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Cottesloe balloon ban

Plan to bring beach and other events back down to earth.


The council that looks after Perth’s most famous beach would no longer allow helium balloons at its events under a plan floated by one of its elected officials.

At a meeting of Cottesloe council on April 26, Councillor Sandra Boulter will move that balloons be banned from Town of Cottesloe events.

“Balloons float up into the air and disappear from your thoughts, but not from the environment,” Cr Boulter reasons.

“Balloons and their string make ugly litter in even the most remote and pristine places.

“Dolphins, whales, turtles, seabirds and other animals have all been killed by balloons.”

Cr Boulter advises that even biodegradable latex balloons are a danger as they can take several months or even years to break down.

“Turtles are particularly at risk as they can confuse balloons with their jellyfish prey,” she continues.

“Mass balloon releases have already been banned by several local authorities in the UK, USA and Australia.

“Balloons can cause dangerous power outages.”

Council staff advise that applications requesting the release of balloons as a part of an event are few and it is not normally approved.

“Events with balloons that are filled with such gas as decoration for the event are more common,” the officials say.

“The intent at these events though is that the balloons be ‘taken home’ after the event, not released into the atmosphere.”

Base Cottesloe photo: Bram Souffreau, Wikimedia Commons

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