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Const Care’s mini-Perth safety school

Everybody's favourite do-gooder plans a tiny town punctuated by major Perth landmarks.


Everyone’s favourite do-gooder is planning a traffic safety school at Maylands with an outdoor mini-town replete with replicas of major Perth landmarks.

The Constable Care Foundation wants to erect the pictured safety school outside Constable Care’s existing HQ at the defunct Maylands Primary School on Guildford Road.

The safety school is planned for the former primary school’s oval, beside the Seventh Avenue and Guildford Road intersection.

If the school is approved, there’ll be a modern classroom, mock road circuit, mock Winthrop Hall, Mock St Mary’s Cathedral, mock Transperth bus, mock rail carriages, and other mock landmarks.

The scale model buildings will be metal framed, compressed fibre clad and vinyl wrapped with an image of the building represented.

The only thing standing between Constable Care and his safety school is the WA Planning Commission who he’ll need to convince to approve it.

Perspective by Philip McAllister Architect.

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