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Chic hotel for Jacob’s Ladder


A highly contested block of land beside Jacob’s Ladder in West Perth is now being eyed for a 71-room boutique hotel with cafe.

In April last year, State Administrative Tribunal deputy president David Parry colourfully dismissed an appeal by owner Swanhill Enterprises against the City of Perth’s refusal of a nine-storey apartment block (pictured).

The refusal came after 26 objections from neighbouring landholders, some of whom complained the building was a “gross over-development”.

One of the reasons Judge Parry gave for refusing the application was that photographs lodged by Swanhill were misleading in terms of the tower’s height and visual impact.

In December last year, revealed the city had agreed to make an offer on the contentious block of land after Swanhill asked if the council would like to buy the block.

Now has learned Swanhill Enterprises – partly owned by the Di Latte family of the Belmont-based, Australian Stock Exchange-listed, Diploma Construction – still owns the block after the city failed to make an offer as originally agreed.

The company has had the pictured elevations drawn up for a seven-level hotel on the 1862 sqm site.

If approved by the City of Perth, as recommended by council planners, the building would have a ground floor cafe.

The cafe would open onto Jacob’s Ladder – famous among Perth fitness freaks for its steep incline that provides a cardiovascular challenge.

On that note, a residents’ gym would also occupy the ground floor.

The other levels would house between eight and 15 apartments.

This time around, only four objections have been received.

The steep block remains vacant despite approval of a 10-storey building in 2000 and a nine-storey structure in 2001.

The Perth city planning committee will debate the new plans on Tuesday night.

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  1. mat says:

    Will this impact the Canton Bay restaurant there?


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