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Gypsie, Sookie, Shaina, Melik and Conan stay with their mum after 145 supporters sign petition.

Woman fights to keep five dogs


A Bentley woman has managed to have a council ban on her keeping five big dogs set aside after 145 people signed a petition in her favour.

Last week, State Administrative Tribunal member Peter McNab ordered Canning council to reconsider its decision to refuse Anne Black’s application to keep Siberian huskies Gypsie, Melik and Sookie, and Alaskan malamutes Shaina and Conan at her house on Mitchell Street.

Before hauling Canning council before the tribunal, Ms Black had lodged a 145-signature petition in favour of keeping the five dogs on her 705sqm property.

Prior to that, the council had sprung into action after receiving a single complaint about the dogs.

At the tribunal, Mr McNab preferred the argument of Ms Black, who represented herself and the dogs, over that of the council’s lawyers.

The lawyers had argued that the discretion appearing in the state Dog Act to permit the keeping of more than two dogs was effectively illusory, as Canning’s town planning scheme governed the fate of Ms Black’s application.

However, Mr McNab concluded the Act and planning controls could “comfortably work together”.

“Moreover, the city’s consideration of the matter had apparently ignored other authority which showed that planning controls contemplated that the ordinary domestic keeping of animals as pets or as a hobby was ancillary to residential use of land,” Mr McNab added.

“Further, the city having been sidetracked into erroneously considering planning issues, was yet to consider the matter on its merits in accordance with the guidance offered by the Tribunal’s other cases on the administration of the Dog Act 1976.”

Mr McNab invited the council to reconsider its decision, and ordered the matter to return to the tribunal for a directions hearing on January 22.

Photo: ‘SCMW’, Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 unported licence.

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Ardross man, 22, charged with reckless driving after police sent running for their lives.

‘Booze bus used as chicane’


A motorist has been charged with reckless driving after he allegedly sent police officers running for their lives at a booze bus on Great Eastern Highway at Ascot.

Police spokeswoman Sarah Dyer said that on Saturday night, October 31, police had set up a mobile breath testing station on Great Eastern Highway, near Ivy Street.

Ms Dyer said that about 11.45pm a man allegedly drove northeast along the highway on the incorrect side of the road and approached the station in an erratic manner.

The man allegedly overtook slow moving vehicles waiting to be tested before forcing his way into the traffic to avoid a collision with the booze bus.

He then allegedly ran over several traffic cones and testing stations before continuing through the testing site narrowly missing a marked police vehicle and other members of the public.

During the alleged drive-thru, several officers had to run from their testing stations to avoid being hit by the vehicle.

A 22-year-old man from Ardross has been charged with reckless driving, acts or omissions causing bodily harm and failing to stop.

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Two men hospitalised after confronting alleged car thieves this morning.

‘Man ‘bricked’ in the face’


A man was allegedly struck in the face with a brick this morning after confronting two alleged car burglars in Maddington.

Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said that about 2:25 am two men went to investigate what appeared to be people breaking into a car.

Ms Usher said the men walked to the intersection of Aroona Way and Kemshall Way where they were confronted by two alleged offenders who demanded their wallets.

When the men said they had no property on them, one of the alleged offenders allegedly smashed a beer bottle and threatened one of the men. When the second man tried to intervene he was allegedly struck to the face with a brick.

The alleged offenders fled on foot.

Police attended and learned five vehicles on Aroona Way had been broken into.

The victims, aged 27 and 29, were treated at Armadale Hospital for cuts and bruises.

The alleged offenders are described as being about 20 years of age with fair skin.  One was wearing cargo shorts and the other a bright coloured top.

Police want anyone with relevant information to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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Police issue an alert.

Armadale woman missing since Tuesday


Polica are looking for an Armadale woman, 39, who has been missing since Tuesday.

Brenda Avsar (pictured) was last seen about 7pm on Tuesday at a house in Fremantle Road, Gosnells.

She has not made contact with her family or friends since.

Ms Avsar is 175cm tall, with a slim build, black hair, and brown eyes.

It is unknown what she was last wearing.

Ms Avsar may also be in possession of a red Toyota Camry sedan, with a possible registration of 1EEB 556.

Police want anyone who knows where Ms Avsar is to call them on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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German retail giant learns how to play Perth planning ball.

Maddington ALDI swings 90 degrees


After being rejected by a local council for offering a blank wall to the street, a planned ALDI for the eastern Perth suburb of Maddington has been turned 90 degrees to satisfy city planners.

ALDI wants to erect the pictured $4 million supermarket and an ALDI grog shop on the corner of Albany Highway and Burslem Drive.

ALDI Maddington

Maddington ALDI before …

But, back in June, the City of Gosnells proved to be a fly in ALDI’s generic brand ointment, recommending that a state assessment panel refuse the German retail giant’s Maddington supermarket.

The panel deferred its decision on the supermarket so ALDI and the city council could caucus on an alternative design.

The main reason the city gave for not endorsing the ALDI was that it would present an “inactive frontage (in the form of a generally blank wall) to Herbert Street”.

One objection (complaining about a potential increase in traffic) and two submissions of support were received on the ALDI during the council’s obligatory consultation phase.

Maddington set to be ALDI approved

… and after Gosnells council’s intervention.

In addition, the Department of Health chimed in with a concern over the “normalisation” of the viewing of alcohol by young people if it were available in supermarkets, and a contention that the sale of alcohol in supermarkets increases consumption and hence health issues.

But the planned ALDI is now back from the dead, with renders seen by placing the supermarket at 90 degrees to Herbert Street.

Gosnells council has recommended that the transposed ALDI be approved, and a state assessment panel will decide the building’s fate on September 9.

An existing concrete and iron retail building will need to be demolished to make way for the ALDI.

Plans: Before: Modus Blueprint Pty Ltd, After: Actus Associates

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16-year-old hit by two cars at Cloverdale.

Boy killed in scooter crash


A boy, 16, riding a push scooter was killed last night after being hit by two cars at Cloverdale in Perth’s inner eastern suburbs.

Police spokeswoman Sarah Dyer said that at 6:50pm a white Toyota Camry was travelling south-west along Wright Street when the boy crossed the street on a push scooter.

The Camry hit the boy who was then struck by a Hyundai Santa Fe that was travelling north-east.

St John Ambulance attended the crash but the boy died at the scene.

Police have asked anyone with information about the crash to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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Notice detailing workplace breaches to be displayed to customers.

Malaysian eatery named and shamed


The Malaysian Dining Delights restaurant at Bentley has been compelled to display a notice of its workplace breaches after international students and a foreign backpacker were paid as little as $15 an hour.

The three females, from Malaysia and Taiwan, worked as kitchen hands and waiting staff at the Malaysian Dining Delights restaurant on Manning Road in Bentley.

They are among five workers aged between 22 and 41 who were short-changed almost $4200 between July last year and January this year.

They were being underpaid their minimum hourly rate, overtime, weekend, evening, and public holiday rates and split shift allowances.

Individual underpayments ranged from $233 to $2175.

Restaurant director Soon Huat Koh told Fair Work inspectors he was unaware of Australia’s minimum pay rates or the Restaurant Industry Award 2010.

Mr Koh also failed to issue pay slips, for which he received an $850 on-the-spot fine.

Four of the five underpaid workers have now been reimbursed all outstanding entitlements.

The 417 working holiday visa-holder has returned home and cannot be located. Her wages will be held in trust until she can be found.

Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James said Malaysian Dining Delights had no previous record of non-compliance with workplace laws.

She has requested the business and Mr Koh to sign an enforceable undertaking requiring the restaurant to engage an external accounting professional to audit wage practices and report back to her on systems and processes implemented to ensure compliance.

The restaurant will now issue pay slips to workers within one working day of them being paid, and display a workplace notice detailing the company’s breaches.

Photo: ‘Elph’, Wikimedia Commons

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$60,000 net to ensure only one type of floaty this summer at Perth aquatic centre.

Public pool a magnet for duck poo


A Perth public pool gets so befouled with fowl faeces each year that a senior official wants to stretch a $60,000 net over it to eradicate ducks and geese.

Mundaring shire manager Kirk Kitchin wants a bird net spread over the entire Mt Helena Aquatic Centre to stop ducks roosting and breeding, and eliminate the litres of duck dung deposited in the pool each summer.

The aquatic centre is located on the verdant grounds of Eastern Hills Senior High School, and comprises a 25-metre, eight-lane pool, and a baby pool.

In a report to his political mastersMr Kitchin advises that every summer evening the 25-metre pool and its surrounds are “invaded” by about 30 Maned Geese.

“In autumn and winter when the pool is closed to the public, 80 or more ducks roost and breed in the grounds,” Mr Kitchin continues.

“The numbers of ducks located at the pool is increasing year by year.

“The corresponding increase in duck faeces in the pool and on the pool deck creates a health and aesthetic problem for the shire.”

Mr wants only one type of floatie in the Mt pool.

Only one type of floaty desired at Mt Helena pool this summer.

Mr Kitchin says a $60,000 net – to be funded 50/50 by the shire and Department of Education which shares the pool – would remove a “significant health and aesthetic issue”.

The square-shaped net would stretch 40 x 40 metres, 5.4 metres above the ground.

Mundaring Shire has gone to extraordinary lengths to eliminate the ducks (pictured above, right) and their poo.

Measures employed to date include:

* culling – which was expensive and ineffective due to a lengthy approvals process for only a limited number of ducks which, as a native species, are protected under Federal law;

* applying a special chemical to the deck around the 25-metre pool in the winter season to deter the ducks from landing. But the chemical did not work;

* importing a motion sensor sprinkler from the United States on a trial basis to scare the ducks away. This worked initially but not in the long term as the ducks got wise to the ploy;

* installing eagle and owl figurines above the pool and on the change room’s roof. Neither of these scared the ducks away;

* stringing flag bunting over the pool to deter ducks from flying into the centre. The ducks merely altered their flight paths to miss the bunting; and

* trapping and relocating which were useless as the ducks proved difficult to trap, only a few ducks could be removed at a time, and taking them far enough away so they did not fly back was not cost effective.

bird net

The duck net at La Salle.

Mr Kitchin’s last ditch net plan is based on experience at Warwick Senior High School and La Salle College in Viveash where nets were stretched to deter defecating ducks.

He advises that at La Salle the duck droppings were eliminated.

He estimates that the shire and education department currently spend $23,000 annually to remove duck poo from the pool deck at Mt Helena.

Mr Kitchin’s duck diversion net is slated to be debated at a council meeting on Tuesday night.

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Parent told to 'piss off', and student umpire, 16, brought to the point of tears.

Deputy principal demoted after softball outburst


A deputy principal at High Wycombe Primary School has been demoted, transferred and had her pay docked after speaking aggressively to a volunteer student umpire and telling a parent to “piss off” at an inter-school softball match.

On May 28 last year, when she attended an inter-school sports carnival at Maida Vale Reserve, Trudi Watts had been Deputy Principal at High Wycombe Primary School since 2010.

A decision published this month by Western Australian industrial commissioner Pamela Scott reveals that while supervising a Year Six and Seven girls’ B-grade softball team Ms Watts spoke aggressively and in an inappropriate tone to a student umpire who was 16 years old.

She also directed a parent to “piss off”.


The outburst arose over Ms Watts’ wish to have the student umpire, who was from Darling Range Sports College, score the game as well as officiate.

In her published decision, Acting Senior Commissioner Scott noted Ms Watts had been “rude, overbearing and aggressive” toward the volunteer student umpire.

“When he indicated to her that some of the parents had offered to do the scoring while he did the umpiring, she was not happy with this response and demanded that he score,” Ms Scott added.

“She did so in a tone and manner that was aggressive and inappropriate for a teacher, in the presence of all of the people at the event.

“Whether he cried as a response to her behaviour, as reported by a number of the other witnesses, is not so significant to me.

“He denies that he cried and I can understand why, if he had cried, he might now deny it.

“However, he was at least upset, bewildered and looking for assistance and support from others in response to Ms Watts’s behaviour towards him.”


Ms Scott found that Ms Watts’ attitude on the day toward a female teacher from her school was “rude and aggressive”.

“[The teacher] was so shocked and distraught by the attack by Ms Watts that she had a panic attack and dropped to the ground to catch her breath, and recover herself,” Ms Scott noted.

“Witnesses described her distress and that she was crying.

“In any event, it is quite clear that Ms Watts was in a state of high dudgeon and was abusive towards anyone who crossed her path or took a different view to hers that morning …”


Ms Scott was busted back to teacher level, docked a day’s pay of $446.81, and transferred from High Wycombe Primary.

In his Term 2 newsletter earlier this year, High Wycombe Primary School principal Rick Walters said Ms Watts had “left our school as of the start of Term 2 after being transferred to a new position within the Department”.

“I would like to thank Mrs Watts for her contribution to our school community and wish her all the best for the future,” Mr Walters wrote.

Photo: ‘THOR’, Wikimedia Commons

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$8000 penalty and staff given formal warning.

Creche fined after child, 5, left at Scitech


A creche in the Bassendean suburb of Eden Hill has been fined $8000 and its staff given a warning after a child, 5, was left unattended for 90 minutes at Scitech after an excursion there ended.

A ruling published this week by State Administrative Tribunal president Jeremy Curthoys notes that Funtrain Enterprises, which runs a creche at Alf Faulkner Hall in Eden Hill admitted to leaving a child unsupervised for 90 minutes at Scitech on April 15.

The child, 5, had been on an excursion conducted by Funtrain which left Eden Hill at abut 10am and returned about 1pm.

The child was left behind at Scitech until between 1.30 and 2pm when Scitech staff there told Funtrain the child was still there.

The child had been left without any form of supervision for at least 90 minutes in a place accessible to the general public.

Funtrain did not conduct a roll call before leaving Scitech, but its staff did do a head count.

At a staff meeting the morning after the excursion, Funtrain issued all staff involved a formal verbal warning. New procedures were developed to prevent further juvenile disappearances.

Justice Curthoys ordered Funtrain to pay a penalty of $8000, and to contribute $1500 toward legal costs of the Department for Local Government and Communities which brought the case to the tribunal.

Photo: ‘SeanMack’, Wikimedia Commons

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Planters get busy around Curtin Uni this week to help head off black cockatoo extinction.

3000 trees to give cockies a feed


Nearly 3000 trees are being planted at Curtin University from this week in a bid to provide food for Perth’s endangered black cockatoos.

University technical officer Jacqui Addison said the trees would eventually screen the university from main roads around Curtin’s Bentley campus, increase food for black cockatoos and offset carbon emissions.

Ms Addison said the trees would also increase shade for students, staff, and visitors.

“We just planned as many plantings as we can within one year, and they are all tubestock so next year we’ll go through and replant what hasn’t survived and we’ll just do that each year,” Ms Addison said.

Tree species to be planted include the native Eucalyptus caesia, Hakea laurina, Agonis flexuosa, Corymbia ficifolia, and Banksia grandis.

Planting areas include the median strip at car park C9, the Building 500 car park, Manning Road verge, and along Kent Street.

Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre Avian Management Officer Rachel Riley said the tree planting could help over the longer term.

“It’s going to take a little while, and [the trees] won’t produce any nesting hollows in that area for up to 150 years,” Ms Riley said.

“It’s a long-term goal.

“As long as the area is protected it will be very helpful in the future and will help future populations [of cockatoos] if we have enough left.”

Edith Cowan University environmental management professor Will Stock said that between 2010 and 2014 the population of Carnaby’s black cockatoos had declined at a rate of 14 per cent a year, which he described as a “very worrying trend”.

Photo: Donna Hynes and Alec Levet get to planting. Credit: Tom Munday

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Thousands of motorists to cop an eyeful every day.

Technicolor facelift for phone exchange


The blank, white walls of the Brutalist-era Telstra exchange building on Albany Highway are in for a Technicolor overhaul.

Canning council’s marketing and communications manager Lisa Bradley has recommended that the pictured facelift by artist Leanne Bray be given the nod for the Cannington landmark.

Bray won Ms Bradley’s confidence after an expression of interest process run jointly by the council and Telstra attracted four artists to bid for the $25,000 paint job.

The exchange at present.

The exchange at present.

In her bid, Bray admitted she had a “fascination for the decorative elements of ethnic design based on years of living in Africa whee no surface if left blank”.

“Through the use of repeated patterning (embracing the recogniused corporate identity oif Telstra) the plan is to draw focus and add to the established of street presence,” Bray declares.

“(It is a unique building and I gave alats imah0ub ed how it could be enganced!)

Not shown in the pictured mockup of the project by Bray is the watermark of a world map that will infuse the artwork.

At a meeting on Tuesday night, Canning’s trio of non-elected commissioners will decide whether or not to approve Bray’s artwork.

If the artwork is approved, thousands of passing motorists will cop an eyeful every day.

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Camillo clan left to lick its wounds after $81,000 penalty.

Family fined over backyard car sales


A father, mother and their son have been fined a total of $81,440 for buying and selling cars from their homes in Merredin and Camillo without having a licence.

It was the parents’ third offence of illegal car dealing and they were given a daily penalty on top of a fine.

In Armadale Magistrates Court yesterday Andrew Gregory, 46, was fined $20,000 and a daily penalty of $30 for 524 days, totalling $35,720, and ordered to pay costs of $901.

Suzannah Gregory46, was fined $20,000 and a daily penalty of $30 for 524 days, totalling $35,720.

Luke Gregory20, was fined $10,000 for his first offence.

Andrew and Suzannah Gregory were both previously convicted of unlicensed car dealing in 1996 and again in 2008.

None of the trio appeared for the court hearing, but they submitted guilty pleas, admitting to selling 38 vehicles from their Merredin home, and then their Camillo home, over a 17 month period from June 2013 to December 2014.

Most of the vehicles were advertised on Gumtree.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection Anne Driscoll expressed alarm that the parents, who were repeat offenders, have also involved their son in their illegal activities.

“After being convicted of unlicensed car dealing in the past, the parents knew very well that their activities were illegal but, not only did they continue to break the law, they then turned it into a family business,” Ms Driscoll said.

“I hope the result of our court action will finally bring an end to this family’s unlicensed dealing and also serve as a warning to other backyard operators about the very serious consequences.

“Car buyers should not be knowingly dealing with illegal backyard operators, as protections afforded to them such as warranties, title in the vehicle and consumer guarantees will not apply in these cases, so they are compromising their consumer rights.

“The licensing system for dealers ensures that only fit and proper people are permitted to work in the motor vehicle industry and those who operate outside of the licensing system escape that scrutiny.

“Backyard dealers undermine industry standards so unlicensed operators should be reported to Consumer Protection so that a stop can be put to their illegal activities.”

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Loud bang heard in Midland.

‘Boy 10 tries robbing truckie with cap gun’


A 10-year-old Guildford boy has been charged after allegedly attempting to rob a truck driver with a cap gun as he sat in his truck at a shopping centre on Great Eastern Highway in Midland yesterday.

Police spokeswoman Ros Weatherall said that between 4pm and 4.30pm yesterday the 28-year-old male driver was sitting in his truck after making a delivery when he was approached by the boy at the driver’s side door.

Ms Weatherall said the boy was wearing dark-coloured clothing with a hood covering his head.

He allegedly pointed a handgun at the man and made threats before pulling the trigger and causing a loud bang.

The boy was apprehended by police a short time later.

The handgun was found to be a toy cap gun.

The boy has been charged with attempted armed robbery and will appear in Perth Children’s Court today.

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