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Pastor jailed for sex acts with girl he baptised

Police officer turned evangelist turned driving instructor now a jailbird.


EXCLUSIVE: An evangelical pastor who was once a Victorian police officer and until recently ran a driving school in Western Australia has been jailed for five years after performing sex acts with a 14-year-old girl he had baptised.

On Friday, WA Supreme Court judge Robert Mazza rejected an appeal from Alan Wesley Cairns against a five year immediate jail sentence he received in May.

In the District Court, Cairns had pleaded guilty to persistently engaging in sexual conduct with a girl who at first was aged 14 and then turned 15.

Between January 2009 and October 2010, Cairns, aged 56 then 57, and a pastor with an evangelical church, engaged in multiple sex acts with the girl whom he had baptised in Victoria in 2007.

With the girl’s older sister, then aged 15, whom he’d also baptised, Cairns had moved to a city in regional Western Australia in 2008. The younger girl moved to Western Australia in early 2009 to stay with her older sister and Cairns.

Cairns told police that his sex acts with the younger girl had caused him to hate himself.

Before Justice Mazza, Cairns’ sole ground of appeal was that the five-year jail term was “manifestly excessive”.

However, Justice Mazza found the case was a “particularly serious example of its type”.

This was: “by virtue of the frequency of the sexual conduct and the length of time over which it occurred; the large age difference between [Cairns and the girl]; the nature of the sexual conduct engaged in (which included acts of digital penetration of [the girl]’s vagina, and cunnilingus); the abuse of trust; and the harm done to [the girl]”.

Justice Mazza refused leave for Cairns to appeal, and in so doing dismissed the appeal.

In May when he was sentenced, Cairns had owned and operated a driving school.

Born in Bendigo, he was once a police officer in Victoria.

3 Responses to “Pastor jailed for sex acts with girl he baptised”

  1. Peter Jones says:

    Whilst Alan Cairns has operated Defensive Driving School in the past, he has had no involvement in the operations of this school for 10 years..He started his own driving school some 5 years ago.

  2. john mudde says:

    anybody know what driving school this is?
    Hi there, A couple of people have provided different answers here, and a casual web search will arrive at the same. However, for legal reasons we will not provide further details.

    regards, Ed

  3. john mudde says:

    I would really think twice to let my daughter having driving lessons with a driving school like this


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