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Behold the new Perth Oval



EXCLUSIVE: Here’s what Perth Oval AKA nib Stadium will look like when the WA Government gives it a long-awaited overhaul to drag it into the 21st Century.

Department of Sport and Recreation plans seen by depict new grandstands for the east, north and south of the ground.

The plans are yet to be assessed for development approval but are likely to be rubber stamped by the City of Vincent which recently agreed to lease the ground to the government.

Construction is set to start in June 2012 and be completed by April 2013.

The stadium will keep operating during the construction period – but with reduced capacity during the 2012 soccer season.

The new eastern stand (pictured above, right) will replace the existing 6940-patron scaffold stand, and house 9975 patrons under cover. Included in the 9975 seats will be 420 open air corporate ones.

Under the $95.1 million overhaul, stadium capacity will decrease from the existing 21,254 to 20,441. However, most patrons will be housed in plusher surroundings than before.

The existing western stand will stay largely as is – with the same capacity and no plans to add to its existing 242 open air corporate seats.

A new southern stand to replace the existing, temporary one will remain roofless for now.

However, provision has been made to erect a cover and link it to the eastern stand at a later project stage when the stadium’s ultimate capacity of 25,000 would be reached.

To the north of the ground, the current 3591 standing spaces in the lower bowl will make way for 2097 self-tipping, plastic seats.

New light towers, video scoreboards and a replacement pitch with subsurface drainage will also be part of the revamp.

Behind the eastern stand, a long row of food, beverage and toilet ‘pods’ will house catering services and provide for any resulting gastric reaction.

5 Responses to “Behold the new Perth Oval”

  1. Mitchell says:

    Nice stadium I like the upgrades so nice I’ve been to this stadium before lots of times and looks great

  2. Matt says:

    Keep the terracing at the North end. Why reduce standing area and put more bloody plastic seating there?

    Some people enjoy standing.

    The best atmosphere is in the north end.


  3. Perth Red says:

    Typical short sighted planning by WA Govt. A new 30k stadium should have been built alongside the AFL one at Burswood. Would have created a brilliant sporting and entertainmnet precinct, better public transport links and ultimately cost the same as patching up the out of date nib. One day this city may get a viosnary Govt!

  4. Matt says:

    Looks like this design lacks atmosphere.

  5. Jalan Salur says:

    Could have built a BRAND NEW stadium for $82 Million! Will this be made from gold?


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