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Hilton ALDI plans revealed


First plans have emerged of the latest in a string of ALDI shops planned for metropolitan Perth, this time in the Fremantle suburb of Hilton.

ALDI plans to erect the pictured supermarket and 77 car bays between Victor and Ethelwyn Street, opposite South Street from an existing IGA.

The planned ALDI is now with the City of Fremantle which has been charged with making a recommendation on the project to a state assessment panel.

If eventually approved by the state panel, the Hilton ALDI will be built on the site of an existing local shopping centre that until recently housed the Hilton Fresh fruit and vegetable emporium, which ceased trading on February 22.

The shops also house a butcher store, hairdresser, newsagency, post office, King of Soul key cutter and cobbler, and the Sweet Ginger cafe which on weekends hosts a modern jazz band

Hilton ALDIAll that diversity will go if the set-plan ALDI gets up, as the project involves demolition of the existing shops.

ALDI claims its planned store will “add to the mix of retail offerings” in the area.

In eastern Australia, ALDI offers a more limited range of products (mostly under its own private label) than its Woolworths and Coles competitors.

Hilton ALDIThe company claims to have the cheapest prices for staple groceries in Australia, and to lower the prices of groceries in markets that they enter.

The Hilton ALDI would have 1020sqm of floor space.

Anticipated opening times are 8am to 8pm weekdays, 8am to 5pm Saturdays and 11am to 5pm Sunday.

You can check out, and comment on, the planned Hilton ALDI here until May 15.

For first news on more ALDI plans, check back here on a regular basis. We’ve brought you first plans of ALDIs at Kwinana, MandurahInnaloo, Mundaring, Kwinana, Cannington and Southern RiverSo you know it makes sense.

Renders: I:IPH Architects

5 Responses to “Hilton ALDI plans revealed”

  1. Please get behind this development. Send an email to the local councilors and City of Fremantle and encourage them to go ahead with this development.

    The post office was located across the road until a few years ago and no one wants to see the small businesses being kicked out and having to relocate. After Hilton Fresh closed down, it pretty much died. The cafe doesnt open from what I know. Maybe the existing shops can do a deal with ALDI for some sort of compensation to help move. There are typically a few vacant properties either over the road, or down the road that could be occupied. I know its not the best result, its either that or potentially nothing.

    I have had small businesses in the area for 10 years and anything that will bring more people into this area from outside the local shopping zones will be a plus to all of the smaller businesses around.

    All of the comments listed above are spot on. I have lived in the area for 10 years and this area NEEDS development. Fremantle is always crying about how down trodden its become, then a big multi-national player comes along and a small minority of people boo-hoo it for wanting to spend a heap of money setting it up.

    ALDI are going to gut and rebuild this centre from what I understand. Please get behind it. Allow them to build what they want, otherwise they will go somewhere else and we will all miss out.

    You can’t have it both ways people. Tell your neighbours and your friends to get behind this proposal and encourage it to be developed. The more development we get in this area the better for everyone.

  2. D Hands says:

    Can’t wait for Belmont to open, it was the best decision to shut down IGA and replace it with Aldi and JB Hifi, definitely bring some life back in to that mall in the shopping centre ever since Action become Supa IGA. Seems the “Progressive” brand is going down the drain being replaced by Coles or Aldi in most locations.

  3. Jason says:

    Bring it on! Has anyone had a look at the so called ‘shopping centre’ that is there now? It’s a disgrace. It’s filthy, half vacant and run down. If someone wants to come along and tidy it up then well done to them. It will also add much needed competition to the area.
    Yeah, oneperth‘s been down there and is in two mind about this one. On one hand, the IGA across the road and other IGAs in the area are in desperate need of competition. On the other, the shopping centre is half empty and bedraggled only because of the recent sales process to ALDI. Until then, it was a great little centre.

  4. Nilla Dana says:

    I used to live in New South Wales and I always shop at Aldi they put the price on the merchendize like on the bargain store, but the quality is the best. I really enjoy shopping there. I can not wait until they open the store in WA.

  5. Abdrew Dodsley says:

    Aldi was one of the best things to happen to the Geelong region. Almost overnight the prices at Coles and Safeway (Woolies) began to drop, and even the IGA had to try a little harder to make sales. Sure, they don’t have everything, and don’t have multiple choices of the same products, but my shopping bill dropped 30 – 40%, and the products were as good as anything the big boys sold. I’m singing their praises and cant wait for the Mandurah store to open.


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