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Sister city turns Fungal

Typo-prone Fremantle official recommends UK trip – for himself.


EXCLUSIVE: In a report penned by himself, a Fremantle council official has recommended he be funded to travel to the UK, and revealed that Mayor Brad Pettit wants to attend “the 20th anniversary of the sister city relationship with Fungal in Portugal”.

In his report to Fremantle council’s elaborately named Finance, Policy, Operations and Legislation Committee, City Business Director Glen Dougall has recommended that Dr Pettit be allowed to tack a visit to Birmingham onto his planned trip to ‘Fungal’.

Mr Dougall’s self-prepared report also recommends the committee endorse him to travel to Birmingham to attend the so-called Regional Waste Management Conference between September 13 and 15.

Mr Dougall has recommended that Dr Pettitt join him in Birmingham.

Regardless of the merits of Mr Dougall’s self-initiated trip, one thing on the nose about his report is that Fremantle has no city agreement with ‘Fungal’.

In fact, there is no such place as ‘Fungal’, Portugal.

Fremantle does however have a mutual admiration arrangement with the picturesque Portuguese city of Funchal, in the semi-autonomous Atlantic archipelago of Madeira, off the west coast of Morocco.

Perth’s port city consummated its relationship with Funchal in 1996.

Dr Pettit plans to breeze in to Funchal in early September to celebrate the relationship’s 20th anniversary.

Birmingham is a lazy 2500km flight from the azure waters of Funchal, and Dr Pettit reasons he may as well stay in Europe and join Mr Dougall at the Regional Waste Management Conference.

The committee is slated to debate Mr Dougall’s self-recommended sojourn on May 18.

In Portuguese, ‘Funchal’ means ‘a plantation of fennel’.

There’s nothing fungal about it.

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