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Paint job for flaking red dingo


The state heritage listed Dingo Flour dingo that peers out over Stirling Highway at North Fremantle is being primed for a much-needed paint job.

In recent years, the red paint that separates the dingo from its white background has peeled, giving the canis familiaris a decidedly shabby look.

But the dingo’s owner, Allied Mills – which has long operated the flour mill that made the dingo famous – has told Fremantle council it wants to replace the jaded canine with a fresh one.

Allied Mills reports that the metal sheeting on which the dingo is superimposed needs replacing due to the “extreme marine environment” of the mill which is not far from Leighton Beach.

As part of a $3.1 million overhaul of its mill, the company wants to paint a fresh dingo on the new metal sheeting it plans to instal.

Allied Mills also wants to remove steel bulk wheat storage silos, and conveyors, both installed in 1982.

The works are aimed at ensuring the ongoing, viable use of the place as a flour mill.

The State Heritage Office has no qualms with the plans, telling Fremantle council the mill: “is rare as the only large early mill continuing in operation in the metropolitan area“.

The council’s planners agree, recommending that the city tell the ultimate approval authority, a state assessment panel, that it supports the dingo’s facelift.

The dingo gained statewide recognition in the 1980s via a story that bigtime Fremantle entrepreneur Alan Bond, who in his younger days owned a painting company, used to touch it up. That yarn has never been verified.

News of the dingo’s pending paint job has prompted to break into verse:

The dignified dingo patrols the blue seas,

and motors along on his red dingo skis.

Truly excellent photo of the dingo by Bryn Jones, Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Euan says:

    Not yet… but the signage company I work for is currently replicating the original drawing and scheduled to re sign write the new Dingo in December – so it is happening!

  2. Davo says:

    Did the new dingo ever get painted? Drove by there the other day but can’t say I noticed.


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