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Satterley supersizes his mansion


Plans by property mogul Nigel Satterley and his wife Denise to add two storeys to their $17.5 million mansion have been given the thumbs’ up by Peppermint Grove shire planners.

In August last year the Satterleys paid $17.5 million for ‘Chiritta’, which since the late 1890s has overlooked the River Swan from 56 The Esplanade in Peppermint Grove.

nigel satterley mansionThe limestone and tile mansion is on the Shire of Peppermint Grove’s heritage list, and shire planners have recommended that an extensive overhaul of the property be approved when their political masters meet on February 25.

If approved, and renovated to plan, the mansion will have three levels with more features than you can poke a stick from a Peppermint tree at.

The first floor (pictured, left) will include massive games and TV rooms, a huge study, and landing, as pictured, left.

nigel satterley mansionThe ground floor (pictured, right) will feature four bedrooms, living room, two ante chambers, entry hall, laundry, sitting room, two dressing rooms, kitchen/dining room, family room, new verandah with “power screens”, three bathrooms, a living room, outdoor dining area with vaulted ceiling that looks out to a patio with motorised awning cover, another kitchen, barbecue area, and a pond with motorised pond cover.

nigel satterley mansionThe subterranean, lower ground level (pictured, left) will feature a five-car garage with its own car turntable, a display cellar, regular cellar, shower, caretaker’s room with shower and toile, two store rooms and a “hall of heritage doors”.

The three levels will be serviced by an elevator.

Only one of the Satterleys’ neighbours has objected to the expansion of the mansion.

The renovation rescue is the brainchild of Michael Suttor Architects of the Sydney suburb of Waverley, known in some rarified circles as ‘the Peppermint Grove of the east’.

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