rodent infestation was detected.

She considered that, at least at the time of the offences, Golden Ponds had demonstrated “a systemic failure to adopt appropriate standards of cleanliness and food handling”.

The May 1 inspection arose from a complaint by a customer who had bought frozen crabs from Golden Ponds with no date marked on the package advising when the crabs had been cooked. The crabs had tasted “off”, with the result they could not be consumed.

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Baldivis bushfire tamed


8.55PM UPDATE: A blaze that had been burning out of control and fast toward Kwinana Freeway is no longer threatening lives and homes in the Rockingham suburb of Baldivis.

The fire brigade advises the alert level for the fire has been downgraded, lives and houses are no longer threatened and the fire is now under control.

The fire started in bushland between Wellard Road, Millar Road and the Kwinana Freeway.

At its peak, the blaze was battled by 40 fire fighters from eight stations.

The blaze has burned 16.5 hectares of bush.

The fire was reported at 1.11pm and its cause is unknown.

Any suspicious behaviour around the fire area should be reported to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Photo: Marcus Obal

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Club awarded costs after rude lawyer slammed


A controversial seaside nightclub was today awarded $15,840 costs by the WA Liquor Commission which slammed as “extremely discourteous” submissions put to it by a senior lawyer acting on behalf of Rockingham City Council.

In February last year, WA Liquor Commission Deputy Commissioner Seamus Rafferty found that an appeal and three applications filed by the city against Zelda’s nightclub licensee Tocoan Pty Ltd had been lodged vexatiously.

Since early 2012, the city and WA Police have waged a protracted legal campaign to shut Zelda’s down after two vicious bikie-related attacks at the venue.

In a decision published today, Mr Rafferty ordered the city to pay Tocoan $15,840 for legal costs incurred in the case.

In today’s ruling, Mr Rafferty noted that submissions made on behalf of the city by Gavin Crocket, Director of Cullen, Babington, McLeod Lawyers, were “extremely discourteous and trespass[ed] beyond the bounds of legitimate advocacy”.

“Furthermore, factual assertions made in the submissions are blatantly incorrect,” Mr Rafferty added.

Mr Rafferty noted Mr Crocket had claimed a previous observation of three members of the Commission had “distort[ed] the true history of the city’s endeavours to present its case”.

“The city can have little optimism that the provisions … will fall in its favour in the presentation of its submissions, for to date the Commission has been obstructive in preventing the local authority in establishing its complaints,” Mr Crocket had opined.

Mr Rafferty noted that Mr Crocket’s submissions fell “way short of the level of conduct expected by the Commission and appear to be a petulant expression of counsel’s frustration”.

Submissions dated February 17 this year by the city’s new lawyer, Peter Doherty, of Francis Burt Chambers, claimed the city had not had the opportunity to review Mr Crocket’s submissions before they were filed.

Through Mr Doherty, the city withdrew the earlier submissions and unreservedly apologised for “the various disparaging remarks in relation to the Commission which were contained therein”.

Mr Rafferty noted it was to the credit of the city and Mr Doherty that the original submissions were withdrawn.

“Accordingly, the Commission will ignore the original submissions and focus on the matters raised in the written submissions dated 17 February 2014,” Mr Rafferty added.

Zelda’s is located at the corner of Kent Street and Patterson Road, not far from Rockingham’s seaside cafe strip.

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Hand-reared penguin an island first


In a first for Rockingham‘s Penguin Island, a newborn penguin chick has been hand-raised after its parents struggled to keep up with its feeding demands.

The 10-week-old chick, named Noorook (an Aboriginal word for egg), was today reintroduced into the Penguin Island Discovery Centre.

Department of Parks and Wildlife discovery centre supervisor Jane Dawson said hand-raising the captive-bred little penguin initially involved fish smoothie feeds every two hours.

“Noorook had a rocky start to life since hatching in November but he is now flourishing,” Ms Dawson said.

“By the time a little penguin reaches 10 weeks of age it is fully grown, which is why we have waited a while to introduce Noorook to other penguins in the group.

“Noorook has been spending an hour each day mingling to help with the transition.”

The little penguin is the world’s smallest penguin species, standing about 40cm short and weighing about a kilogram. It is also the only penguin to breed in Australia.

“Their average lifespan is between seven and 10 years,” Ms Dawson said.

“However, of the eight little penguins we have at the centre, seven are between the ages of 11 and 21.”

Penguin Island is home to more than 400 breeding pairs of little penguins.

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