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High rise Cockburn car park derailed


Plans to build a mutli-storey car park to ease a chronic shortfall of car spaces at Cockburn Central train station have been recommended for the scrap heap.

City of Cockburn finance and corporate services director Stuart Downing has told his political masters to scrap the plans because a high rise car park would cost the city too much money.

A report to the city’s mayor and councillors says the Public Transport Authority has refused to chip in for the car park, because it is busy building other things including a new train station down the line at Atwell.

Little more than a year ago, in May 2012, the city agreed to explore how a multi-storey car park might be erected at Cockburn Central. At that time, $25,000 was allocated to draw up plans.

Now, a report – commissioned by the city and state government property developer Landcorp – into a 200, 400, 600, or 800-vehicle car park, has been completed.

The report estimates that an 800-bay car park would cost $28.53 million to build, while a 200-bay one would cost $2.07 million.

The report acknowledges what every Cockburn commuter knows – that parking demand at Cockburn Central far exceeds supply.

Demand may be reduced, the report says, when Atwell Station is finished in 2016/17.

However, the report adds that demand may increase again when the Fiona Stanley Hospital is completed at Murdoch, upping parking demand there, and shunting frustrated park-and-riders further down the line.

The city estimates it would need to charge commuters more than $10 a day to break even on a high rise car park.

But the report says there would be strong resistance from park-and-riders to pay any more than between $2 and $5 a day to park at Cockburn Central.

Currently, the $2 park and ride station at Cockburn Central is full at 7.15am.

The report says that at $10 a day it would be cheaper to park and ride at Cockburn Central than to drive into the Perth CBD and park there.

However, at that price, the report considers commuters would “prefer to stay in the queues of traffic” and drive all the way into Perth.

Mr Downing has recommended that the council not build the car park now, but review the situation in two years’ time.

The city’s mayor and councillors will vote on his recommendation at a meeting on Thursday night.

Photo: ‘Shinjiman’, Wikimedia Commons

2 Responses to “High rise Cockburn car park derailed”

  1. Lee says:

    Wow 2017 and it is still an issue…parking should be free the transportation costs are so high it would actually be cheaper to drive than pay more than $2!
    The council is a joke

  2. jak says:

    I have been saying for years that there is a way to solve the parking issues at all stations.

    Transperth were experimenting with using smart-riders to pay for car park spaces and bike parks. why don’t people tie their drivers license with this and is your address on your license is more than 1k (or 2k round) from a bus stop, then you pay $6-10 for parking at the train station. if you are more than 1k from a public (ie: not school bus) stop, are disabled or are over 55 you get free parking.

    it irked me when people whinged that when making the car park east of cockburn central (and the temp carpark was closed) that they were ‘better off catching the bus’. you are better off anyways because you live within the same zone as cockburn central. it costs you no more to use a bus from the train than it does to get to cockburn.

    I live 3.8kms from my nearest bus stop. the only public bus that went through my area was discontinued almost 15 years ago. live in a backwater that has waited for 4 years for a determination on what the future zoning plan will be for it (under directions 2031) so we don’t get any services here. We are the area that the state and local governments forgot. I am not jaded however. I am only looking for potential for improvement.

    the whole Atwell carpark showed the dependance West Australians have on their cars. we need to force a mentality change. we need to make people use the buses that are there. we need to get cars off the road completely and start taking public transport seriously.

    and give me buses in my area too, that would be nice.


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