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ALDI loses battle to the death for right to open grog shop in Perth's outer suburbs.

First blood to Woolies in ALDI liquor stoush


EXCLUSIVE: Australian retail giant Woolworths has creamed German retail superpower ALDI in a toe-to-toe battle to the death for the right to erect a bottle shop in Perth’s eastern suburbs.

In a decision published online today, delegate of the state director of liquor licensing, Peter Minchin, granted Woolworths the right to build a grog shop at the new Harrisdale shops, and kicked ALDI’s competing application to the kerb.

In the green corner was Woolworths, which plans to build a standalone 188sqm grog shop offering 1623 types of alcohol.

In the orange corner was ALDI, which wanted to establish a small browsing area of about 24sqm in its new Harrisdale supermarket and will provide about 95 liquor products.

The ALDI grog shop would have been similar to Western Australia’s first in-supermarket grog shop approved for ALDI last week. brought the city first news of that grog shop, but as is standard practice with Perth’s dying band of dinosaur news outlets, a slow-grazing business reporter at Rupert Murdoch’s Sunday Times who we beat to the punch by more than a week claimed her follow up as an ‘EXCLUSIVE‘.

Nobody objected to the Woolies grog shop, but a lobby group called the McCusker Cenre for Action on Alcohol and Youth objected to the ALDI bottle-o.

For hus part, Mr Minchin concluded “it is neither necessary or desirable for two packaged liquor outlets to operate at the shopping centre in order to cater to residents of the locality and their requirements for access to packaged liquor”.

He decided Woolworths would provide more benefit to Harrisdale consumers because its grog shop was bigger, provided more types of alcohol, would have better customer service, and was separate to its supermarket.

Consequently, Mr Minchin approved the Woolworths application, and refused the ALDI application.

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Carousel eatery taken to the cleaners.

Urban Turban cockroach conviction


The Urban Turban Indian eatery at the Westfield Carousel shopping mall in Cannington has been fined $54,000 and ordered to pay $14,000 court costs after being convicted of a raft of hygiene offences including failing to eradicate, and prevent harbourage of, cockroaches.

Online today, the Department of Health published details of the conviction, brought to court by the City of Canning.

Urban Turban Australia Pty Ltd was zapped $54,000 for offences on April 3, April 14, April 29, May 7 and May 26 in 2014.

Offences included failure to protect food from contamination, to provide easily-accessible hand washing facilities, to provide soap near each hand-washing facility, and to ensure that hand-washing facilities were only used for washing hands, arms and faces.

“Visible matter” had also accumulated in the eatery, and the premises had unclean and poorly repaired equipment and fittings.

The kicker at the end of the offence list was: “failure to eradicate and prevent harbourage of cockroaches”.

Urban Turban was convicted last Wednesday, on May 4.

Urban Turban Carousel was given a makeover in 2012.

Photo: ‘Alpha’, Wikimedia Commons

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Controversial Queens Park venue battles to remain a community hub.

Kebab shop cops the lot


EXCLUSIVE: A controversial kebab shop that’s become a Queens Park social hub has earned the ire of 32 objectors.

After a complaint was made about noise, odour and operating hours of the Hamza Cafe on Wharf Street, Canning council investigated.

Members of the Spanos family, who own the kebab shop, subsequently applied for retrospective planning approval to run a cafe from the premises.

The Spanoses originally asked the council to approve a 24/7 operation, but have since cut back their requested hours to between 11am and 10pm, seven days a week.

Objectors have complained about a perceived increase in anti-social behaviour, cooking odour and light pollution from the cafe, the coming and going of vehicles and associated noise, and the large number of customers smoking shisha hookah pipes.

One objector, from 1/341 Wharf Street that Queens Park does “not need a 24/7 restaurant”, and the cafe should go “back to being a deli”.

[It’s] more a place where they go and sit outside and smoke big pipes,” the objector continued.

“It stinks.

“Don’t bring Queens Park down by allowing this.”

Another objector, also of 1/341 Wharf Street, claims that “parking is a problem, with cars parked on the footpath some nights”.

“We are not in Darling Harbour or South Bank,” the objector observes.

“What requirement is there for a 24/7 restaurant in Queens Park: it’s not a tourist or night life area.”

To those complaints, the Spanoses have responded that they’ve submitted revised trading hours, already have a tobacco sellers licence, the existing 28 car bays at the shops are adequate, and they are unaware of any ongoing illegal parking.

In a briefing note to her political masters, Canning council planner Amber Currie says the state Department of Health’s Tobacco Control Branch has visited the cafe and issued a warning relating to persons smoking in an enclosed public space.

The Spanoses have lodged a submission of support signed by 231 of their customers.

Ms Currie has recommended that Canning city councillors retrospectively approve the Hamza Cafe’s planned 11am to 10pm operations when the councillors next meet on May 3.

Photo: From the Spanoses’ planning application, lodged by Altus Planning & Appeals.

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And they're out, after allowing a child with Down Syndrome to depart unnoticed.

Three strikes for Camp Australia


EXCLUSIVE: Serial-offending Camp Australia – which runs 400 care centres for 50,000 children nationwide – has been fined $30,000 after allowing a child with Down Syndrome to leave its Cloverdale centre unnoticed.

A post on the Department of Local Government and Community Services website reports that child, 7, who cannot talk, was allowed to leave Camp Australia’s outside school hours care centre at Cloverdale Primary School on October 27.

Camp Australia has been fined $20,000 for allowing the child to leave the centre alone, unsupervised and unnoticed.

The company has also been fined $10,000 for failing to notify the department within the prescribed time of the child leaving the service alone and unsupervised.

The fines are the third penalty for Camp Australia in Western Australia, with last year revealing the company was fined $8000 after failing to report in a timely fashion the disappearance of a boy who, unsupervised, walked 1.4 kilometres home across busy Perth roads.

In 2012, revealed Camp Australia had been fined $52,500 for inadequately supervising minors at seven schools in Perth’s western, southern and northern suburbs.

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$13,000 penalty after odos of four vehicles wound back.

Car dealer fined for oldest trick in the book


A Maddington man was yesterday fined a total of $13,000 in Perth Magistrates Court for selling four cars that had their odometers wound-back, and buying and selling vehicles without a dealer’s licence.

Mohammad Momand was fined $5000 for unlicensed dealing between April 2013 and August 2014, and $2000 for each of the four cars sold with altered odometers. He was ordered to pay court costs of $9187.

Momand, who has a motor vehicle salesperson’s licence, had bought 15 vehicles and sold 14 of them on Gumtree without a dealer’s licence, in breach of the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act. His licence only allows him to sell vehicles as an employee of a licensed dealer.

Buyers of four of the cars had been misled, with the odometer readings showing fewer kilometres travelled than was the case:

  • A Holden Commodore that had travelled 214,304 kilometres had a reading of 135,000 kilometres when sold in June 2013;
  • A Ford Falcon that had travelled 199,898 kilometres had a reading of 78,000 kilometres when sold in August 2013;
  • A Holden Rodeo that had travelled 284,068 kilometres had a reading of 145,000 kilometres when sold in November 2013; and
  • A Ford Escape that had travelled 218,104 kilometres had a reading of 159,050 when sold in February 2014.

Acting Commissioner for Consumer Protection David Hillyard said these were serious violations from someone who was well aware of his legal obligations.

“As a licensed salesperson, Mr Momand was familiar with the licensing requirements when buying and selling vehicles for profit, but he chose to ignore the rules,” Mr Hillyard said.

“Buying and selling vehicles without a licence is a serious offence in itself, but to also sell vehicles that have false odometer readings is totally unacceptable.

“Selling cars with odometer readings showing less than the actual kilometres travelled makes the sale more attractive at the expense of the unsuspecting consumer.

“There are now many methods by which the true odometer reading of a vehicle can be established, so it’s only a matter of time before any deception is discovered and offenders will face prosecution action by Consumer Protection.”

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Gosnells radiographer dismisses concerns of woman whose underwear he pulled down without consent.

‘Why bother, I have seen it all anyways’


EXCLUSIVE: A Gosnells radiographer has been reprimanded, and banned from practice after admitting to pulling a woman’s pants down without consent and spreading her legs to expose her vagina.

A State Administrative Tribunal decision published last week reveals that in October 2014 Pei Ren Un, then a radiographer at Perth Radiological Clinic at 122-126 Stalker Road, either untied or reached under the robe of a female patient.

Before tribunal member Patricia Le Miere, Un admitted to pulling the patient’s underwear down without consent and, while she was on her back with her knees bent, pushing her knees apart, exposing her vagina.

Un admitted that in response to the patient trying to cover herself with the robe he said: “Why bother, I have seen it all anyways”, or words to that effect.

In November, 2014, Un’s employment at the clinic was terminated.

In May last year he was convicted of unlawful and indecent assault of the patient after pleading guilty at Armadale Magistrates Court.

He was sentenced to a 12-month community based order, and on December 1 his registration as a medical radiation practitioner lapsed.

He did not try to renew the registration, and has sought training and alternative employment in the computer technology and hospitality industries.

Ms Le Miere reprimanded Un for the sexual misconduct, disqualified him from applying for registration as a medical radiation practitioner for 18 months, and ordered that he pay the $1800 legal costs of the Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia which brought the case to the tribunal.

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Rivervale law flouter caught in the act.

$5000 fine for West Swan dump


A 64-year-old Rivervale man has been found guilty in Midland Magistrates Court of illegally dumping construction waste in West Swan.

Midland Magistrates Court heard that on June 19 last year, Ron Wimbridge dumped building waste including sand, timber, concrete and bricks at a vacant block of land on Victoria Road in West Swan.

Witnesses who saw Wimbridge’s dump recorded the registration number of his vehicle which was then reported to Department of Environment Regulation investigators.

Wimbridge, who pleaded guilty, was ordered to pay a $5000 fine and costs of $469.30.

DER Director General Jason Banks said the conviction was an example of how members of the community could work with the his department to combat illegal dumping.

“I thank the community members who had the foresight to take down the vehicle registration during this illegal dumping, which allowed the department to successfully investigate the incident,” Mr Banks said.

“We will continue to prosecute people who flout the law when it comes to illegal dumping.”

Maximum penalties for illegal dumping are $62,500 for individuals and $125,000 for corporations.

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Six-year-old picked up by passing paramedics after crossing Toodyay Road.

Autistic boy disappears from creche


A creche in Middle Swan has been fined $8000 after a six-year-old boy with autism went missing as his mother dropped by to pick him up.

State Administrative Tribunal member Patricia Le Miere recently heard that between 5:35pm and 5:40pm on September 1 last year the boy left the outside school hours care service at St Brigid’s Primary School on Toodyay Road.

Paramedics taking a patient to Swan District Hospital saw the unsupervised boy running along a footpath beside Toodyay Road at 5.38pm.

The boy then crossed the road near a Shell Petrol Station and entered a playground in a nearby park and started playing on the playground equipment.

The paramedics persuaded the boy to travel with them in the ambulance to the hospital.

They called police at 5:55pm to collect the boy from them at the hospital.

About 6:05pm police collected the boy from paramedics and returned him to the creche.

Ms Le Miere heard that some educators knew the boy had a tendency to hide and wander off.

Earlier, about 5:35pm there had been only three children left in the creche including he and his brother.

About 5:40pm, a senior educator saw the boy’s mother arrive in her car directly out front of the classroom.

The boy said: “Mum’s here”, and pushed the back of his brother’s chair.

A senior educator saw the boy run out the front door into the front play area which was enclosed by a fence and gate.

The educator knew another creche staffer was out there, and assumed the boy had gone to greet his mother.

Soon after, the mother came into the classroom and asked: “Where’s [the boy]?”

It was then that the educator realised the boy was not with his mother.

LPR Holdings, which runs the creche, was fined $8000 and ordered to pay $1500 legal costs to the Department for Local Government and Communities which brought the case to the tribunal.

Photo: Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez, Wikimedia Commons, under GNU free documentation licence.

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A la Skyworks, her remains to be shot into the heavens over river.

Fireworks to scatter ashes of Perth mum


EXCLUSIVE: In the wake of this week’s Skyworks extravaganza, the wish of a recently deceased Perth mum to have her ashes shot skyward as part of a riverside fireworks display looks likely to be granted.

The woman, whose name has learned from a council paper – thanks to the transparency of a black texta stroke meant to obscure details of her identity from a City of Canning document – would have turned 48 in mid February.

Her partner, whose name and mobile number have also been unwittingly revealed by the council, has advised that they and their children had watched Skyworks at the Shelley Foreshore in Perth’s eastern suburbs for many years.

If approved by the Department of Mines and Petroleum, the fireworks will last between three and seven minutes, and take place in an isolated, 50-metre exclusion zone on the Canning River foreshore.

The fireworks would occur before 9pm on the late woman’s birthday, and coincide with a family barbecue.

They would be set off by Howard and Sons Pyrotechnics which also does Skyworks, and has public liability insurance to cover the Shelley Foreshore fireworks to the tune of $20 million.

Council environment and compliance manager, Clint Burdett, has recommended his political masters give the pyrotechnics their imprimatur when they meet on February 2.

Mr Burdett, who presided over the sloppy texta-work, considered the woman’s fireworks would have “minimal impact on nearby residents given the time and duration of the event”.

The woman’s partner, who lives in the nearby suburb of Parkwood, plans to warn Shelley residents of the pyrotechnic sendoff by an ad’ in the local paper and a letter-box drop.

Pic: ‘Los699’, Wikimedia Commons, under Creative Commons attribution-sharealike 3.0 unported licence.

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Council fatcat says: 'Cop that!'

Tree vandals to be poisoned with jargon


Billboards jammed with jargon are Bayswater City Council’s latest weapon in the war against tree vandals. can reveal that in a bureaucratic bid to stop people poisoning trees at Ingles Reserve, a sign as large as a sapling is proposed with the jolt of jargon pictured, right.

The park is located on the Swan River at the end of Ingles Place. Council officials have advised that seven trees that died in the park recently were probably poisoned to death to enhance river views of high-brow houses in the area. makes no allegation of illegality against owners or builders of either of the pictured McMansions. Allegations of bad taste, yes. But of illegality, no.

The claptrap to which the council’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, Doug Pearson, wishes to expose the vandals, and anyone else who stumbles within eyeshot, is revealed at Page 10 of a 191-page Bayswater council committee agenda.

tree vandal signsFrom 2000 to 2008 in nearby Maylands, tree vandalism for the sake of rich residents’ views was a constant problem that the council and Swan River Trust tackled with the erection of ugly, black signs as pictured, left.

At Ingles Reserve, Mr Pearson has recommended a less visually abrupt design that is emblazoned with buzzwords instead. The planned sign convolutedly asserts that trees are “an important asset which provide a range of ecosystem services”.

In December, Kevin Mack, President of the Friends of [adjacent] Claughton Reserve, wrote to the city to protest the vandalism.

“Our group is appalled at this environmental vandalism and ask that the council investigate the matter; replace the effected trees; and erect signs at the same height and location of the deceased trees, the signs stating that the trees have been poisoned and that the signs will remain in place until the replacement trees reach the height of the signs,” Mr Mack penned.

Together, the seven trees and a jargonistic sign would cost $3000 to plant.

A city committee is slated to debate Mr Pearson’s recommendation on January 27.

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Thornlie resident sprung after fast food feed.

Bush dump costs man $10,000


A Thornlie man was fined $10,000 in Armadale Magistrates’ Court yesterday after illegally dumping fencing containing asbestos at Korung National Park near the Armadale locale of Karragullen on June 3 last year.

Sam Gossage, 27, was identified after Department of Environment Regulation investigators found a fast food receipt at the dump site and cross-checked the time of purchase with the restaurant’s drive-through CCTV.

The department also used footage to identify the man, from an onsite concealed video camera that captured the dump.

Gossage was also ordered to pay $1284.80 in clean-up costs and $660.30 for court costs.

The department’s Acting Director General Kelly Faulkner said the conviction should serve as a warning to would-be dumpers.

Maximum penalties for illegal dumping are $62,500 for individuals and $125,000 for corporations.

To report illegal dumping, call the 24-hour pollution watch hotline on 1300 784 782.

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Serial offending creche service accused of losing a child with Down Syndrome.

Camp Australia in strife again


EXCLUSIVE: Serial-offending Camp Australia – which runs 400 care centres for 50,000 children nationwide – has been accused of allowing a child with Down Syndrome to leave its Cloverdale centre unnoticed.

A post on the Department of Local Government and Community Services website reports that the seven-year-old child, who cannot talk, was allegedly allowed to leave Camp Australia’s outside school hours care centre at Cloverdale Primary School on October 27.

The child was allegedly allowed to leave the centre unsupervised.

The department has lodged an application for disciplinary action in the State Administrative Tribunal. The first directions hearing for the case is scheduled for February 2.

This time last year, revealed that Camp Australia was fined $8000 after failing to report in a timely fashion the disappearance of a boy who, unsupervised, walked 1.4 kilometres home across busy Perth roads.

In 2012, revealed the company had been fined $52,500 for inadequately supervising minors at seven schools in Perth’s western, southern and northern suburbs.

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Police seek witnesses.

Biker dies after hitting fence at Gidgegannup


A Morangup man, 67, died today after the motorcycle he was riding hit a fence at Gidgegannup.

Police spokesman Mick Slaughter said that at 7.58am the man’s grey Yamaha motorcycle was travelling west on Toodyay Road near Mayo Road when it veered across the eastbound lane, down an embankment and hit a wooden fence.

Senior Constable Slaughter said the rider, a 67-year-old man from Morangup, near Toodyay, was treated at the crash site by St John Ambulance officers.

The man was taken to St John of God Midland Public Hospital where he later died.

Police would like to speak to anyone who saw the crash, or the man’s Yamaha before the crash.

Anyone with relevant information can call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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Woman to appear in court today.

Dogs die in alleged arson


Arson Squad detectives have charged a 25 year old woman after a fire at her home killed two dogs late last night.

Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said emergency services were called to the two storey unit in Daly Street, Belmont about 10:25pm after reports of a fire in the unit.

The woman received minor burns and was treated at Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Ms Usher said two dogs in the unit died in the fire.

The Belmont woman has been charged with criminal damage by fire, endangering the life, health or safety of a person and causing unnecessary harm to an animal.

She is due to appear in Perth Magistrates Court today.

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