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Second heritage spanner in Roe 8 works

Cockburn council plans to list virtually the entire corridor.


EXCLUSIVE: A second heritage spanner has been thrown in the works of the contentious Roe 8 freeway project in Perth’s southern suburbs with the City of Cockburn planning to add virtually the entire transport corridor to its significant trees register. can reveal the council plans to list as significant a corridor of Tuart, Marri, Karri and Eucalyptus trees within the Roe 8 reserve, as pictured.

The Roe 8 corridor includes about 20 trees (marked in green) that are potential breeding trees for endangered black cockatoos.

These trees sit in a much larger corridor of trees the city says are significant, as marked in yellow.

The council’s push to list the trees follows a revelation last year that the city had moved to place the remains of a nearby defunct Australian Women’s Army Service World War II army camp on the local heritage register.

A council-hired archaeologist recommended the state government, which is itching to build Roe 8, be made aware of the camp and its potential as a complicating factor for the freeway project.

2 Responses to “Second heritage spanner in Roe 8 works”

  1. Steve Portelli says:

    Meaningless? Do we list all the trees on the other road verges that will need to be upgraded? Like Bibra Drive, Farrington Road, Russell Road? The combine acreage of bush and significant trees will pale into insignificance the trees in the Roe 8 reserve.

  2. Diggo says:

    Very little value as far as the State Govt is concerned as the Citys approval for removal of trees will not be required for the State to build a public work such as a road.

    If the Council is really interested in protecting trees then it should under take a review for the whole city not just this narrow corridor.


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