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Maccas knockback


APRIL 21 UPDATE: On March 16, the Metro East Joint Development Assessment Panel unanimously kicked the planned Maccas to the kerb, in line with Armadale council’s recommended refusal. Maccas’ lawyers have applied to appeal the decision in the State Administrative Tribunal. They’ve also told the council they intend to lodge a fresh development application.

The southeastern Perth suburb of Harrisdale will not get a 24/7 McDonald’s if the City of Armadale – which, without having canvassed local opinion, claims the eatery will spoil the surrounding neighbourhood – gets its way.

The city is urging a state assessment panel to reject Maccas’ application to erect the pictured eatery at the corner of Nicholson Road and Yellowwood Avenue due to what the council believes to be an overdevelopment of the 2574sqm site.

The city also contends the planned $3.2 million McDonald’s is set too far back from the street to create an attractive entrance to Yellowwood Avenue.

Nor does the Maccas have adequate landscaping, the council opines.

Harrisdale McDonaldsThe final nail in the coffin for the Maccas, from the council’s perspective, is that its operation “24 hours per day/seven days per week will adversely affect the amenity of nearby residences on the eastern side of Nicholson Road by virtue of the impacts of noise from the car park and possible antisocial behaviour associated with McDonald’s restaurant trading, particularly given the low background noise levels in the locality after hours”.

A previous application to build a Maccas elsewhere on the same block was approved by the city in 2011. But the approval was never acted upon and lapsed in 2013.

The public was not consulted on that or the current development application.

The immediate area around the planned Maccas (pictured above, left) is a moonscape at present. But when soon it is crammed with brick and tile bungalows, the closest houses will be 33 metres and 39 metres from the planned Maccas car park.

At a meeting on March 16 the state assessment panel gets to decide if the McDonald’s gets built, or is flicked like some insipid pickle from the Quarter Pounder of history.

11 Responses to “Maccas knockback”

  1. Chris says:

    Any word on the outcome of this?
    It would be nice to see this part of Piara Waters developed sooner rather than later.. Maccas would be a welcomed addition.

  2. Tail Between the Legs says:

    My apologies, you win.

    My wordsmithery pales in comparison.

    Just as well you have the evidence and facts that clearly demonstrate the obvious notion that the proposal was not subject to consultation (nor should it have been). Guess what neither was Joe Bloggs’ shed down the road, Mary Jane’s new house or that new Vegan cafe in town…how scandalous…alert the PM post haste

    My gripe is that this ‘non consultation’ agenda is repeatedly included on many such articles which is baffling but alas the evil Council’s and greedy developers must be trying to hide something by conforming to legislation which parliament democratically passed…oh hang on!

    But hey don’t judge me, for I am an avid reader of this site!
    I spose the difference between your opinion and mine lies in whether one believes that mandated minimum standards of public accountability should be conformed with, or exceeded.


  3. Purge says:

    Where did that last comment go?

    Ah the old too hard basket eh!
    No need to get your knickers in a twist, my pro-developer, likely council employee, friend. Your opinion has now been promulgated, under your ‘BtL’ alias immediately below, along with the views of less twitchy readers who likely learned about this project’s status first here.


  4. Between the Lines says:

    Why do this site’s ‘journos’ always make the same claims that a development was not subject to public consultation?

    Unless the planning scheme specifically states that an application requires advertising…then guess what? It does not need to be advertised…if every application required advertising, then nothing would ever get developed, give people the opportunity to say no or justify their NIMBYism then they’ll act on it.

    In this case a commercial development (Maccas) within a commercial zone (Local Centre probably)…why would it need to be advertised for public comment??? It’s not a Biochemical Plant is it…
    This site never claims that locals were not consulted on various projects. It states this as fact based on the evidence.

    Just because a planning scheme does not require consultation on some projects does not mean that planners and their political masters should not take a modicum of initiative every now and then and open projects of wide public interest up for consultation. Judging by the level of subsequent debate on both sides of the ledger, there was a public interest argument to do so for the Harrisdale Maccas.

    Based on the level of support for the Maccas expressed below by more erudite commenters than yourself, opening the project to public consultation would more than likely have furthered Ronald’s cause.

    Clearly oneperth expects more democracy from Perth’s local councils than you do. Are you perchance employed by one?


  5. Diggo says:

    The Councils opposition appears very flimsy

  6. Ana says:

    No consultation but I think it would be great for the youth in the community to be able to have jobs

  7. Local Resident says:

    Hahahahahahahaha! 99% of residents opposed!!!! Am I the only one (who didn’t get asked by the self-appointed census taker) who supports this development AND lives in the area??? Seriously!!! How can someone who says the locals weren’t listened to and then make up stupid figures like that? People in the area have been complaining for years that the proposed shopping centre has been delayed and delayed and are now upset that they are going ahead with standard shopping centre staples!! I personally do NOT want a tofu shop, wheatgrass shake store and organic clothing store. Give me Maccas and Woolies any day!

  8. Steve says:

    So anyway, when will Harrisadale or anywhere else in City of Armadale get its first skyscraper?
    Only Oneperth has the answer to that one… 🙂
    Hahahaha! Not yet we don’t.

    Can’t be far off though.


  9. Daniel says:

    Great idea. I think the modern day Maccas stores do a good job to blend in with the community and appease everyone. Their landscaping and store designs look pretty good. I for one would purchase a quarter pounder or two from there. I agree with the comment a little above. Hopefully it ignites the development. Also good for local jobs.

  10. Chris says:

    Fingers crossed for March 16 – as a local resident (that will be literally across the road (Nicholson Rd) – I cannot wait for Maccas! I can only hope this development starts a chain reaction that sees more shopping infrastructure developed in that area – we sorely need it!! (and were sold that promise by the developers 3 years earlier!!)
    I take it you’re not one of the 99 per cent referred to in the comment below then 😉


  11. I don't live that close says:

    This isn’t journalism. You sound like you have a stake in the outcome. Why so pro-Maccas. I have seen some comments by residents near this block and 99% opposed Maccas being there at all. Have YOU canvassed residents?
    That’s a newy, someone accusing oneperth of being pro-Maccas.

    Just relaying the facts here, including that there was no public consultation – on either the Maccas that was previously approved, or on this one. You sound like you prefer that the views of the 99 per cent of people you purport to be against this project were in no way formally addressed by the council’s report.



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