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New HQ for Perth Scientologists


EXCLUSIVE: The Western Australian headquarters of the Church of Scientology is set to move from Murray Street in the Perth CBD to the inner eastern suburb of Belmont. can reveal that the church plans to spend $6 million converting a warehouse at the corner of Belmont Road and Cleaver Terrace.

The City of Belmont has recommended that a state assessment panel approve the new Scientology HQ at a meeting on March 31.

If approved, the project will see a chapel, cafe-cum-restaurant for parishioners, classrooms, book store and offices occupying the converted warehouse.

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A “purification room”, bookstore-cum-library, film rooms, and “community activation admission room” for staff and parishioners to review church programs such as anti-drug programs are also planned.

A maximum 196 people, including 46 office staff and teachers and 150 parishioners, would occupy the building at any one time.

During the city’s consultation phase for the project, no objections were received.

A Belmont council report on the planned church concludes the project “will make a positive contribution to the locality and City of Belmont”.

Renders: From development plans submitted by Rowe Group town planners.

3 Responses to “New HQ for Perth Scientologists”

  1. Anon says:

    Nah Germany hasn’t banned them I don’t think. France and chile both recognise them as a cult though, and something like 16 countries won’t recognise them as a religion. So is this place built yet? My mate was talking about it the other day and this article is over a year old!

  2. Anon says:

    Finally someone who will do a lot of good for Belmont.
    I heard that these guys have amazing anti drug campaigns and literacy programs, as well as workable life coaching techniques. Bring it on I reckon!

    To the previous poster: for your info, a cult won’t let you in on their programs and they’re quite secretive. The scientologists instead, keep their doors wide open for ppl to come and go.

    Sorry man, but before posting random stuff, make sure you understand the meaning of the words you use.

    I’ll let this one ride too.


  3. Grant Bussell says:

    Aren’t these guys banned as a cult in Germany?
    This comment’s a tad on the random side, but I’ll let it ride.



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