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Toilet blockage


Inadequate toilets have caused three planned venues to crap out in their bids for lucrative liquor licences.

In a decision published online today, Brett Snell, a delegate of the state liquor licensing director, refused an application by an eclectic mix of hoteliers and meteorologists to open a small brewery at the Fremantle Markets.

The so-called Blacksalt Cellar Door, plans of which were revealed by back in February, would have been a spinoff of the Blacksalt microbrewery that operates at Salt Restaurant at scenic Port Beach.

Blacksalt Cellar Door had already received planning approval from the City of Fremantle, but Mr Snell considered the planned venue had inadequate toilet facilities.

This, and a failure to prove the venue would enhance the Fremantle Markets as a tourist destination, were among a handful of reasons given for refusing the application.

Last month, revealed that the Grill’d burger barn at Perth’s flashest skyscraper had met a similar fate in its quest for a coveted liquor licence.

In that decision, Liquor Commission of Western Australia acting chair Eddie Watling  considered Grill’d’s Brookfield Place burgoreum did not have enough on-site toilets.

Back in Fremantle, plans to build a small bar at the historic limestone building that houses Kidogo gallery at beautiful Bathers Beach have been bogged in the crapper since last year.

That’s because building leaseholder Joanna Robertson has been unable to agree with Fremantle council on a location for toilets at the council-owned building (pictured).

There may yet be some light at the end of the S-bend for Ms Robertson. Her latest idea – to erect toilets outside and to the north of the gallery – is now before the council.

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