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Four objectors sink 24/7 Puma

Clapped-out Kentucky likely to become a 6am to 10pm servo only.


Four objectors have forced Puma Energy – which has embarked on a major expansion into Western Australia – to abandon plans for a 24/7 fuel stop at the site of a defunct KFC restaurant at the southern gateway to Fremantle.

In February, after City of Cockburn town planners recommended the 24/7 Puma be approved for the corner of Carrington Street and Clontarf Road in Hamilton Hill, the council’s elected officials unanimously knocked it back.

Four objections had been lodged against the pictured Puma, with the mooted 24/7 operation being a bone of contention.

puma fuel stationThe elected officials claimed the planned fuel station was too close to houses, and being less than 200-metres from an existing United servo on nearby Winterfold Road was “unnecessary”.

Puma appealed the elected officials’ refusal in the powerful State Administrative Tribunal. After three confidential mediation sessions, the tribunal invited the council to reconsider its decision.

Now, the city’s planners have again recommended the Puma be approved, this time however with operating times of 6am to 10pm only.

If approved when the elected officials again meet on Thursday night, the Puma will be housed in the converted KFC building, along the lines described in a previous story.

The defunct KFC is in a row of shops, the last of which is the final building in Cockburn before Carrington Street becomes part of Fremantle.

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