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‘Meh’gascrapers fail to raise a pulse

Design committee underwhelmed by half-billion-dollar, 64 and 55-level Northbridge phallic symbols.


New plans to erect massive 64 and 55-level phallic symbols on the former Megamart site in Northbridge have drawn a ‘meh’ from the City of Perth’s Design Advisory Committee.

The committee comprising David Karotkin, Andy Sharp, Warren Kerr, City Architect Craig Smith, and Government Architect Geoff Warn has unanimously recommended the developer of the pictured $488 million project, comprising 64-level and 55-level apartment blocks, and an 11-level hotel not be granted the bonus plot ratio they are after because, among other reasons:

  • megamart plans perth“the overall design of the ground plane seems to misunderstand the character of the surrounding precinct and the established city geometry, with the public plaza appearing more like ‘left over space’ rather than space with a considered public purpose and benefit;
  • the pedestrian desire lines, building footprints and orientation, and the dimensions and amount of public open space need to be reviewed to improve the quality of the public plaza, with a demonstrated understanding of the intended use of the plaza and its place within the hierarchy of public spaces in the locality; and
  • concern about the number of undersized apartments and balconies within a development of this scale and the missed opportunity to provide daylight into the lift lobbies and corridors to improve the internal amenity of these common areas”.

The pictured renders are the latest of several drawn up for the site since revealed the first ones in August 2013.

The new 64 and 55-level buildings are the tallest so far planned for the site. The highest of the earlier planned skyscrapers maxed out at 52 levels.

The project has earned the ire of onetime Penthouse pet Bree Maddox over fears the operation of her Court Hotel across the road might be curtailed if new residents start lobbying for noise restrictions on the popular venue.

If the skyscrapers are eventually approved, the 64-floor one will be the tallest apartment block in Western Australia.

Renders from documents submitted to City of Perth by TPG Town Planning

3 Responses to “‘Meh’gascrapers fail to raise a pulse”

  1. brendan bracewell says:

    headline and coin-phrasing of the year, great work OP

  2. Diggo says:

    Bad Feng Shui. They will never be built.

  3. Steve says:

    I love them.
    Cannot wait to see them go up.
    As for City of Perth Design Advisory Committee, which sheltered workshop or school for the less than gifted did they recruit the panel?
    Stop meddling, idiots – you jeopardise a half billion dollar investment and hundreds of jobs, not to mention a few thousand new ratepayer revenue streams.


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