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Shanghai goldfish girl

Watch what happens next at historic park in a bustling Chinese city ...


With a population of 24 million people, Shanghai is a socialist metropolis that’s crawling with capitalists.

Amid all the humanity, materialism and ideology, a solitary young woman approaches a pond in a popular park.

From a plastic shopping bag she releases dozens of goldfish.

Watch what happens next at a historic reserve in a bustling Chinese city …



3 Responses to “Shanghai goldfish girl”

  1. Rachel says:

    Lovely photos, thanks for the snapshot into the day to day of another culture.

  2. Objectivist says:

    Alan Jones?! I unsubscribed, but I was in a bad mood at the time. You are right, oneperth is a bit different and is a welcome relief to the usual crap, most of the time… Re-subscribed 🙂

  3. Objectivist says:

    I have no words for how stupid that was, that is the biggest waste of time I have ever come across on the internet.
    Everyone’s entitled to a subjective opinion, I spose.

    Thanks for your support of Perth’s only home-grown metropolitan news site.



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