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Care prepares to rock the block


Police mascot Constable Care has refreshed his mono-dimensional image by pumping out a groovy Christmas video.

The constable’s debut single ‘Merry Christmas’ is shot in his living room and features a power-pop guitar solo that blares around his inner-Perth ‘hood.

However, the din of his band – ‘The A-grades’ – disturbs a grumpy neighbour from tuning in to Howard Sattler and flicking through WA’s monopoly tabloid in the vain search for a decent yarn.

The neighbour – played by Peter Rowsthorn of Kath & Kim fame – decides to take charge but his stealthy efforts to shut down the gig are thwarted by a junior fan of the band.

The constable’s single is available as an iTunes download, with proceeds going to charity.

One Response to “Care prepares to rock the block”

  1. jeffg says:

    aussie rock clock maaaaate!


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