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FIFO Scaffidi plans another China trip

... to a city mentioned in four of her alleged 45 breaches.


EXCLUSIVE: Perth mayor Lisa Scaffidi, embroiled in a monumental travel fiasco, plans to jet off on yet another trip to a city named in four of her alleged 45 breaches of the Local Government Act.

Mrs Scaffidi, who the Department of Local Government this week accused of breaching the Local Government Act 45 times, after the CCC last year published opinions of serious misconduct after she accepted a free trip from BHP-Billiton for she and property developer husband Joe to the Beijing Olympics, now wants to use $4000 of ratepayer money to shoot off to Nanjing and Chengdu.

If approved, Mrs Scaffidi’s fly-in-fly-out visit will occur next month – between June 21 and 25.

Four of Mrs Scaffidi’s 45 alleged breaches relate to travel she undertook to Nanjing in 2009 and 2010.

Her next trip is purported to support promotional activities of a business alliance called StudyPerth, formerly known as Perth Education City, whose partial funding of her 2009 trip to Nanjing was also cited in one of the four Nanjing-related allegations.

Mrs Scaffidi has also been invited to participate in the ‘Innovation Forum for Mayors on International Sister Cities of Chengdu’ on June 24.

Chengdu and Nanjing are sister cities of Perth, and council Economic Development supremo Steven McDougall has recommended that Mrs Scaffidi be allowed to go.

Whether the jetsetting mayor gets to chalk yet another Chinese stamp up on her well-worn passport has not been considered by a council committee, as would normally occur.

Instead, Mr McDougall’s recommendation will on Tuesday night be considered only by the full city council, due, Mr McDougall advises, “to limited time being available to consider this matter”.

An unsigned invitation from the foreign affairs office of the Nanjing Municipal People’s Government “warmly” invites Mrs Scaffidi “to Nanjing again as out most welcome guests [sic] and dearest family members [sic]”.

In another invitation, the Mayor of Chengdu prematurely ejects that he is: “very happy to hear that you will lead an education delegation to visit Chengdu”.

The Department of Local Government has recommended that consideration be given to commencing disciplinary action against Mrs Scaffidi over her 45 alleged breaches of the Act.

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