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Partial reprieve for contentious cubby


Some say they’re paid to make the tough decisions.

Others might question why the pictured cubby house – built by Steve Hick for his children Cameron (10), Peter (7), and daughter Sophie (3) (pictured) – ever came before Town of Cambridge councillors for a vote.

cubby house perthIn any case, the town’s councillors last night approved the pictured cubby, six councillors to two – but on the condition it be shunted away from the property boundary of one complaining neighbour by one metre.

The cubby will also need to be lowered.

And the council has decreed this will all need doing within 30 days.

On Sunday, revealed the cubby – in Mr Hick’s backyard at Talgarth Way in City Beach – would face a rocky road through last night’s council meeting.

This was after the town’s development committee had only narrowly endorsed a recommendation from the town’s planners that the cubby stay put, subject to conditions.

The cubby’s existence came to the council’s attention after a rear neighbour complained about it, and the town’s planners asked Mr Hick to lodge a retrospective development application.

In their report on Mr Hick’s subsequent development application, the council planners advised that cubby houses would not normally need development approval.

This morning, Mr Hick said he was not yet sure if we would appeal the council decision in the powerful State Administrative Tribunal.

He said he needed to speak to town officials today or tomorrow about options he might pursue “if sanity doesn’t prevail”.

Mr Hick said he was getting a “huge amount of support” from City Beach locals.

3 Responses to “Partial reprieve for contentious cubby”

  1. goodenhard says:

    sounds like the [neighbour]s whom exist over your back fence have all the credentials to become volunteer multi nova camera operators or excel as parking ticket botherers. You should be ashamed of yourselves whomever u are, fancy attempting such as to spoil the fun of children-LOSERS. Hi steve Hi fee, father christmas may just bring the kids a drum kit and karaoke amp for out bak this christmas.. Got a funny one for ya, i was recently issued a parkin ticket out the front of my own house on a quiet culdesac in carine for parking the wrong way!!!! after refusing to pick up our bin’twice’ obviously it wes on the wrong side of the road, sanity did not prevail in the ‘liberal’ stirling council agenda of looking after its ratepayers.. nuff winging, finished quote for cubby house extensions love yas
    Edited down a tad to cover oneperth‘s butt.


  2. Richard Kong says:

    Don’t think this would affect any neighbours privacy.

  3. Travis Robinson says:

    What a load of rubbish, a lot parents wouldn’t even go to the effort of building their kuds a cubby. Hats off to Steve and fathers like him. That photo doesn’t show why any neighbors are complaining, if it allows the kids to see over the fence just have him install fence extension lattice or something


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