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Twin Maccas for Kwinana Freeway

Fast food junkies, start your engines.


EXCLUSIVE: Twin McDonald’s are set to operate around the clock on either side of Kwinana Freeway in the Rockingham suburb of Baldivis. can reveal the 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week, 365-day-a-year juicy double is being planned for a BP service centre which we also first told Perth about back in 2013.

And fast food junkies, start salivating, because twin Red Rooster outlets are also planned for the locale on either side of the freeway.

A potential flying insect in McDonald’s special sauce is that both Maccas are planned to rise on sites that are known breeding grounds for disease-carrying mosquitos.

The Department of Health has recommended that signs be erected to advise customers of the risk they may be infected with mosquito-borne diseases.

The department has also recommended that all McDonald’s, Red Rooster and BP buildings be fitted with extensive insect screens to protect customers from mosquito bite.

Photo: ‘JKCarl’, Wikimedia Commons

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