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148 object to Marmion Ave adult shop

Residents and adjacent pizzeria are not happy.


An adult store planned for a suburban shopping centre on Marmion Avenue in Clarkson looks set to be kicked to the kerb after receiving 60 objections and a petition with 88 signatures.

The Lovers Adult Store chain wants to erect a new premises, as pictured, in an empty shop that was once a hairdressing salon.

If it were approved by the City of Wanneroo, Lovers would be free to open between Eagle Boys Clarkson and Ocean Keys Sewing Centre, and about 80 metres away from the nearest house.

St Andrews Catholic School is 585m away, and Mindarie Primary School 550m away.

After a 21-day consultation period, 60 objections, an opposing petition with 88 signatures, and three letters of support were lodged with the council.

Bryce and Anquet Adams, who own the Eagle Boys pizzeria, say Lovers would be inappropriately located because Eagle Boys has family and school-age customers and sponsors junior sport. The Adams also say that most of their staff are under 18, many of whom are girls.

Faye Peskett, who owns the sewing shop, says her business would be “drastically affected as ladies are already raising concerns”.

One objector, Maureen Boel of Mindarie, claims Lovers would “expose children to sleaziness”.

Meanwhile, Malakai Milner of Bibra Lake, 55kms south of Clarkson, says the planned shop is acceptable and that he supports a new business in Wanneroo.

Wanneroo city planners have recommended that Lovers be refused when their political masters next meet on April 26.

Artwork from development application submitted by Pinnacle Planning.

2 Responses to “148 object to Marmion Ave adult shop”

  1. Carl says:

    It’s just a shop – why do these fuddy duddies think that the sky is going to fall in because a shop is selling adult products. As long as the window display is tasteful and you can’t see inside, and under-18s cant get in, then what’s the problem? You can buy vibrating rings and sex creams at Coles, for god’s sake!!

  2. pene says:


    There used to be one in the High St Mall in Freo when I was in High school and they rather tastefully put clothes and costumes in the windows out the front. the front sections is outfits and the rear section is toys and DVDs.

    My only objection is most of the chain sex stores have very few toys designed for women. They are all ‘Bigger is better’ and seriously, it doesn’t do it for me.


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