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Global Corona beach party slated for Freo

Seaside beerfest from Ibiza to a place you'd rather be.


EXCLUSIVE: Beer brand Corona’s only Australian ‘Sunsets’ music festival is set to take place at Fremantle‘s South Beach on January 16.

The beachy beerfest kicked off in Corona’s home country of Mexico on May 2, and continued to the United Kingdom on July 11, to Italy on July 25, and to the Spanish party island of Ibiza yesterday.

Shanghai is next on Corona’s party hitlist, with Perth slated to round out the six-gig extravaganza, as long as Fremantle council says “yes”.


Corona documents seen by claim that South Beach is an “iconic beachside location” with “one of Australia’s best sunsets”.

Corona says Fremantle would benefit from the Sunsets festival by being part of a larger, global tour that targets “iconic beach destinations”.

Perth’s port city would feature in a movie to be made of the Corona Sunsets concert series, and receive “live coverage” on all Corona’s social media channels.

Corona hopes 5000 adult revellers will attend the licensed gig, slated to occur on the turf behind South Beach and on the beach itself. Tickets to the two-stage party would not exceed $90 in price.

“Acoustic-electronic” acts would play alongside “deephouse” DJs and indie and rock acts, with the following artists being targeted:

Corona Sunsets Fremantle Australia

Some kind of “rock ‘n roll star chef” named Andre Amaro would be on hand to cook up a “beach fusion” storm.


In a report to his political masters, Fremantle council’s economic development and marketing manager Tom Griffiths claims: “Corona is an iconic worldwide brand and many of its brand values are aligned with Fremantle’s values”.

For his part, council arts and culture manager Pete Stone has recommended Corona Sunsets be approved when the council meets on August 26.

The event fence would stop three metres shy of the water, allowing Fremantle locals access to the ocean at all times.

Corona Sunsets would run from 2pm to 11pm on Saturday, January 16.

The beach party would be arranged by Sunset Events which is starting to dominate the management of Fremantle’s music scene. The company runs the annual West Coast Blues and Roots Festival, is planning 12 concerts a year at its mooted micro brewery at Bather’s Beach, and wants to open a venue called the Freo Social Hall in the heritage listed building from which the landmark Fly By Night Club was recently evicted.

Pic of entrance to Corona Sunsets, and the target act list: From Corona application document.

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  1. Steve says:

    I’m going, but will bring my esky filled with ice cold Fosters and VB.


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