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Puma servo for clucked-out Kentucky


A defunct KFC restaurant at the southeastern gateway to Fremantle is set to morph into a 24/7 Puma service station and convenience store.

Two years ago, the Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet at the corner of Carrington Street and Clontarf Road in Hamilton Hill went the way of the dodo. Ever since, the derelict KFC (pictured) has been a magnet for vandals and graffiti guys.

Now, can reveal that Puma Energy – which has launched a major expansion into Western Australia – is planning a service station with eight refuelling bays for the site.

puma fuel stationThe planned servo (pictured, left) is not without its detractors, with four objections received by the City of Cockburn.

Octagenarian, G. Pruiti, who lives two doors down from the planned Puma on residential Clontarf Road, says the service station is not needed and would increase traffic and noise, pollute the air, and devalue residential property in the area.

“The smell and fumes from the petrol and diesel will adversely affect my health and detrimentally affect my day-to-day life,” G. Pruiti’s written objection laments.

“I am in my 80s and already have health issues.

“The last business to operate on this site was a KFC store, and I then often was able to smell the odour associated with cooking chicken.

“It is highly likely that the fumes associated with petrol and diesel filling would be greater, more offensive and constant all day and night without reprieve.”

The nearest service station to the planned Puma is a United one, just 100 metres away, on Winterfold Road. The former KFC languishes at the end a row of shops situated on the last block of land on the left of Carrington Street as motorists enter Fremantle from Cockburn.

Cockburn city planners have recommended the 24-hour, seven-day a-week Puma be approved. Their political masters are scheduled to vote on the recommendation when they pow-wow on Thursday night.

Render of Puma fuel station: Hindley & Associates P/L

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