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City sits on cycling ban


A Perth council committee has refused to support the end of a ban on cyclists using the Mount Street Overpass – even though the ban is rarely observed by bike riders and the city itself has nominated the bridge as a major cycle link to the CBD.

The ban was originally slapped on cyclists in the 1990s, at the request of the city, after complaints about speeding bicycles and concerns over the safety of the bridge surface.

Since then, the overpass has been resurfaced. A consultants’ report conducted after the resurfacing, in 2007, found the vast majority of cyclists were ignoring the ban.

The report, and more recent data from Main Roads and WA Police, show no incidents of cycling accidents on the overpass.

But the cycling ban on the Main Roads-owned bridge remains, occasionally being enforced by police.

In April last year, Main Roads told the city it was looking to end the ban, and sought the council’s comments.

Ten months later, the city’s Works and Urban Development Committee chaired by Councillor James Limnios and membered by Mayor Lisa Scaffidi and Councillor Judy McEvoy has finally considered the matter.

However, a recommendation from city officials that the ban be lifted lapsed for want of a mover.

Instead, Ms Scaffidi moved, and Crs Limnios and McEvoy agreed, that the matter be deferred until next month’s committee meeting.

Further consideration by the committee will only occur after discussion between the council and Main Roads on the separation of cyclists and pedestrians, consistency with similar paths elsewhere, and funding arrangements.

Despite the ban, a recently-published council cycling plan nominates the overpass – which connects West Perth, over Mitchell Freeway, to the city – as a key bike link into the CBD.

Main Roads wants to permit slow-speed cycling on the overpass but give pedestrians priority.

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  1. Commuteperth says:

    This work was identified in CoP’s Bike Plan including the expenditure, which has been approved by full Council last year. Why does $14,000 expenditure need to go back to Council for approval? The Officers at CoP have already been in dicussion with MainRoads for 10 months and have their approval as MainRoads contacted CoP to remove the cycling ban.

    This is Trafalgar Bridge all over again, with the CoP disallowing cyclists to ride over this bridge back in 2006, even though it was designed and developed to support cyclists and is part of the major cycle routes in this area.

    Is the CoP Council really supported of cycling when they keep putting up these blockers on the approved projects in the CoP Bike Plan?

    What else will be disallowed in the other items identified in the approved CoP Bike Plan? For example, Trafalgar Bridge is scheduled to be a shared bridge again in 2015/16 according to the CoP Bike Plan? If this also needs to go to Council for approval, do it now, and see if the approval will be provided.

    Get your bike CoP Council, and recognise cycling is good for reduction of congestion, improvement of the individuals health, and start allowing the projects in the CoP Bike Plan to occur.
    Thanks, Cp

    The blame lies with the three elected officials here – ‘led’ by mayor Lisa Scaffidi, because the officers recommended approval and the mayor and two councillors unanimously ignored that recommendation.

    The fact the city has taken 10 months to defer a decision on the matter is pathetic.



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