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South Perth skyscraper kicked to kerb

$174.45 million project imperilled because it's an apartment block.


EXCLUSIVE: South Perth council has recommended that a 38-floor skyscraper planned for Mill Point Road be refused largely because it is an apartment block.

The council reasons that the pictured tower is a “predominantly residential use which is inconsistent with [a] guidance statement … that any comprehensive new development should consist of predominantly non-residential uses to ensure the precinct consolidates its role as an employment destination”.

South Perth skyscraperThe $174.45 million project, designed by Hassell architects, is set to be debated by a state planning panel on March 14.

The plans include 163 apartments and a 29th-floor ‘sky lounge’ for the EXCLUSIVE use of residents.

During a 21-day public consultation period, six objections and two supporting comments were received.

The objectors made all the usual noises about increased traffic, overshadowing and purported excessive building height.

And, as usual, the supporters murmured something along the lines of how the skyscraper would help activate South Perth.

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  1. MIchael Seman says:

    The building is not compliant. So the developer has themselves
    to blame, not any NIMBYs. They should not go running to the
    government to bail them out.


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