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12 concerts a year at J-Shed beach brewery

Divisive Fremantle bar wants to open 'til midnight six nights a week.


Plans released today for a micro brewery at J-Shed, beside Fremantle‘s Bathers Beach, envisage 12 ticketed concerts a year with up to 1500 patrons.

Since Sunset Venues in 2013/14 won the right to develop J-Shed Fremantle’s vociferous heritage lobby has cried foul that the micro-brewery would be too intense for the backwater which is Bathers Bay.

Local objectors were not quieted any when a pro-heritage local newspaper wrongly reported the venue would be developed to a capacity of 15,000 people.

In a document released to the public today, Sunset, an arm of which runs the annual West Coast Blues and Roots festival, claims larger plans for J Shed have now ben scaled back in line with local expectations.

Still, Sunset envisages it will hire 50 employees, and is planning a $3 million revamp of the state heritage listed shed.

Sunset plans to host low key musical acts year round with a maximum capacity of 400 patrons, or 850 patrons on successful application to Fremantle council.

But, 12 times a year, Sunset wants to host ticketed concerts with a maximum patronage of 1500.

Sunset is proposing opening hours for the J-Shed micro brewery to be 11am to midnight six days a week, and 11am to 10pm on Sundays.

Last month, revealed the name and details of another controversial Sunset venue, at Fremantle’s Drill Hall from which the Fly By Night Club was recently evicted.

Have your say on the micro brewery plans here until August 28.

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