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Applecross McDonald’s rejected



EXCLUSIVE: A 24/7 double-storey Maccasaurus planned for the poshest suburb south of the Swan has been recommended for refusal.

The pictured $4.6 million, 24/7, McDonald’s is being mooted for the northwest corner of Canning Highway and Reynolds Road to replace an existing Maccas at the northwest corner of the highway and Sleat Road.

Applecross McDonald's

The Sleat Road block is about to be redeveloped, which will leave Ronald McDonald’s size 23 slippers with no toehold in the nouveau-riche brick and tile suburb of Applecross.

One fly in the special sauce for the new Applecross Maccas is that six locals have objected. One objector says the 24/7 operation will encourage anti-social behaviour in the leafy locale.

However, McDonald’s says it is “confident that a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week restaurant will help create a better environment by providing constant surveillance of the surrounding area and immediately reporting any anti-social or illegal activities”.

McDonalds ApplecrossThe City of Melville has recommended the Maccas be refused by a state assessment panel when the panel next meets on June 12.

The Reynolds Road site is currently occupied by a vacant building which was most recently an anti-snoring clinic.

Maccas has had a bit of a rough trot of late, with its planned outlet at Harrisdale in Perth’s eastern suburbs being kicked to the kerb by a state assessment panel in March. McDonald’s plans to appeal that decision in the State Administrative Tribunal.

Renders of planned Applecross McDonald’s: Hindley & Associates Pty Ltd

18 Responses to “Applecross McDonald’s rejected”

  1. Diggo says:

    Now appears that the defence effort to the successfull appeal is questionable

  2. Diggo says:

    If the council is said the represent the people why did it rezone the site to allow for restaurant and fast food . Cant blame McDonalds

  3. Diggo says:

    The Tribunal will not be bullied by protestors.
    True that. Nor can the tribunal claim to represent the people.


  4. Sam says:

    And lets support local business!
    Instead of encouraging these big global giants bullying their way in and serving up poor quality food, why don’t we encourage and support the local restaurants and cafes!

  5. Sam says:

    If this gets through I hope you don’t complain when you have a 24 hour drive through Maccas right next to your window. It will set a precedent that its ok for global giants to use their fancy lawyers and deep pockets to bully their way into areas where they have already been told they are not allowed to be and not welcome. It will be another suburb next, and maybe it will be yours.
    Maccas had the chance to buy the existing site they are on and they got out bid. In other words they didn’t want to fork up the $ at the time and it was a big mistake.
    The new landowner wants them to move. So now Maccas are trying to put themselves on a site where they are not legally allowed to be and not welcome rather than finding land in the designated commercial areas – at the expense of the local community.
    We have plenty of support. It is you in the minority. I hope you take the time to actually look at the impact it will have on people in the area. Where is the empathy? Please find out the facts before making such comments.

    Are you even aware of the existing traffic issues that pose a real threat to people safety. Doubling the amount of cars on an already busy road that has many very serious accidents is ludicrous! Are you ok with this? How can anyone be ok with this? The drive thru is right next to someones bedroom window!! Is this ok too?
    Its not right, and the company has a history of aggressively forcing their way into areas where they are not wanted. It could be your area next. How would you sleep with a 24 hour double lane drive through going all hours of the night and day literally NEXT DOOR to your bedroom! I say its not right and many people agree as seen from our ever growing signatures on our petition.
    We all know Maccas brings traffic, antisocial behaviour, litter, noise, odour, crime… These problems are never acceptable anywhere but when they are in commercial areas there is little impact to peoples daily lives. They are surrounded by businesses (often other fast food) and the people go home at night. When a Maccas is next to homes, people sleep there next to this. Everyone has the right to live their life in quiet enjoyment.

  6. Diggo says:

    An appeal on the way. Hopefully the tribunal will see through the minority hysteria.

  7. Massey says:

    What’s all the fuss about??

    McDonald’s are already operating On Canning Hwy and now they want to relocate further down on Canning hwy . Opposite a petrol station .
    That’s not residential to me , don’t care what planet your from

  8. Steve3 says:

    Ed , I agree you broke it early -well done , !!


    Serg and Diggo are correct ,Under the current scheme ,They can have fast food even a four or five storey mix use building on all four corners on Canning hwy and Reynolds rd , Applecross .

    Ed ,wow that’s a big one !!! That slipped through the media net – Four or Five storeys , Do the residents surrounding those corner buildings actually know about that ???

    Ed ,maybe some more news???

    Not sure about you Sam,but I think I’d rather a Two storey McDonald’s that’s already operational on Canning Hwy Applecross ,employing 100 young people than a five storey megastructure next to me .

    Sam ,Its called a Highway for a reason -it’s a Major Major Road – Check out the Department of Transport website . The future road widening proposal on Canning Hwy from Riseley street through to Canning Bridge and well into Como is 8-10 lanes wide .Theres a second bridge proposed next to Canning Bridge .Thats huge! , I hate to tell you Sam , that’s a lot of cars ,trucks and buses . They’ve even ear marked light rail .

    Sam, just a thought ,you might want to consider relocating before hand ,unless you can divert Canning hwy or stop progress and future growth

  9. Sam says:

    After the Editors not on my last post I should add that I concur that this website was the way many residents first found out about the proposal.
    We’ll let you know the moment anything else pops up 🙂 Ed

  10. Sam says:

    It doesn’t comply – fast food outlet with drive through is a not listed in the current scheme. In the draft Scheme 6 its a prohibited use. The council does not want Canning Highway to turn into another Albany highway. The new scheme set Risely Street and Canning Bridge precincts as the commercial areas.
    The Reynolds road area is intend to serve local residents. A McDonalds draws in far greater customers than the local residents.
    Please inform and educate yourself on the situation before making comment. There is a lot of information on this proposal that hasn’t been presented in the media.
    If you had a look at the details you will be the the Maccas (and we are talking a two storey regional facility flag ship store) backs directly onto someones property.
    There is an identified traffic safety issue. The traffic report done by Riley Consultants did not address this at all. In fact the report is severely flawed. All traffic is directed up Reynolds and onto Macrae Rd (one of the most dangerous suburban roads in Perth)
    There is a resident with their bedroom window right next to the drive thru. How can you say this is ok? Would you like to live right next to a Maccas?
    The community did not find out about it until 5 days before the JDAP – by accident, aside from a limited number of residents that all objected. McDonalds kept it a secret. And they are doing it elsewhere around the country and in Perth.
    It sets a precedent. So lets see how you feel when they muscle in next door to you.
    Thanks, Sam.

    Readers please note, there was nothing accidental about oneperth’s report which alerted the community, pro-development people, and the gaggle of follow-up media merchants, to this proposal.

    You can count on us to be on to this kind of thing first – well ahead of media corporations which, under their current economic model, break fewer and fewer stories of import to the lives of Perth people as each year goes by.


  11. Serg says:

    Whats all the fuss about ?

    To the previous writer – the employee- i feel for you . People need to take their head out of the sand.
    I just looked on the City of Melville website
    The sight complies -City if Melville should stop being hypocrites – if it complies- then it complies – why the double standard .

    Its an absolute shame that they now want to kick out a biz thats been operating on Canning Hwy 400 metre up the road .

    We are talking about a biz thats already been operating in the area 24/7 ,employing loads of kids ,loads people for the past 15 years – I’m a fan of Maccas and what they do for the community ,employing kids , giving to charities -if any of you do gooders stopped to see the work these guys do at Ronald Mcdonald house – honestly ,you people that are knocking them back for your own selfish reasons – don’t have any idea.

    Last time i looked , Canning Hwy is not a residential area . Maccas are talking about relocating 400 metres up the road on Canning hwy opposite a Bp servo . Residential area really ???

    My kids are a lot older now – but i cant remember the last time i told to go and kick a footy on Canning Hwy . Id Say a park would be my preference – but i suppose times changed ???

    And how’s this for a wonderful tip ,If you think the food is going to fatten up your kids – then its easy, Don’t take them there.!!

    I think its time for these sensationalist do gooders to take they’re heads out of the sand .I would rather see a two storey Maccas on that corner any day rather than a 5 storey office tower –

    Go Maccas , DONT GIVE UP – We want you in the area

  12. Martin says:

    I did not read Roberts Road? Also the it is to replace the existing Sleat road which is to be demolish for developments.
    Yeah, I changed the Roberts Road typo after Sam, below, alerted me to it.


  13. Employee says:

    I’m a current employee of the current McDonald’s on the corner of sleat road and canning highway. I’m also a resident of Applecross.
    To those of you who argue that the new Mcdonald’s is too close to Applecross Primary School that kids will be going there after school, I can tell you they already do go there often. I went to Applecross Primary and everyone went to there so it being closer isn’t going to change anything for the kids.
    If we could stay in the spot where we already are, we would. Unfortunately, our lease is already up and the land owner has sold the land so there is no choice but to move.
    And yes, McDonald’s is moving where they think they will still attract customers because that’s what anyone would do- put your business in a place that you’re going to get customers.

  14. Diggo says:

    Site is zoned such that a restaurant is a permitted use as of right under the Planning Scheme

  15. Sam says:

    And the article is incorrect. It is located in Reynolds Road NOT Roberts Road.
    Typo in the second mention of the road above. Thanks for that. I drive down it every day!


  16. Sam says:

    It doesn’t conform to the zoning in the area Diggo. Its up the road from the existing McDonalds in a residential area.

  17. JAMS says:

    It’s Mcdonalds that will attract the anti-social behavior.

  18. Diggo says:

    Cannot see what the fuss is about . The precinct is commercial


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