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‘Why bother, I have seen it all anyways’

Gosnells radiographer dismisses concerns of woman whose underwear he pulled down without consent.


EXCLUSIVE: A Gosnells radiographer has been reprimanded, and banned from practice after admitting to pulling a woman’s pants down without consent and spreading her legs to expose her vagina.

A State Administrative Tribunal decision published last week reveals that in October 2014 Pei Ren Un, then a radiographer at Perth Radiological Clinic at 122-126 Stalker Road, either untied or reached under the robe of a female patient.

Before tribunal member Patricia Le Miere, Un admitted to pulling the patient’s underwear down without consent and, while she was on her back with her knees bent, pushing her knees apart, exposing her vagina.

Un admitted that in response to the patient trying to cover herself with the robe he said: “Why bother, I have seen it all anyways”, or words to that effect.

In November, 2014, Un’s employment at the clinic was terminated.

In May last year he was convicted of unlawful and indecent assault of the patient after pleading guilty at Armadale Magistrates Court.

He was sentenced to a 12-month community based order, and on December 1 his registration as a medical radiation practitioner lapsed.

He did not try to renew the registration, and has sought training and alternative employment in the computer technology and hospitality industries.

Ms Le Miere reprimanded Un for the sexual misconduct, disqualified him from applying for registration as a medical radiation practitioner for 18 months, and ordered that he pay the $1800 legal costs of the Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia which brought the case to the tribunal.

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