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‘No evidence it’s a brothel’


A massage shop in Guildford has been recommended for retrospective approval with City of Swan council officers advising there is no evidence to back allegations it is a brothel.

In a report to be debated at the March 5 meeting of Swan council, city officials advise that seven objections, four non-objections and one comment have been received on an application by Youkan Xu to have the Guildford Chinese Massage shop at 5/36 Johnson Street retrospectively approved.

“One of the seven objections contends the premises is being used as a brothel, three other objections cite third party allegations of the provision of sexual services from the premises, four objections pertain to the extent, content and design of the business signage and two raise concern with car parking,” the officials advise.

“The city has referred the allegations as to an illegal activity to the police.

“The city’s own inspection of the premises found no evidence to support the allegations of any form of sexual service being provided onsite.

“Accordingly the city has no grounds to contend that the application is anything other than that which has been applied for, which is a shop providing a massage service.”

According to the report, Mr Xu describes the activity of the pictured shop as “Healthy Physical Massage and Muscle Pain Relief Massage”.

The report says the objectors made “further observations and supporting comment made as follows:

• the shop’s clients are only male;

• the masseuses are all Asian women who wear miniskirts and high heels and have been seen arriving at the unit with suitcases, and out the back of the unit wearing bathrobes;

• couriers and the like to the complex of units have referred to it as “the place with the brothel”;

• a brothel is out of character with the cultured, classy, heritage, cafe atmosphere of Guildford; and

• a brothel should not be allowed so close to a school.”

The shop has three employees and opens from 9am to 9pm, seven days a week.

It has seven massage cubicles, toilet and wash basin, staff area with wash basin, reception area and visitors’ area.

In its submission to the council, the Guildford Association opines that the extended opening hours are unusual for a shop, and that no other beauty therapist shops in Guildford have similar opening hours.

The city officials advise that opening hours are a business decision to be made by the massage shop’s owners, and raise no objections to the operating hours Mr Xu has applied for.

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