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Typo-prone Fremantle official recommends UK trip – for himself.

Sister city turns Fungal


EXCLUSIVE: In a report penned by himself, a Fremantle council official has recommended he be funded to travel to the UK, and revealed that Mayor Brad Pettit wants to attend “the 20th anniversary of the sister city relationship with Fungal in Portugal”.

In his report to Fremantle council’s elaborately named Finance, Policy, Operations and Legislation Committee, City Business Director Glen Dougall has recommended that Dr Pettit be allowed to tack a visit to Birmingham onto his planned trip to ‘Fungal’.

Mr Dougall’s self-prepared report also recommends the committee endorse him to travel to Birmingham to attend the so-called Regional Waste Management Conference between September 13 and 15.

Mr Dougall has recommended that Dr Pettitt join him in Birmingham.

Regardless of the merits of Mr Dougall’s self-initiated trip, one thing on the nose about his report is that Fremantle has no city agreement with ‘Fungal’.

In fact, there is no such place as ‘Fungal’, Portugal.

Fremantle does however have a mutual admiration arrangement with the picturesque Portuguese city of Funchal, in the semi-autonomous Atlantic archipelago of Madeira, off the west coast of Morocco.

Perth’s port city consummated its relationship with Funchal in 1996.

Dr Pettit plans to breeze in to Funchal in early September to celebrate the relationship’s 20th anniversary.

Birmingham is a lazy 2500km flight from the azure waters of Funchal, and Dr Pettit reasons he may as well stay in Europe and join Mr Dougall at the Regional Waste Management Conference.

The committee is slated to debate Mr Dougall’s self-recommended sojourn on May 18.

In Portuguese, ‘Funchal’ means ‘a plantation of fennel’.

There’s nothing fungal about it.

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36 cars each have at least two tyres slashed in urbane street overnight.

South Fremantle tyre attack


Thirty-six vehicles had at least two tyres each slashed last night in an urbane South Fremantle street.

Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said that between 8pm last night and and 6am this morning unknown people used a sharp implement to puncture vehicles’ tyres on Attfield Street.

Ms Usher said police were aware of 36 vehicles having two or more tyres damaged with an estimated minimum cost of $10,000.

Police want anyone with relevant information to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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Unwanted Puma servo for defunct KFC thanks to sloppy city plan.

Kentucky Fried cock-up


Cockburn will get a Puma fuel station it does not want on the site of a defunct KFC restaurant thanks to poor and confusing wording in its city planning scheme.

Back in August, revealed that four objectors had forced Puma Energy – which has embarked on a major expansion into Western Australia – to scale back plans for a 24/7 fuel stop at the site of a defunct KFC restaurant at the southern gateway to Fremantle.

In a prolix approvals process that we’ve been following, Cockburn city councillors in September refused the fuel stop, planned for the corner of Carrington Street and Clontarf Road in Hamilton Hill.

Puma appealed that decision in the powerful State Administrative Tribunal, and in a recent ruling tribunal deputy president David Parry ordered that the servo be approved.

puma fuel station

Puma contended that the proposed servo was correctly classified as ‘convenience store’ under the Cockburn city plan but the council contended it was correctly classified as ‘petrol filling station’.

Judge Parry observed that the definitions for ‘convenience store’ and ‘petrol filling station’ in the Cockburn planning scheme were poorly drafted and somewhat confusing.

He determined that the proposed use should be correctly classified as ‘convenience store’, that the planned Puma met the development standards for that use, and should therefore be approved.

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Questions over whether gallery's 'unauthorised' al fresco area damaged important Fremantle site.

‘Kidogo deck may have harmed heritage’


An allegedly unauthorised timber deck erected recently at Fremantle‘s historic Kidogo arthouse may have  damaged archaeological heritage and should be torn down, say state government planners.

In a report to be debated by a state committee next week, the WA Planning Commission planners say the pictured deck significantly differs from an extension to Kidogo approved in July last year.

Kidogo received approval for an $80,000 extension on the northern side of its state heritage listed limestone building. The approved extension had a total area of about 13.6m x 3.8m, and comprised a timber-clad toilet block and a 6.3m x 3m timber deck. 

Kidogo FremantleInstead, a $75,000 13.6m x 5.12 deck was erected on the northern side of the building, which the planners say is significantly larger than the deck that was approved.

The planned toilet block, which has long been a bone of contention at Kidogo, has not been built.

In a submission on the deck, the Heritage Council of WA has expressed concern that the deck has been built over an area of archaeological significance, its scale “virtually dominates” the “highly significant” limestone building, and its “plan, elevation, detail and material” is “inappropriate to the early colonial setting” of the Kidogo building.

The WAPC planners further allege the deck has been built contrary to the granted approval, and say it has potential to impede the path of pedestrians to and from the end of a public boardwalk that abuts the deck.

They conclude that the deck detrimentally affects the cultural heritage significance of the building and place, which overlooks historic Bathers Beach.

The planners allege that no archaeological monitoring was carried out while the deck was being built, and say that nobody knows whether the structure caused any disturbance.

On March 22, the state committee will debate a recommendation by the planners that an application by Kidogo for retrospective approval of the deck be refused.

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East Fremantle council lays down the law to errant WAFL side.

Sharks told to stop work on supporter shop


The East Fremantle Sharks have been told to stop work on an allegedly unauthorised merchandise shop they were planning to build out of a sea container.

The Sharks had planned to sell merchandise from the shop, beside the Lyn Latham Pavilion, during home games this year.

But, after a site inspection by Town of East Fremantle planning manager Jamie Douglas, the Sharks were ordered to immediately stop the pictured work and seek council approval.

East Fremantle Sharks Football ClubA report by Mr Douglas opines that the works are “not temporary in nature, are not visually attractive and may well be inappropriately sited when redevelopment of facilities occurs”.

Sharks CEO Todd Shimmon has apologised to the council for not going through the correct approvals process.

The sea container shop, budgeted to cost $5000, was to be air-conditioned, insulated and painted in the Sharks’ locally-famous blue and white livery.

Rather presumptuously, Mr Shimmon has told Mr Douglas that the site has been cleaned up and safety signs erected “until approval is given”.

But the approval aint gonna happen if Mr Douglas gets his way.

The council planning manager has recommended to his political masters that the Sharks be given 21 days to remove the work done so far, and make good the site lest legal action be taken by the town.

The council is slated to debate Mr Douglas’ recommendation on March 15.

Lyn Latham was a former town clerk at East Fremantle council. He died in 1963.

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Two workers paid nothing for two weeks.

Fremantle hairdresser clips staff


A Fremantle hairdressing salon has been fined more than $7000 for underpaying two employees more than $9000 between 2011 and 2013.

The Industrial Magistrates Court found that Maurizio Raffa, who owned the Amore for Hair salon, to have underpaid a junior apprentice hairdresser $7,300.05 and a senior hairdresser $2,025.72.

Raffa was fined $5830 for underpaying the apprentice and a further $1570 for underpaying the senior hairdresser.

The court found Raffa had paid the 15-year-old apprentice below the minimum lawful award rate for the entire two-year period of her engagement and had also failed to pay the apprentice for tool allowance and annual leave loading.

Compliance and Education Director with the state government’s Labour relations agency, Joseph Lee, said it was extremely disappointing to see an employer fail to pay appropriate rates to a vulnerable young person.

“The rates paid to an apprentice are already low compared to those paid to other employees”, Mr Lee said.

Both workers did not receive any payment for a two week period of work they performed for Raffa in May 2013.

The Industrial Magistrates Court also ordered that Raffa pay interest of $1,557.62 to the apprentice and $349.62 to the senior hairdresser as well as costs of $430.00.

“In the end it has cost the employer far more than if he had simply paid the employee correctly at the appropriate time,” Mr Lee said.

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Public housing density should go down, Housing Authority says.

Revamp plan for ‘Beacy Bronx’


EXCLUSIVE: The state agency formerly known as Homeswest is planning to redevelop a notorious estate known to Fremantle locals as ‘The Beacy Bronx’ as a medium-density mix of public and affordable housing that incorporates private home ownership, shops and businesses.

A Housing Authority submission seen by asks Fremantle council to consider upping the density of 11 single-house blocks that line South Street down to Bruce Lee Reserve in suburban Beaconsfield.

Each of the Housing Authority blocks is about 700sqm in size. The Housing Authority’s requested R80 zoning would allow between 40 and 60 dwellings to be built on the blocks, which previously carried only 11 detached houses.

But the Housing Authority says the density of public housing in the area “should” decrease under the plan, as public housing is only one of several affordable housing options that will be available.


In 2014, when police raided several Housing Authority properties in the area, after having tipped off Perth’s herd of big media outlets, the media herd reported that some locals knew the area as the ‘Beacy Bronx’.

Other locals know the area as ‘Sun Hill’, a fictional housing estate on the wrong side of the tracks in British cops and robbers show The Bill.

Police claimed to have found a replica gun, silencer, machete, stolen scooter and some drugs during the raids.

Now, the Housing Authority has jumped at the chance to lever off a Fremantle council plan to consolidate housing and business densities along both sides of South Street between York Street and just past Fifth Avenue in Beaconsfield, and Taylor Street to some blocks past Yalgoo Avenue in White Gum Valley.

Zed's fish and chips BeaconsfieldFor readers who know Beaconsfield and White Gum Valley, that’s the area around Zed’s fish and chip shop which was gutted by fire over the Christmas break, as pictured, left.


The council plans to significantly increase housing densities – to R100 in the areas bounded by blue in the pictured diagram, and to R80 in the areas bounded by red. This would allow apartment blocks up to five floors in height where currently the tallest buildings are a handful of two-floor houses.

The council’s rationale is to increase density around three nodes along the South Street transit corridor, which up to the early 1950s had trams, but now has the Circle Route 98/99 and other Transperth buses running along it. The other two planned nodes would be at the corner of Carrington and South streets in Hilton, and Hampton Road and South Street in South Fremantle.

Two of the Housing Authority blocks fall within the red part of the diagram, on the Beaconsfield side of South Street. The Authority’s other nine blocks, bounded by the yellow line, are the ones it wants included in the council’s planned R80 zoning scheme.

“The Authority is currently undertaking a review of its properties with a view to maximising development opportunities,” the Authority has told the council.

“This area is ripe for change and development …

“As a single major landowner the ability to develop at the proposed higher density (R80) would be easily achieved through amalgamation of landholdings and coordinated vehicle access.”


Housing Authority Acting General Manager Commercial Operations, Nigel Hindmarsh, told his agency would “endeavour to stimulate diversity of housing supply to support and enable joint public-private development projects”.

“In consultation with the City of Fremantle, [the] Housing [Authority] will work to optimise the regeneration potential of the area; activating the area with a mix of commercial, retail and residential accommodation,” Mr Hindmarsh said.

Rather than include the Housing Authority’s lots in their current proposal, Fremantle’s city planners have recommended the Authority and the council review all state housing in the area at a later date to assess “opportunities for comprehensive redevelopment”.

That recommendation, and another to put the council’s plans out for a third round of public consultation, are slated to be debated tonight by the council’s planning committee.

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Six new apparatus to put Perth gym junkies through their paces.

Workout equipment fit for Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee Reserve in the Fremantle suburb of Beaconsfield is set to get six new apparatus to put al fresco gym junkies through their paces.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 2The new gear is scheduled to be installed this year, and Fremantle council is inviting feedback on its plans to:

  • instal two lots of fitness equipment around the perimeter of the park on its eastern and northern sides;
  • create a small new play area on the eastern of the reserve that includes relocating and replacing an existing swing;
  • add a new path to provide universal access to the planned play area; and
  • lay a combination of mulch and rubber soft fall under the play and fitness equipment.

The equipment on the north side of the park will comprise step-up, chin-up and push-up bars (as pictured at rear, left) and something called an ‘oblique pivot’ (pictured, front).

On the east side, a leg press, shoulder press and butterfly press are planned, as partially pictured above, right.

While amusing the odd motorist who zooms by the reserve on busy South Street, the Bruce Lee Reserve sign has nothing to do with the late, great Kung Fu master from Hong Kong.

The park was named after another late Bruce Lee, a onetime journalist with the defunct Daily News, and a long-serving Fremantle city councillor from 1940 to 1967.

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Seaside beerfest from Ibiza to a place you'd rather be.

Global Corona beach party slated for Freo


EXCLUSIVE: Beer brand Corona’s only Australian ‘Sunsets’ music festival is set to take place at Fremantle‘s South Beach on January 16.

The beachy beerfest kicked off in Corona’s home country of Mexico on May 2, and continued to the United Kingdom on July 11, to Italy on July 25, and to the Spanish party island of Ibiza yesterday.

Shanghai is next on Corona’s party hitlist, with Perth slated to round out the six-gig extravaganza, as long as Fremantle council says “yes”.


Corona documents seen by claim that South Beach is an “iconic beachside location” with “one of Australia’s best sunsets”.

Corona says Fremantle would benefit from the Sunsets festival by being part of a larger, global tour that targets “iconic beach destinations”.

Perth’s port city would feature in a movie to be made of the Corona Sunsets concert series, and receive “live coverage” on all Corona’s social media channels.

Corona hopes 5000 adult revellers will attend the licensed gig, slated to occur on the turf behind South Beach and on the beach itself. Tickets to the two-stage party would not exceed $90 in price.

“Acoustic-electronic” acts would play alongside “deephouse” DJs and indie and rock acts, with the following artists being targeted:

Corona Sunsets Fremantle Australia

Some kind of “rock ‘n roll star chef” named Andre Amaro would be on hand to cook up a “beach fusion” storm.


In a report to his political masters, Fremantle council’s economic development and marketing manager Tom Griffiths claims: “Corona is an iconic worldwide brand and many of its brand values are aligned with Fremantle’s values”.

For his part, council arts and culture manager Pete Stone has recommended Corona Sunsets be approved when the council meets on August 26.

The event fence would stop three metres shy of the water, allowing Fremantle locals access to the ocean at all times.

Corona Sunsets would run from 2pm to 11pm on Saturday, January 16.

The beach party would be arranged by Sunset Events which is starting to dominate the management of Fremantle’s music scene. The company runs the annual West Coast Blues and Roots Festival, is planning 12 concerts a year at its mooted micro brewery at Bather’s Beach, and wants to open a venue called the Freo Social Hall in the heritage listed building from which the landmark Fly By Night Club was recently evicted.

Pic of entrance to Corona Sunsets, and the target act list: From Corona application document.

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1100 commemorative licence plates to be minted if local AFL team wins the flag.

Dockers, Eagles grand final car plates auction


EXCLUSIVE: Up to 1100 vehicle licence plates will be auctioned online to celebrate either a Fremantle Dockers or West Coast Eagles grand final victory should that magnificent eventuality play out in the first week of October. can reveal that from the final siren at the MCG on October 3, or no later than 9am the next day, the licence plates will go on auction for four weeks should the Dockers or Eagles win the flag.

The online public auction of no more than 1100 commemorative Dockers or Eagles plates will be promoted nationwide.

If the Dockers or Eagles lose on grand final day, the auction will be canned.

If a grand final replay is required, and either WA side wins, the Department of Transport will set a new start date for the auction, and fans will have a fortnight to place their bids.

Artwork for a Dockers and an Eagles win will be completed no later than one week before the grand final. In the event of a Dockers victory, the Eagles artwork will be trashed, and vice versa.

Assuming one of the Perth-based teams wins, fans will have the ability to view all plates and their reserve price online.

The plates would be available to successful bidders about a month after the closing date of the auction.

Photo: ‘Donaldytong’, Wikimedia Commons

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Divisive Fremantle bar wants to open 'til midnight six nights a week.

12 concerts a year at J-Shed beach brewery


Plans released today for a micro brewery at J-Shed, beside Fremantle‘s Bathers Beach, envisage 12 ticketed concerts a year with up to 1500 patrons.

Since Sunset Venues in 2013/14 won the right to develop J-Shed Fremantle’s vociferous heritage lobby has cried foul that the micro-brewery would be too intense for the backwater which is Bathers Bay.

Local objectors were not quieted any when a pro-heritage local newspaper wrongly reported the venue would be developed to a capacity of 15,000 people.

In a document released to the public today, Sunset, an arm of which runs the annual West Coast Blues and Roots festival, claims larger plans for J Shed have now ben scaled back in line with local expectations.

Still, Sunset envisages it will hire 50 employees, and is planning a $3 million revamp of the state heritage listed shed.

Sunset plans to host low key musical acts year round with a maximum capacity of 400 patrons, or 850 patrons on successful application to Fremantle council.

But, 12 times a year, Sunset wants to host ticketed concerts with a maximum patronage of 1500.

Sunset is proposing opening hours for the J-Shed micro brewery to be 11am to midnight six days a week, and 11am to 10pm on Sundays.

Last month, revealed the name and details of another controversial Sunset venue, at Fremantle’s Drill Hall from which the Fly By Night Club was recently evicted.

Have your say on the micro brewery plans here until August 28.

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Clapped-out Kentucky likely to become a 6am to 10pm servo only.

Four objectors sink 24/7 Puma


Four objectors have forced Puma Energy – which has embarked on a major expansion into Western Australia – to abandon plans for a 24/7 fuel stop at the site of a defunct KFC restaurant at the southern gateway to Fremantle.

In February, after City of Cockburn town planners recommended the 24/7 Puma be approved for the corner of Carrington Street and Clontarf Road in Hamilton Hill, the council’s elected officials unanimously knocked it back.

Four objections had been lodged against the pictured Puma, with the mooted 24/7 operation being a bone of contention.

puma fuel stationThe elected officials claimed the planned fuel station was too close to houses, and being less than 200-metres from an existing United servo on nearby Winterfold Road was “unnecessary”.

Puma appealed the elected officials’ refusal in the powerful State Administrative Tribunal. After three confidential mediation sessions, the tribunal invited the council to reconsider its decision.

Now, the city’s planners have again recommended the Puma be approved, this time however with operating times of 6am to 10pm only.

If approved when the elected officials again meet on Thursday night, the Puma will be housed in the converted KFC building, along the lines described in a previous story.

The defunct KFC is in a row of shops, the last of which is the final building in Cockburn before Carrington Street becomes part of Fremantle.

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Name and details emerge for controversial new Fremantle venue.

Freo Social Hall ousts Fly By Night


A corporate venue called the Freo Social Club will move into the heritage-listed Fremantle building from which the non-profit Fly by Night Club was recently evicted.

The Fly by Night was controversially shunted to nearby Victoria Hall after building owner, the National Trust of WA, granted a 21-year lease to Sunset Events instead.

The owners of Sunset, which runs the annual West Coast Blues and Roots Festival in Fremantle, have applied for a tavern licence for the 95-year-old Artillery Drill Hall building (pictured).

The liquor licence application says the Fly By Night was a victim of its Special Facility (Theatre) Licence, which limited the sale of alcohol to people attending a gig at the venue.

The Sunset owners contend “the public suffered frustration and disappointment due to these licence conditions”.

At their Freo Social Hall, the owners want to operate a concert venue for touring national, international and local acts in the building’s main hall, a la the venue the Fly By Night had operated there for 28 years.

The owners plan to use the building’s smaller hall for smaller acts.

The National Trust and their new tenant plan to give the Drill Hall a $3.5 million overhaul. Sunset’s owners say this will include a new courtyard, and a new deck area beside Queen Street with access to a food truck and an inside kitchen and bar.

Eviction of the Fly By Night prompted some of its patrons and performers to protest, including at Parliament House.

Photo: ‘Gnangarra’, Wikimedia Commons

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'Mini Quay' recommended for state endorsement between train station and port.

Fremantle’s answer to Elizabeth Quay


It’s ‘Mini Quay’, Fremantle’s answer to the hulking Elizabeth Quay project further up the Swan, and state planners have recommended it be endorsed by a government committee ahead of a final state approval process down the track.

In 2010, revealed that divisive plans by insurance giant ING for a $350 million mixed use project between Fremantle Train Station and the Port of Fremantle had been sunk by the global financial crisis. ING lost at least $17 million on that aborted project.

But now, government planners have recommended that a state committee endorse blueprints for a much larger project than the ING one that had first ruffled the feathers of Fremantle‘s vociferous heritage lobby almost a decade ago.

With a building up to 10 storeys and one up to six storeys planned behind but either side of the train station, the new project dwarfs the six-storey ING one against which the heritage boffins had run a sustained and successful campaign.

The pictured project at Victoria Quay would have up to 30,000sqm of commercial, office and entertainment floorspace.

Despite the mooted 10-storey structure, the Fremantle Port Authority, which has submitted the plans, claims its existing 10-storey tower near the WA Maritime Museum will remain the landmark building at the port.

If approved before the government’s announced sale of the port occurs, the project is likely to elevate the estimated $1.5 billion asking price for the state asset.

The Fremantle Port Authority would like to see the Federation era train station itself extended to accommodate retail, commercial and entertainment uses.

A redesigned and relocated bus interchange is also on the cards for the area around the train station. The bus interchange would be a maximum four storeys high and include parking for commuters, train station staff and anyone else who wanted to leave their car there.

The port authority also envisages the southern part of verdant Pioneer Park, behind Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, will be obliterated and converted into a building the same height as the theatre. This built form on the east side of Phillimore Street would mirror new buildings the authority plans for the west side. However, the Pioneer Park idea is not the port authority’s call – it’s up to Fremantle council.

In a sign that the Fremantle Doctor of change may be in, Mini Quay received not one objection during a recent 21-day consultation.

Nobody supported the project either.

Victoria Quay render: CODA designers

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