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‘Australia’s first ice-rink restaurant’

A tad more than Fanta on the way for cool new licensed eatery.


The new ice rink at Bibra Lake in Perth’s south will be the first in Australia to have a restaurant, and a licensed one at that, if the state liquor watchdog gives the eatery the nod.

Having recently received the City of Cockburn planning approval for the restaurant, Cockburn Ice Arena directors Tom and Calandra Barrett have one more compulsory routine to perform – this time for the state liquor licensing director.

The Barretts’ liquor licence application, seen by, reveals that Cabin 401 Bar and Grill will be the restaurant’s name, and serving lunch and dinner to up to 190 diners will be its game

The couple wishes to serve alcohol to spectators at the rink, or to complement a meal.

The Barretts say that no other ice rink in Australia has a restaurant.

And down the track, they hope to open either Cabin 401, or the existing Frostbite café, for breakfast, as they reckon Bibra Lake “is crying out for such a service”.

The ice rink had been operating at Barrington Street since 1995, but in October 2015 moved to shiny new premises beside the azure waters of Bibra Lake.

Cabin 401 awaits its liquor licence.

Cabin 401 awaits its liquor licence.

Cabin 401 is planned to be “North-American style” with American Western Red Cedar timber panelling mixed with some white stone to fit in with the ice sports feel.

Wall paper of copper trees and pears is likely to line some walls and “reinforce the cabin feel”. The ceiling would be angled with a bulkhead over the bar area.

Four televisions are planned for the restaurant, featuring “all manner of ice sports coverage from NHL hockey games, figure skating, to snow sports, Red Bull Crashed Ice events, and depending on the clientele, local sports coverage”.

For diners there for a meal rather than the television, large windows run the length of the restaurant, separating it from the rink.

“Customers can watch skaters on the rink from the restaurant,” the Barretts foresee.

“This is very important for spectators.

“A single window overlooks Bibra Lake’s sparkling blue waters, surrounded by lounge seating.”

Hockey memorabilia is being installed including signed jerseys. And a 2.4-metre fireplace has been installed on a feature wall which to be surrounded by lounges and low tables.

The Barretts plan to open the restaurant seven days a week until 11pm.

When fully developed, the ice arena will be the second largest in the southern hemisphere, behind the venue formerly known as The Ice House in Melbourne’s CBD.

The national figure skating championships are tentatively booked for 2017 in the lead up to the Winter Olympic Games.

The Barretts assert it is in the public’s interest that the licence be granted. Have your say here.

Photos: From the Barretts’ licence application.

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