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Workout equipment fit for Bruce Lee

Six new apparatus to put Perth gym junkies through their paces.


Bruce Lee Reserve in the Fremantle suburb of Beaconsfield is set to get six new apparatus to put al fresco gym junkies through their paces.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 2The new gear is scheduled to be installed this year, and Fremantle council is inviting feedback on its plans to:

  • instal two lots of fitness equipment around the perimeter of the park on its eastern and northern sides;
  • create a small new play area on the eastern of the reserve that includes relocating and replacing an existing swing;
  • add a new path to provide universal access to the planned play area; and
  • lay a combination of mulch and rubber soft fall under the play and fitness equipment.

The equipment on the north side of the park will comprise step-up, chin-up and push-up bars (as pictured at rear, left) and something called an ‘oblique pivot’ (pictured, front).

On the east side, a leg press, shoulder press and butterfly press are planned, as partially pictured above, right.

While amusing the odd motorist who zooms by the reserve on busy South Street, the Bruce Lee Reserve sign has nothing to do with the late, great Kung Fu master from Hong Kong.

The park was named after another late Bruce Lee, a onetime journalist with the defunct Daily News, and a long-serving Fremantle city councillor from 1940 to 1967.

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