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Tired of reading the same old ‘news’ yarn you’ve seen everywhere else?

Here’s how the big-media merry-go-round spins that second-hand story out to you over and over again …

1. a good journalist breaks a real story;

2. during the second or third dunk of their leisurely morning donut, a lesser hack twigs to the story and sets about finding an ‘expert’ here, a pundit there, to deliver up a ‘fresh’ angle;

3. the hack’s media outlet starts pushing that second-hand yarn at you like some two-day-old cheeseburger; and

4. next day, the good journalist breaks another story so the tedium can start all over again.

oneperth.com.au is Perth’s homegrown, locally-run, news alternative.

We refuse to follow the big-media herd to banal press conferences where spin doctors pump pre-packaged puff.

Instead, since August 2010, we’ve been unearthing original news that matters to Perth locals.

Unlike most media, we do not hold our stories back to publish when it suits us.

As soon as we have the story we deliver it free, fast and first to your fingertips.

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Hope you enjoy the website – Chris Thomson, Editor

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