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Residents and adjacent pizzeria are not happy.

148 object to Marmion Ave adult shop


An adult store planned for a suburban shopping centre on Marmion Avenue in Clarkson looks set to be kicked to the kerb after receiving 60 objections and a petition with 88 signatures.

The Lovers Adult Store chain wants to erect a new premises, as pictured, in an empty shop that was once a hairdressing salon.

If it were approved by the City of Wanneroo, Lovers would be free to open between Eagle Boys Clarkson and Ocean Keys Sewing Centre, and about 80 metres away from the nearest house.

St Andrews Catholic School is 585m away, and Mindarie Primary School 550m away.

After a 21-day consultation period, 60 objections, an opposing petition with 88 signatures, and three letters of support were lodged with the council.

Bryce and Anquet Adams, who own the Eagle Boys pizzeria, say Lovers would be inappropriately located because Eagle Boys has family and school-age customers and sponsors junior sport. The Adams also say that most of their staff are under 18, many of whom are girls.

Faye Peskett, who owns the sewing shop, says her business would be “drastically affected as ladies are already raising concerns”.

One objector, Maureen Boel of Mindarie, claims Lovers would “expose children to sleaziness”.

Meanwhile, Malakai Milner of Bibra Lake, 55kms south of Clarkson, says the planned shop is acceptable and that he supports a new business in Wanneroo.

Wanneroo city planners have recommended that Lovers be refused when their political masters next meet on April 26.

Artwork from development application submitted by Pinnacle Planning.

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First Perth grog shop approved for German supermarket giant.

ALDI trumps Euro booze myth busters


EXCLUSIVE: ALDI has received approval to open its first grog shop, at Butler in Perth’s north, despite claims from a prominent health lobby group that a supposedly superior European drinking culture where exposure to alcohol at a younger age conditions people to handle it better is an urban myth.

On Thursday, the grog shop was approved by Peter Minchin, a delegate of the state liquor licensing director.

This was despite the usual interventions by Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan, the state health department and the McCusker Cenre for Action on Alcohol and Youth.

ALDI’s new liquor licence allows the retailer to have a small display area of about 30sqm within the planned supermarket.

Wines, beers, spirits, ciders and liqueurs, which will include ALDI branded products, are permitted for sale.

Also permitted are the sale of 60 different wines, 16 types of beer, 15 separate spirits and four kinds of cider.

Before Mr Minchin, the McCusker centre unsuccessfully argued the grog shop would not be in the public interest.

Generally speaking, and not with regard to ALDI in particular, the centre explained there is a commonly held, but flawed, belief that there would be benefits in moving to a “more European” approach, in which alcohol is widely available and children are introduced to alcohol at a young age which helps them learn to drink responsibly.

But, in evidence Mr Minchin acknowledged was “uncontroverted”, the centre claimed this was a myth not consistent with the available evidence.

The centre cited research showing that young people who repeatedly drank at home with their parents were more likely to report risky drinking in later adolescence than those who did not drink alcohol.

It was submitted that making more alcohol available would likely increase, rather than decrease, alcohol-related harm in Western Australia.

“It is important to also note that European countries including France, Italy and Spain experience higher rates of alcohol-related chronic diseases and road crashes than Australia,” the centre argued.

“There is also increasing concern in France for example, about binge drinking by young people.”

Mr Minchin noted that while ALDI claimed its shop would make an enormous contribution to Butler in terms of retail and infrastructure, given the small size of the grog shop and the limited range of product, the benefits to the community from the grant of the licence would not be significant.

“Whilst I acknowledge the legitimate concerns of the objector and interveners, particularly in respect of the integration of liquor within a supermarket environment, in the circumstances of this case, I am of the view that the grant of the application is in the public interest,” he concluded.

Construction is well underway on the Butler ALDI, which is rising on Butler Boulevard, and will cover about 1500sqm, with two thirds of that retail space. drive through central Rockingham last weekend confirmed that planned outlet was already at lockup stage.

Butler already has three other supermarkets – IGA, Coles and Farmer Jacks – with a Woolworths shopping centre also proposed for Butler Boulevard.

After this story was published, ALDI got in touch to say, that with other liquor licence applications pending assessment, it had not yet decided whether ALDI Liquor would be introduced to Western Australia.

The ALDI statement said that its shops that sell liquor in eastern Australia do not carry any chilled alcohol products for immediate consumption.

This story was updated on April 26 and April 27 to clarify that the Butler shop would not be the first to open in WA, although its liquor licence is the first to be approved. Also added was some clarification around the nature of the centre’s myth busting.

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Rivervale law flouter caught in the act.

$5000 fine for West Swan dump


A 64-year-old Rivervale man has been found guilty in Midland Magistrates Court of illegally dumping construction waste in West Swan.

Midland Magistrates Court heard that on June 19 last year, Ron Wimbridge dumped building waste including sand, timber, concrete and bricks at a vacant block of land on Victoria Road in West Swan.

Witnesses who saw Wimbridge’s dump recorded the registration number of his vehicle which was then reported to Department of Environment Regulation investigators.

Wimbridge, who pleaded guilty, was ordered to pay a $5000 fine and costs of $469.30.

DER Director General Jason Banks said the conviction was an example of how members of the community could work with the his department to combat illegal dumping.

“I thank the community members who had the foresight to take down the vehicle registration during this illegal dumping, which allowed the department to successfully investigate the incident,” Mr Banks said.

“We will continue to prosecute people who flout the law when it comes to illegal dumping.”

Maximum penalties for illegal dumping are $62,500 for individuals and $125,000 for corporations.

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Six-year-old picked up by passing paramedics after crossing Toodyay Road.

Autistic boy disappears from creche


A creche in Middle Swan has been fined $8000 after a six-year-old boy with autism went missing as his mother dropped by to pick him up.

State Administrative Tribunal member Patricia Le Miere recently heard that between 5:35pm and 5:40pm on September 1 last year the boy left the outside school hours care service at St Brigid’s Primary School on Toodyay Road.

Paramedics taking a patient to Swan District Hospital saw the unsupervised boy running along a footpath beside Toodyay Road at 5.38pm.

The boy then crossed the road near a Shell Petrol Station and entered a playground in a nearby park and started playing on the playground equipment.

The paramedics persuaded the boy to travel with them in the ambulance to the hospital.

They called police at 5:55pm to collect the boy from them at the hospital.

About 6:05pm police collected the boy from paramedics and returned him to the creche.

Ms Le Miere heard that some educators knew the boy had a tendency to hide and wander off.

Earlier, about 5:35pm there had been only three children left in the creche including he and his brother.

About 5:40pm, a senior educator saw the boy’s mother arrive in her car directly out front of the classroom.

The boy said: “Mum’s here”, and pushed the back of his brother’s chair.

A senior educator saw the boy run out the front door into the front play area which was enclosed by a fence and gate.

The educator knew another creche staffer was out there, and assumed the boy had gone to greet his mother.

Soon after, the mother came into the classroom and asked: “Where’s [the boy]?”

It was then that the educator realised the boy was not with his mother.

LPR Holdings, which runs the creche, was fined $8000 and ordered to pay $1500 legal costs to the Department for Local Government and Communities which brought the case to the tribunal.

Photo: Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez, Wikimedia Commons, under GNU free documentation licence.

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$80,000 damage caused in suspicious circumstances last night.

Police probe Balga house fire


Police are investigating a fire they say ignited under suspicious circumstances and caused $80,000 damage at a house in Balga last night.

Police spokeswoman Ros Weatherall said her colleagues were called to the house, on Finchley Crescent, about 9.20pm.

Ms Weatherall said no one appeared to be home at the time of the fire.

She said the cost of damage was about $80,000.

Police want anyone with relevant information to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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... 'before driving into a brick wall'.

‘Stolen Holden’ stops at carwash


An allegedly stolen Commodore stopped at a Morley carwash yesterday before allegedly running two cars off the road and being driven into a brick wall.

Police spokesman Samuel Dinnison said that about 4:45pm police received information about an alleged burglary at a house in Light Street, Dianella.

Mr Dinnison said a blue Holden Commodore was allegedly stolen from the house.

About 6:50pm detectives saw the Commodore leave a car wash on the corner of Walter Road East and Beechboro Road North in Morley.

An attempt was made to stop the car, but police allege the driver failed to stop.

Mr Dinnison said that on Morley Drive the driver allegedly tried to motor between two vehicles that were driving side by side. There wasn’t enough room and both vehicles were allegedly struck.

The crash caused one of the vehicles, a Toyota Rav4, to hit the front porch of a house.

The house and Rav4 were damaged, but the driver and passenger were not injured.

The second vehicle, a Toyota Yaris, came to a stop on the median island. The Yaris driver was not injured.

Mr Dinnison said the Commodore hit a brick wall at another house, and two vehicles parked nearby were damaged by the resulting debris.

The driver of the Commodore allegedly tried to run from the scene, but he was unable to jump a fence as he had a broken arm.

He was arrested, and an ambulance was called.

The driver was taken to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.

Several items linked to the burglary were allegedly found in the driver’s possession.

A 19-year-old Ballajura man has been charged with:

–          ‘burglary and commit’;

–          stealing;

–          ‘gains benefit by fraud’;

–          ‘endanger life, health or safety of any person’;

–          two counts of failing to stop;

–          two counts of reckless driving;

–          failing to stop after property damage; and

–          two counts of ‘no authority to drive’.

He was refused bail and is due to appear in Perth Magistrates Court today.

Because the man is in hospital, Mr Dinnison expects the court appearance will be via a bedside hearing.

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'Mr Scarborough' moves on from his role in drunken quokka shocker.

Wallabies star plans Scarbs beach bar


EXCLUSIVE: Australian rugby international Richard Brown has moved on from his role in the infamous ‘quokka shocker’ incident at a drunken Rottnest Island bonding session a decade ago to launch a beach bar at Scarborough.

Brown, who rose to rugby fame as a foundation player with The Western Force, and played 23 games for The Wallabies, is now a qualified bouncer.

He was pretty handy around the paddock, but played his last Test in 2010 after suffering serious shoulder injuries. He left The Western Force in 2013.

Now Brown is one of three directors of the planned Sunset Boulevard Beach Club, the rocky approval process of which has been progressively revealed by

After being kicked into touch by the City of Stirling and then by the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, scaled back plans for the beach bar were thrown back into the planning field of play and approved by the MRA for a 12-month trial.

That was in May last year.

Now Brown, another partner Guy Hodgson, and the brains behind the operation, budding entertainment entrepreneur Robert Redmond, AKA Rob Stoykovski, have lodged a liquor licence application.

The licence application claims Brown, pictured above in his prime, is known locally as “Mr Scarborough”.

Brown and Co. do not mention that, in 2007, the Queensland-bred back-rower was reportedly fined $5000 by The Western Force for mistreating protected quokkas on Rottnest Island during a drunken team bonding session.

At the time, Brown reportedly said he had learned from the quokka shocker and would not make the same mistake again.

The Sunset Boulevard Beach Club is planned for a disused multi-storey car park, pictured, at 1 Manning Street.

Photo of Richard Brown: Cropped from an image by ‘Hamedog’, Wikimedia Commons, under Creative Commons attribution-sharealike 3.0 unported  licence.

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Driver allegedly bashed at Glendalough after stopping to help man's best friend.

‘Motorist clobbered after dog act’


A man was allegedly punched to the ground after stopping on the side of the road to assist a dog at Glendalough this morning.

Police spokeswoman Sarah Dyer said that just after midnight a man, 36, was driving along Scarborough Beach Road when he stopped to assist a dog that was on the side of the road.

Ms Dyer said the man left his car running with the keys in the ignition as the dog was only a short distance away.

When he returned to his vehicle he observed a man standing near it with a block of wood in his hand.

Ms Dyer said the second man allegedly got into the vehicle and attempted to start the already running engine.

The owner of the vehicle was able to reach into the vehicle and pulled out the keys.

Ms Dyer said the second man got out of the vehicle and allegedly attempted to hit the victim with the block of wood before punching him when he fell to the ground.

Fearing for his safety the vehicle owner handed over his keys and the second man allegedly drove.

The vehicle owner was able to obtain a lift from a passing motorist and followed it until he was able to alert police, who stopped the vehicle without incident.

A 23-year-old man from Wanneroo has been charged with armed robbery and obstructing public officers.

He is due to appear in Perth Magistrates Court today.

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10-storey luxury car building going nowhere fast.

Knockback for Barbagallo tower of power



A 10-storey building planned by luxury car dealers Vince and Troy Barbagallo to house a new Jaguar and Land Rover show room has been recommended for refusal by the City of Stirling.

The pictured $22 million tower is planned for the north-eastern corner of the intersection of Frobisher Street and Scarborough Beach Road at Osborne Park.

Barbagallo showroom tower Osborne ParkIf it does get approved against the city’s wishes, the Barbagallo tower of power would rise on the site of an existing Barbagallo car yard and showroom that would be demolished to make way for the building.

The big Barbagallo building would have a 1502sqm car sales showroom and 2321sqm workshop, a 190sqm restaurant, and 9896sqm of office space.

But in a bitter irony for the Barbagallo brothers, the city considers that planned vehicle access arrangements to the site are not up to scratch.

A state planning panel is slated to decide the building’s fate on December 21.

Barbagallo building renders: Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland

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Family of late state police minister consulted on location and design.

Riverside memorial to John D’Orazio


Bayswater council has been consulting with the family of late mayor and State Police Minister John D’Orazio over the establishment of a memorial to him at the city’s Riverside Garden’s.

The city has allocated a sum of $40,000 to recognise Mr D’Orazio who in 2011 died of a heart attack during surgery.

A pharmacist by profession, Mr D’Orazio was Bayswater mayor from 1983 until 2000. In 2001 he was elected state member for Ballajura in 2001, a position he held until 2008.

Mr D’Orazio briefly served as Minister for Police in the Labor Government of Alan Carpenter, but was dumped in 2006 after it was revealed he had been driving without a licence for two months following an accident in a ministerial car.

But the Solictor-General’s office later paid him $15,000 costs after he proved the Government’s fines enforcement agency had sent notices to the incorrect address.

In August 2006, he was forced to resign from the party due to corruption allegations, and sat as an independent. The Corruption and Crime Commission later cleared him of any misconduct.

While a bronze bust of Mr D’Orazio, and a fountain, are in the mix of memorial options, city officials have recommended that a large, custom-made park bench be erected in his honour instead.

The cost of the bench has been estimated at $35,000.

All family members consulted agreed that Riverside Gardens would be a fitting place for the memorial.

The recommendation to build a memorial bench will be considered by Bayswater’s city councillors at a meeting on Tuesday night.

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Luxury vehicle careers into front wall of northern suburbs house.

Woman dies in BMW crash


A Shenton Park woman was killed last night when the black BMW she was driving crashed into a concrete wall and a tree in the front yard of a house in Embleton.

Police spokesman Adam Brouwer said the fatal crash occurred at 6:05pm near the junction of Broun Avenue and Johnsmith Street.

The driver, a woman, 30, from Shenton Park, died at the scene.

She was the only occupant of the black BMW.

Police want anyone who saw the crash, or the BMW before the crash, to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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Police seek witnesses.

Morley man killed in collision with truck


Police are investigating a crash that claimed the life of a 32-year-old Morley man yesterday afternoon.

Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said that about 2:20pm a blue Nissan Navara ute was travelling south on Great Northern Highway in Middle Swan.

Ms Usher said that near the intersection of Dale Road the ute crossed on to the incorrect side of the road and hit a trailer being towed by a Toyota Land Cruiser that was travelling north.

After the initial collision, the Navara continued travelling forward and crashed into the front driver’ side of a Volvo prime that was also travelling north.

The driver of the Navarra, a Morley man, 32, died at the scene.

Police want anyone who saw the crash or the Navara ute or Volvo prime mover before the crash to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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High profile chef falls foul of the health inspector.

Soda Sunlounge owner fined $35,000


The high profile chef who co-owns the Soda Sunlounge eatery at North Beach has been convicted of a raft of hygiene offences and ordered to pay $35,000 after the cafe’s premises, fixtures, fittings and equipment were found to be unclean.

An entry posted last week on the Department of Health’s offenders register reveals that on August 19 Soda Sunlounge co-owner Ben Andrijasevich was convicted of several hygiene breaches detected by City of Stirling inspectors on November 19 last year.

In 2009, Andrijasevich – whose bio says he was head chef for many years at the trendy Balthazar restaurant in central Perth – spun Soda Sunlounge off from his existing Soda Cafe also at North Beach.

Now, he has been fined $35,000 and ordered to pay $2840.30 after Soda Sunlounge was found to have unclean premises, fittings, fixtures and equipment.

Andrijasevich was also convicted of failing to store food so it was protected from the likelihood of contamination, and to take all practicable measures to prevent pests entering Soda Sunlounge.

Photo: ‘AnemoneProjectors (talk) – Project 365 Day 98: Bubbles’, Wikimedia Commons

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300 rowdy revellers go home early.

Cops shut down Balga party


A 300-reveller party where attendees threw cans and bottles at each other was broken up at Balga last night.

Police spokesman Adam Brouwer said that just after 8pm his colleagues were called to an address in Garnett Place, Balga to reports of a loud and large party attended by about 300 people.

Regional Operations Group officers dropped in and told the party organiser the soiree would need to be closed down.

Mr Brouwer said the party people were moved to the front of the property where they started creating a disturbance, throwing cans and bottles at each other.

A police vehicle attended and a bottle was thrown, smashing the rear window.

The party was declared an out of control Gathering at 9:43pm and the crowd was dispersed by police.

Mr Brouwer said no charges had yet been laid.

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