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Tree vandals to be poisoned with jargon

Council fatcat says: 'Cop that!'


Billboards jammed with jargon are Bayswater City Council’s latest weapon in the war against tree vandals. can reveal that in a bureaucratic bid to stop people poisoning trees at Ingles Reserve, a sign as large as a sapling is proposed with the jolt of jargon pictured, right.

The park is located on the Swan River at the end of Ingles Place. Council officials have advised that seven trees that died in the park recently were probably poisoned to death to enhance river views of high-brow houses in the area. makes no allegation of illegality against owners or builders of either of the pictured McMansions. Allegations of bad taste, yes. But of illegality, no.

The claptrap to which the council’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, Doug Pearson, wishes to expose the vandals, and anyone else who stumbles within eyeshot, is revealed at Page 10 of a 191-page Bayswater council committee agenda.

tree vandal signsFrom 2000 to 2008 in nearby Maylands, tree vandalism for the sake of rich residents’ views was a constant problem that the council and Swan River Trust tackled with the erection of ugly, black signs as pictured, left.

At Ingles Reserve, Mr Pearson has recommended a less visually abrupt design that is emblazoned with buzzwords instead. The planned sign convolutedly asserts that trees are “an important asset which provide a range of ecosystem services”.

In December, Kevin Mack, President of the Friends of [adjacent] Claughton Reserve, wrote to the city to protest the vandalism.

“Our group is appalled at this environmental vandalism and ask that the council investigate the matter; replace the effected trees; and erect signs at the same height and location of the deceased trees, the signs stating that the trees have been poisoned and that the signs will remain in place until the replacement trees reach the height of the signs,” Mr Mack penned.

Together, the seven trees and a jargonistic sign would cost $3000 to plant.

A city committee is slated to debate Mr Pearson’s recommendation on January 27.

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