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ALDI Innaloo around the corner


EXCLUSIVE: German retail behemoth ALDI, already revealed by to be muscling in on Mundaring, Kwinana, Cannington and Southern River, plans to build its most inner-suburban supermarket yet beside the Innaloo Megaplex cinema complex in Woodlands less than 10 kilometres from the Perth CBD.

The first picture of the planned 1580sqm Innaloo ALDI can be promulgated here thanks to a development application now before a state assessment panel.

If approved by a meeting of the panel on September 3, as recommended by the City of Stirling, the ALDI Innaloo will rise near the Megaplex and be part of a wider $50 million overhaul of the cinema complex.

Last year, ALDI said it planned to expand its east coast presence to Western Australia and South Australia.

ALDI later announced it had signed a conditional contract for a 13.5 hectare distribution centre at Jandakot, would press ahead with plans to build 70 stores across WA, and had begun recruiting local staff.

Subsequent planning documents lodged on behalf of ALDI now put the slated number of WA stores at between 70 and 80.

Australia’s first ALDI supermarket opened in 2001. The company now has 270 supermarkets nationally in a worldwide network of 8000.

ALDI does not stock many high profile brands but, in cities into which it has moved, existing supermarket chains have been forced to slash prices to compete.

9 Responses to “ALDI Innaloo around the corner”

  1. Danuta says:

    Why it is so hard to establish Aldi here? It is up to locals authorities to help Aldi to came here for advantage of WA people.

  2. ronny says:

    as a queenslander that has moved to perth i was shocked too see perth didn’t have aldi can’t wait for it come on aldi so mucher cheaper than the other rip off mugg’s

  3. Pete says:

    Bring it on Aldi in Inaloo asap. Its about time Woolys and Coles had some serious competition to stop them ripping West Australians off and contributing to the way out of control cost of living in the West.

  4. Janet says:

    Great I want that INNALOO store as all my EAST coast scrapbooking pals keep showing me all the items they buy here and I am soooooooooo jealous

  5. Gee Peeo says:

    Thank God. Hate Coles and Woolys.

  6. Mathea says:

    I am so fed-up of Aldi takings soooooo long to get here,we have so many stores over east even a couple of them. in small towns,and yet we have to wait and wait ,woolworth and coles have had it to long their own way,so ALDI HURRY UP before i leave this earth.

  7. Renate Milliet says:

    I very much hope Aldi comes to Innerloo before I am too old to care. When ever I am in Melbourne or Adelaide, I purchase lots at their Aldi’s outlets to take back home to Perth. Sooo much cheaper there!

  8. Nela says:

    That would be lovely. They did not say when the Aldi is coming to Innaloo.

  9. Inge Masic says:

    I know Aldi from Germany, did most of my Groceryshopping there, it would be so good to have Aldi in Perth too…. the prices here in Perth are just to high!


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